Victoria Moroles Bio, Age, Parents,Boyfriend,Siblings, Net Worth

Victoria Moroles is an American actress from Corpus Christi, Texas she is famous for playing Andie on the Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie. She has also played Hayden Romero on MTV’s Teen Wolf in seasons 5 and 6 (2015–2017).

Victoria Moroles Biography

Victoria Moroles is an American actress from Corpus Christi, Texas she is famous for playing Andie on the Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie. She has also played Hayden Romero on MTV’s Teen Wolf in seasons 5 and 6 (2015–2017).

Victoria Moroles’ Age

Victoria was born on September 4, 1996 and is currently 22 years old as of 2018. Her birth sign is Virgo.

Victoria Moroles’ Height|Weight

Victoria is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs about 123 pounds.

Victoria Moroles Siblings

  • Chris Moroles
  • Laura Moroles

Victoria Moroles Parents

  • Kurt Alan Kangas (Father)
  • Suzanna Moroles (Mother)

Victoria Moroles And Dylan Sprayberry

Dylan is victoria’s ex-Boyfriend and co-actor in the famous TV series “Teen Wolf”, The two have been intimate since dylan joined the tv series at season 4 but then later broke up.

Victoria Moroles’ Family|Early Life

Born in texas to mother “Suzanna Moroles” and father “Kurt Alan Kangas” victoria also has a brother “Chris Moroles” and sister “Laura Moroles”.  she spent most of her early days at one of her uncles’ art studio and soon realized her love for the arts. During middle school, Moroles left Texas for Los Angeles in order to pursue her dream career. Since then, she has been working with many renowned directors and production houses. Currently residing in LA, the beautiful young actress is also heavily influenced by music and enjoys playing the acoustic guitar whenever she gets time.

Victoria Moroles’ Career

Victoria worked as an actor at The Groundlings Improv School and LaValle Actors Workshop before moving to Los Angeles. She then began her professional acting career in 2009 by appearing in the short film ‘Liberty’. Soon after this, she was cast in the short films ‘The Wicked Waltz’, ‘The Faithful’ and ‘Maddoggin’. In 2012, she appeared in an episode of ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’. The following year, she got featured as Brittany in the short flick ‘The First Hope’.

Victoria Moroles Photo

Moroles next did a Disney Channel Original Movie titled ‘Cloud 9’ in 2014. The same year, she acted in an episode of ‘Legends’. From 2015 to 2017, the actress had a recurring role in the comedy TV series ‘Liv and Maddie’. During this time, she also played Hayden Romero in MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’. In addition, she did the short movies ‘Is that a Gun in Your Pocket’ and ‘Spook’ as well as a guest role in ‘Here, Now’ during this time period.

Victoria Moroles’ Net Worth

According to our sources Victoria has an estimated net worth of 600,000 dollars as of  2019.

Victoria Moroles’ Boyfriend

As of now she has not revealed her new boyfriend’s identity but she has posted some pictures on her instagram account but before this she was dating “Dylan Sprayberry”.

Victoria Moroles Movies

Year Title Role Notes
2009 Liberty Lane Wendy Short film
2010 The Wicked Waltz Girl Short film
2011 The Faithful Mary Short film
2011 Maddoggin’ Violet Diaz Short film
2013 The First Hope Brittany Short film
2016 Is that a Gun in Your Pocket? Paula
2017 Spook Cartoon Host
2018 Down a Dark Hall Veronica

Victoria Moroles TV Shows

Year Title Role Notes
2012 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Rosa Flores Episode: “Wild Flowers”
2014 Cloud 9 Pia Disney Channel Original Movie
2014 Legends Teenage Girl Episode: “Gauntlet”
2015-2017 Liv and Maddie Andie Bustamante Recurring role; 12 episodes
2015-2017 Teen Wolf Hayden Romero Recurring role (seasons 5-6A); 24 episodes
2016 Sleep Tight Television mini-series
2018 Here, Now Carla Guest role; 2 episodes

Victoria Moroles Instagram

Victoria Moroles Twitter

                                    Victoria Moroles Interview

                                                “Interview With Taylor Magazine”


Taylor Magazine: Let’s start with the basics. How did you get into acting?

Victoria Moroles: I was a dancer at the age of 3, and was on stage performing until about middle school when I got into theatre, which initially sparked my interest in acting. Honestly though, I grew up surrounded by art. I was very influenced as a child to be creative and I think this is just where I am exploring in my “artist” life right now.

Taylor Magazine: What’s your favourite thing about being an actress?

Victoria Moroles: Honestly, I don’t feel that I professionally started acting until just a couple years ago… and even now I feel like this is just the beginning for me. Throughout my journey so far I have learned a lot about this industry. There have been a lot of ups and downs to say the least. It has taught me that patience is key and you have got to stay grounded no matter what. It’s essential as an actor, but also to stay a sane human being. I think what I love most about being an actress is that I have the ability to speak through to people when maybe no one else understands them or when they’re going through a tough time in their life. Helping people by opening up is the greatest gift an actor has, and it’s what I enjoy most.

Taylor Magazine: What’s it like to play Hayden Romero on Teen Wolf? 

