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Stormy Deal (Stormy Lynn Deal) is an American known for being the daughter of Mötley Crüe lead guitarist Mick Mars.

Stormy Deal

Stormy Deal Age

Stormy was born on September 4th of 1973 in Westminster, California at 9.39am. She is 45 years old.

Stormy Deal Parents

She is the daughter of Mick Mars and Sharon Deal.

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Stormy Deal Siblings

Stormy had one brother: Les Paul Deal.

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Stormy Deal Interview – Stormy Deal Mick Mars

At 2pm Melbourne Australia time on Sunday April 28 2002, Chronological Crue phoned the Californian home of Stormy Lynn Deal, daughter of mysterious Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars. Now six days later on Mick’s 51st Birthday, I present this side-splitting and tear-jerking insight into her beloved Pop.

Chronological Crue: Stormy, as you are aware this site traces the complete history of Mötley Crüe and I’d like to start by going back to the time that you were born. When were you born?

Stormy Deal: September 4th of 1973 in Westminster, California at 9.39am.

CC: Roughly?

SD: [laughs] Yeh!

CC: So whereabouts were you born?

SD: I was born by the beach.

CC: At a hospital though?

SD: Yeh, I was born at the hospital. I was born a month early. I was in like an incubator for a little while. I guess for lung development.

CC: OK. Your Mum is Sharon right?

SD: Yes.

CC: And she was with your Dad, Mick Mars, for quite some time there and I believe that your Mum actually left Mick, or Bob as he was named back then, when you were about five months old.

SD: Yes she did. He was on tour. I guess on a Mexico tour or something. These are just stories I get from my Mum. She just couldn’t handle working the three jobs and him refusing to bring in any source of money, as he wasn’t willing to hurt his hands. He was a kid then and so was my mother, so I forgive him for all that.

CC: Sure. They were actually married weren’t they?

SD: Oh yes, oh yes. In [Las] Vegas. In a chapel. I have it on a postcard and that’s all the memory I have of that.

CC: So they just went for a drive out to Vegas and decided to quickly get married? Is that how the story goes?

SD: They were pregnant with [my older brother] Les and my Mum found out at my Grandma Deal’s house, Tina. They went to my grandparents and he said, “Well what am I supposed to do?” and my Grandpa said to him, “Be a man Bob and marry her.” He loved my Mum. I know that ‘cause he still to this day will say, “Sharon was the best woman I ever had.”

CC: Ah that’s lovely.

SD: Yeh it makes me cry when I think about it. So he proposed to her and how they set the date and what-not; I’m unclear on that.

CC: Do you know how he proposed?

SD: In the bathroom. [laughs] She was crying because she didn’t know what to do. You know, I guess she just took a urine test or something and she was sitting on the loo, or toilet, and he asked her, “Will you marry me Sharon?”

CC: [laughing] Excellent! So when you were born, how old was Les?

SD: Les is older. We’re two years apart so he was… um…

CC: Two! [laughs]

SD: Yeh he was about two! [laughing]

CC: You were named Stormy. Where does that name originate from? What made your parents call you Stormy?

SD: It’s after the song Stormy from the Classics IV. They had heard the song and they were debating about names for me and it came down to either Heather, Brandy, or this song Stormy. So that was during the somewhat hippy days I guess and they thought it was a rather different name but pretty. And the song is very pretty. I came out screaming like a Banshee so… My Mum was in labour no longer than a half-hour with me.

CC: Wow.

SD: So she was pushing and I was out… and Stormy just fit me.

CC: Excellent. Les is of course named after the Les Paul guitar.

SD: Yeh. He was actually going to be called Ace 135 too. Ace 335 or something like that. Dad wanted to name him all kinds of names.

CC: So did you take on the surname of Deal as a child growing up? Or after your parents split, did Sharon and the kids revert back to her maiden name?

SD: I grew up with Deal and in fact I’m still a Deal. I have never taken on my husband’s name. I stayed a Deal and Les is still a Deal of course.

CC: Certainly.

SD: Mum re-married a man so she changed her name to his and he’s a wonderful, wonderful person. He took on me and Les as his own and loved us and raised us as his own… he taught us how to drive vehicles. You know, things like that where my Dad couldn’t. My Dad has vocally said to us that he has a lot of respect for my step-father.

CC: Bob actually played with Whitehorse for another seven years following his bandWahtoshi. Do you recall as a kid ever seeing Whitehorse play?

SD: I remember… I don’t know if it was Whitehorse or Vendetta or Video Nu-R but I remember them playing outside on this huge rounded, cemented area and I remember being there with Marcia (Erik’s mother) and Erik in like a carriage buggy type thing.

CC: Now Erik is another child of Mick’s that he had to his girlfriend Marcia right?

