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Wayne Wheeler Biography

Wayne Wheeler has been an American medical doctor, an attorney, an accountant, a military meteorologist, an addiction counselor, and an Air Force veteran who served in Laos during the Vietnam Conflict. He was born on November 10, 1869, in Brookfield Township, OH, USA. Wheeler was also named Bidwell.
After graduating in 1894, Wheeler became an organizer for the Anti-Saloon League. He earned his LL.B. degree from Western Reserve University in 1898. Wheeler became head of the Anti-Saloon League, in 1902 and perfected a system of single-issue pressure politics, including media campaigns and public demonstrations. All this was to win enactment of laws limiting or banning the sale and consumption of alcohol.
Wheeler was beset by several tragedies right after his retirement. His wife was killed in an accidental kitchen fire, and his father-in-law had a fatal heart attack after trying unsuccessfully to aid her. Wayne Wheeler is not widely known today, though, historians familiar with the Prohibition era regard him as playing an important role in the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment.
His use of pressure politics, his expertise in building the pro-prohibition movement, and the time and effort he contributed to the ASL were the keys to its success and to the success of the Prohibition movement as a whole.

Wayne Wheeler father

Being a physician of one sort or another, it seems to be something that runs in Wheeler’s family. Wayne Wheeler’s father was a medical doctor, one daughter is a medical doctor and the other is a veterinarian. Wheeler said one obvious way medicine has changed since the days when his father practiced is a huge proliferation in the number of prescription drugs available.
Wayne Wheeler said when his father, Norman Wheeler, practiced there were maybe a total of 25 antibiotics from which doctors could choose. Wheeler said that number has now easily reached over 200.

Wayne Wheeler Obituary

Wayne Wheeler never wavered in his prohibition convictions and never rested in its pursuit. He died of exhaustion and kidney failure at his summer home on September 5, 1927. He was attempting to regain his strength to continue the fight.
At Wheeler’s funeral, League orators carefully phrased their eulogies. This reflected the cleavage between his policies and those of the nominal leadership. No sooner was he in his grave than the League abandoned his policies. He stressed the need for education to bring about voluntary compliance.

18th and 21st Amendments

Wayne Wheeler was a lobbyist, by his own admission. Though Andrew Volstead denied it, Wheeler claimed to have written the Volstead Act, and he was instrumental in passing the 18th Amendment. In fact, without Wheeler, it’s unlikely Prohibition would’ve become law at all.
In 1893, Wheeler heard a temperance sermon delivered by Reverend Howard Hyde Russell who was the founder of the Anti-Saloon League. After some prayer, Wheeler opted to work full time with the ASL.
The first thing he changed was the focus of the League. The Women’s Christian Temperance Union had been puttering around for over twenty years, but their problem was that they kept adding issues. It wasn’t just about not drinking. They were also into female suffrage, prison reform, and other social welfare issues. Wayne Wheeler knew that to keep the ASL powerful in a way completely out of proportion to popularity, the key was staying focused on prohibition.
Next, he got brutal. This is the guy who coined the term “pressure group,” so you know he wasn’t messing around. Once he limited himself to one issue, he was able to focus. If a politician was dry, the ASL was his pal. Wet, and the ASL was his worst foe, like Loki with a hangover.
To win, Wheeler used a cadre of motivated voters (“motivoters”) to tip the balance in close races. These candidates were entirely chosen by whether they were wet or dry. So, in theory, candidate A could support both Prohibition and eating kittens, while candidate B is very anti-kitten eating but waffles on outlawing liquor. Thus, Wheeler would do what he could to elect candidate A.
Wheeler wasn’t just willing to make weird alliances in achieving his goals; the man relished it. His first alliance was with the women’s suffrage movement, and that was in place from the beginning. Far more women were anti-liquor than men, so getting women the vote was seen as a net gain. Remember, women didn’t get the Constitutional right to vote until 1920.
The ASL worked with populists for an income tax amendment. Until this time, there was no income tax, and 40% of government revenue came from taxing liquor. So there would be no Prohibition as long as the government was getting almost half its cash from booze.
The ASL had serious traction by 1914, when they got a majority vote for an amendment, but not the two-thirds they needed. Wayne Wheeler needed just one more issue to put him over the line. President Woodrow Wilson, violating his campaign pledge to keep the U.S. out of WWI, gave it to him.
Wayne Wheeler wasn’t big on educating people about alcohol. He was all about force. He wanted to use the Army and Navy to enforce Prohibition, and when the government started adding stuff to industrial alcohol, Wheeler wanted it to add lethal poison.
Wheeler was a household name in his time, but today, he’s nearly entirely forgotten. A big reason why is that his life’s work has been repealed. If we were still living with the 18th Amendment, we might be calling root beer Wheeler Beer.
Wheeler didn’t want America drinking, and for over a decade, he succeeded.

Wayne Wheeler Photos

Wayne Wheeler Prohibition
Wayne Wheeler Bidwell

Drunk History

The desire for alcohol among Americans did not disperse. He had envisioned it would occur especially after the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment. Prohibition became increasingly unenforceable. By 1926, Wheeler was being criticized by members of Congress, who questioned the ASL’s financing and campaign contributions.
The Prohibition Bureau began adding poison to industrial alcohol to prevent its use in beverages. Wayne Wheeler opposed the use of non-fatal substances such as soap. He argued that fatal poisons in industrial alcohol were an acceptable measure. Wheeler said that the government was under no obligation to protect the lives of its citizens if they broke the law by consuming alcohol.
Between 10,000 and 50,000 deaths resulted, and Wheeler argued that in essence, the victims had committed suicide. His callous attitude and refusal to compromise on enforcing prohibition began to change the way the public viewed the Anti-Saloon League, and Wheeler’s influence began to wane.

Wayne Wheeler Upper Middle Bogan

Wayne Wheeler is played by Glenn Robbins in the ABCs Upper Middle Bogan. Upper Middle Bogan tells the tale of two families who live at the opposite ends of the freeway.
Bess Denyar is a doctor who comes from a well-to-do family. The character is played by Annie Maynard.
Sensing she doesn’t”t quite fit in, Bess learns that she is in fact adopted. Her birth parents are Drag Racers, the Wheeler family, who live and breathe Top Fuel. And this is where the fun begins. a clash of cultures in some ways and a coming together in others.
There is a lot to like about this program, for drag racers and fans.

Wayne Wheeler AACC

AACC is a global scientific and medical professional organization dedicated to clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare.  Wayne Wheeler from AACC served a commission staff liaison under commission on Global Education. His contact is wwheeler@aacc.nche.edu.

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