Victoria Moroles: My time on Teen Wolf started about a year ago. I came onto the show in the beginning of season 5 and it has been a crazy ride ever since. I had NO idea what was in store what I first booked the job… It has been a whirlwind of amazing experiences and I’m so grateful for that. Teen Wolf is truly a family. I mean, when you’ve been together for as long as they have, the bond you create is incredibly real.

Taylor Magazine: Teen Wolf has an incredible fan base. Were you ready for the amount of attention this show would lead to?

Victoria Moroles: Not at all, I don’t really think you can be “ready”, especially as introverted as I am. It was really different for me when I started to get the fans response to Hayden. Teen Wolf has such loyal dedicated fans that have been with them since day one. To experience that and be a part of it now makes what I do at work something much bigger. You have all of these people who are so invested and so supportive of you.

Taylor Magazine: Do you have anything in common with Hayden’s character?

Victoria Moroles: I’d say Hayden and I share the struggle of being vulnerable. She puts up this wall which is almost a guard, but eventually lets it down as her and Liam’s relationship moves on. It’s very cool to experience that as Hayden because I struggle with that myself.

Taylor Magazine: Obviously Teen Wolf has a different audience to Liv & Maddie which is the other show people may recognise you from. How do the roles differ for you as an actress?

Victoria Moroles: Haha… Yes, just a tad different.. meaning on two COMPLETELY different sides of the TV spectrum. I mean, it’s definitely really challenging as an actress, but also insanely fun for me. One day I get to express my inner child, show my goofy side and have all of the energy in the world flowing out of me but then another day, I get to tap into something with a whole different energy and have the stakes be more intense.

Taylor Magazine: Do you ever find it hard to balance Teen Wolf and Liv & Maddie? We would never ask you to pick your favourite but do you have one that maybe challenges you more or pushes you outside of your comfort zone?

Victoria Moroles: Sure, it’s a little hard to balance both shows sometimes, especially when I’m working on them during the same week. It’s fun though. I like the challenge, pushing yourself is when you grow and discover new things. I could never choose between the two, they challenge me in different ways. Liv & Maddie is more technical with the language, because it’s a multi-cam comedy so that definitely challenges me at times. Teen Wolf is more like film, having to tone that technicality down and let things flow naturally is where switching between the two can trip me up a bit.

Taylor Magazine: So far in your career, are there any big lessons you’ve learned that you will carry with you throughout?

Victoria Moroles: Something that I’ve learned and also been told numerous times, is to try to give as much attention as you do to your career to every other area in your life. Find a balance, because if you focus too much on one area, every other part of your life will start to fall apart and be weak. As actors, it’s in our nature to be strictly career driven. I’m completely guilty of that, but the funny thing about that is our mind and body is our job so it’s in our very best interest to maintain a balanced, healthy life in order to perform the way we need to. We can’t attempt to be someone else and tell their story if we aren’t in touch and living truthfully ourselves.

Taylor Magazine: If you weren’t acting, what other career path would you be trying to pursue?

Victoria Moroles: I have a ton of other things I am passionate about. Something I’ve always felt strongly about is nutrition and natural medicine. I grew up watching my aunt as a medicine woman and natural healer and I have always felt the urge to explore that field. I always find myself wanting to help other people in that way. But who knows? I’m honestly so invested in art that sometimes I forget to think about what else I could be doing. I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing, it’s just where I’m at right now.

Taylor Magazine: What is a typical day for you? Run us through your routine!

Victoria Moroles: On a “normal” day: wake up, meditate, possibly morning journaling if I have time, go for a run/hike or yoga, then COFFEE ASAP. I really love making breakfast at home if I can. Then after that, going about whatever kind of day it is… going into work, an audition day, running errands and getting “adult” things done (blah), or just taking the day off and doing nothing because sometimes that is just what your soul needs. By that I mean Netflix and chill. Yes, I said it.

Taylor Magazine: Are there are any roles you’d really love to try next?

Victoria Moroles: Being a dancer, I have this crazy pull to always involve my body in what I’m doing so being able to do something with a lot of action and fight/stunt scenes would be really different and fun to experience.

Taylor Magazine: It’s so cool that you studied dance and theatre when you were younger. Is this something you still take an interest in and do you think it’s helped you in any of your roles?

Victoria Moroles: I definitely still take an interest in dance. I try to dance as much as I can no matter where I am, in a studio or alone in my house. As far as theatre, I think I’ve dipped more into film acting for right now. That’s not to say that I could never explore that again but it’s not something I see myself doing in the near future. Who knows though? That being said, having that background has definitely helped me be more in touch with my body and movement which I feel ultimately helps me stay more grounded with each character.

Taylor Magazine: Who would be your ideal actor or director to collaborate with?

Victoria Moroles: At this moment, I would really love to do something with Viola Davis.

Taylor Magazine: How do you choose which roles to go for?

Victoria Moroles: I read the breakdown and weigh in on whether or not it’s something I potentially see myself doing, then I read the material and see how I connect with it.

Taylor Magazine: Do you have any hobbies or talents other than acting?

Victoria Moroles: I love playing guitar! I took it up when I was 12 but I don’t know if I’ll ever take it up professionally, I just enjoy it as another creative outlet. I’ve taken an interest in baking as a hobby which I find just helps me zone out a little and relieve stress.

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