SD: Yes.

CC: Have you seen much of Erik over the years? Do you have much of a relationship with him?

SD: You know, I started to have a relationship with him when I was about 24 or 25, somewhere around there, and he just started getting really weird and strange on me; talking about thorns and how he was going to stick them in his belly to kill himself and stuff. It was just really bizarre and I just cut off the relationship right there. He was calling my Dad some pretty awful names. He wanted more money and I just thought…

CC: Sure. Mötley then formed in 1981 after Mick had a string of bands prior to that. What are your first memories of those early Mötley Crüe days?

SD: I was living in Garden Grove and I was, let’s see, about 7 or 8 years old and the band down the street was called The Thunderbolts and we used to go over there and say, “My Dad plays guitar in a local band Mötley Crüe.” I guess they had opened up at the Starwood or… I don’t know which club it was. My Dad had given us the first Too Fast For Love production of Coffman & Coffman.

CC: Yeh the Leathur Records one.

SD: Yeh and it was all signed by the band and I remember my Dad’s writing. My brother has it. He put it in a frame and it says, “Dear Stormy & Les, I’m sorry to be gone, in and out of your lives but wealth is on the way. Love Daddy (Mick)” We were used to Bob. That’s my very first memory.

CC: Wow. Yeh. There’s a mention in The Dirt where he was calling himself Zorky. Do you remember that?

SD: Ah no, I don’t remember that. I remember calling him Geezer but that’s about the extent of it. Oh actually, Zorky means penis. I heard the other guys called him that because he has a big Zorky!

CC: [laughs] Mick’s also been rather secretive about his age over the years.

SD: I got my Birth Certificate out to give you the exact date. He’s not all that off but you know what, with my age being 28 and Les being 30, it’s not that hard to figure out his real age.

CC: Sure.

SD: OK. [reading] Father’s Full Name: Robert Alan Deal. Birthplace: Indiana. Birth Date: May 4th, 1951.

CC: Excellent. What was it like growing up with your Dad in Mötley? Obviously he toured a lot so you wouldn’t have spent a whole heap of time with him I assume.

SD: No I didn’t and it was, particularly for me, very heart-breaking searching for a Daddy. A girl always wants her Daddy, you know? So it was kind of hard for me but my brother was my bond and I allowed my step-father in my heart and it’s a good relationship as far as that goes. There were a lot of users, so-called friends saying, “Can you give me Mötley tickets?” and stuff… “I want T-Shirts.” I want this and that and me and Les slowly started to catch on to people like that.

CC: Would kids at school tease you?

SD: No I never got teased. As far as I know, talking to people on, we were really, really popular amongst the kids and they would just… Me and Les only had a handful of friends that we trusted. I suppose it wasn’t any different than your father. It didn’t really feel any different.

CC: Sure. When you did get to see your Dad, what would you do when you spent time together? What kinds of things?

SD: We would either… It would depend on how, when and who was off tour. He would come and get us for the summer and we’d stay for about a month and a half or so. Our days consisted of playing Nintendo Super Mario Bros. and farting.

CC: Oh lovely! [laughs] So who was the best at that?

SD: Who was the best?

CC: Yeh!

SD:  It was actually between me and my Pop there. He had it down pat. He’d wear sweats and those did the best blue-flames! I did some pretty good ones too.

CC: Excellent!

SD: I drank a lot of sodas.

CC: So it sounds like Mick continued his frivolity off tour as well as on tour…

SD: Of course! He’s still that way. Farts, boogers and shit – he’s happy! [laughing]

CC: [laughing] Moving through ’87 and the Girls, Girls, Girls tour, the Crüe brought in some back-up singers called the Nasty Habits and they continued through the Dr. Feelgood years as well. Then Mick ended up marrying one of them in Emi Canyn. What do you remember about their wedding?

SD: I remember a lot of her. I went to their wedding of course and it seemed like… My Dad’s had some ugly women in his past, besides my mother, and I was definitely there for the wedding and I was happy and everything else. Emi seemed like such a person to look up to. She was so into athletics and being strong and taking vitamins. It inspired me to start taking care of my body. Not that I didn’t love my Mum, or look up to my Mum, but she was so inspiring. She read the Bible and she would… Gosh, it was just how she presented herself, very Christian-like and what not. But in the long run, she really broke the whole family’s heart and it’s got down to hate and don’t let me ever run into her. I may knock her around.

CC: OK. So what’s your Mum been up to over the years? You were saying she’s re-married and that. Was she able to then, pretty much be a full time Mum or has she always worked?

SD: Always worked.

CC: What kind of jobs would she do?

SD: Out here she’s called the Haba General Manager of Von/Pavilion. It’s kind of like big store that you may have down there, like grocery stores. She was like District Manager of the L.A. area of Von’s. That’s what she did. Working the hours and stuff. Of course my father would always send child support and stuff but I never asked how much as I wasn’t really curious. The fact is that we were always taken care of and that’s how my Mum and step-dad met.

CC: How did they meet sorry?

SD: They worked together.

CC:  Ah OK.

SD: What I understand from Joe, who’s my step-dad, it took him about three or four times before she said yes, but I’m glad she did.

CC: Now you’re married as well now I understand.

SD: Yes. [to Greg Egnew]

CC: And you’ve got three children?

SD: Three, yeh.

CC: So they’re Mick’s only grandchildren right?

SD: So far. Les is trying.

CC: So Shandi was the first I believe and she was born in 1994.

SD: Yes named after the Kiss song, and Shayne was born in 1997. Shandi was born in 1994. Shandi’s birthday is July 19th. Shayne’s is June 18th. [laughs] Then Chandler’s the oddball. He’s born December 26 1999 and I was actually in labour for all those [Christmas] hours. I wish I had of had him on Christmas.

CC: So Boxing Day instead.

SD: Yeh. My mother was born on Christmas and I just thought that would be a neat kind of present.

CC: I understand you used to listen to the Mötley Crüe self-titled album when you were going through your first pregnancy.

SD: Yeh.

CC: Do you have a favourite era of Mötley Crüe’s from throughout their career?

SD: Yes I do. Actually Theatre Of Pain was fun for me and of course Girls, Girls, Girls because Emi started coming in, and he was starting to come round family a lot, you know. That was fun for me as I was twelve I guess, eleven or twelve I guess. Dad was an alcoholic really bad. He was never mean towards us. I guess when he got to that mean point; I think he knew it and he would go off to bed or whatever. He said, “If you guys want to try drinking, you drink here in front of me.” Of course he was drunk, but he was giving me a Screwdriver [cocktail] through a straw! [laughs] So one drink; my face was so completely red (I’m very pale), and I was very drunk. Les was drinking Jack [Daniel’s] and Coke.

CC: That’s a standard favourite.

SD: Yeh he’s a big boy and I don’t recall how many he had. I just remember feeling ‘I’m out!’

CC: In The Dirt we read about Mick nearly drowning. Did you know about that incident prior to the book coming out?

SD: Drowning? No. Not that he’s ever mentioned to me.

CC: You’ve read The Dirt?

SD: Yeh I’ve read The Dirt.

CC: Remember the part where he like walked out into the ocean?

SD: Yeh I remember something like that, but I’ve heard so many stories about different things of how he was going down and out and he said he felt like a failure. There are so many different things throughout the family, so it’s hard for me to assess what they chose to put in there. Some of the stuff in The Dirt, as you well know, besides your own facts, has been for added dramatisation if you will. I remember one day hearing about a gun. He’s a gun collector. He’s a very sensitive man.

CC: Stormy, we also learnt about Mick’s disease in The Dirt, Ankylosing Spondylitis, or A.S. as they call it. I understand that you also suffer from this disease as well.

SD: Right.

CC: Can you tell us a bit about what it’s like day to day to have such a disease? [You can also learn more about this disease here]

SD: Day to day for me; I get up and I’m very stiff. I’m like hunched over a bit. I get up and immediately take my meds to un-stiffen. There are certain tasks that I can’t do by myself, like mopping the floor. It’s really strenuous and hard on me. I can fold the laundry. Greg basically does it but he brings out the baskets to me, and me and Shandi fold clothes together. For the most part I can do everything else.

CC: Excellent. How is your Dad’s condition at the moment? Just how sick is he?

SD: I had to fight back every single tear at Christmas time because he looked like death. [crying] I’m sorry…

CC: That’s OK. Just take a moment…

SD: He was just… He looked grey, you know. He couldn’t even wear his black wristband ‘cause it would look like it would just fall right off him.

CC: Right. OK.

SD: He was so thin.

CC: Was that the last time you saw him?

SD: That was the last I saw him. You know, I’ve got a hold of him every once in a while on the phone but he just… He hides you see? From what Robbie [Mantooth, his fiancée] tells me is he kind of feels guilty about me having it and… but you know, it’s not his fault! He didn’t know!

CC: Yeh exactly. Well it is a hereditary thing isn’t it?

SD: Yes it is and it’s usually a male dominant disease and that’s why it’s so rare [for me].

CC: So is he able to play guitar?

SD: No. You’ve gotta know that sucks if he can’t pick up. I mean, I had to bring my youngest Chandler around in front of him ‘cause he couldn’t turn his neck. He couldn’t turn his head. I mean he couldn’t even turn his head over to give me a kiss on the cheek or anything… and to hug him, you feel… I can’t explain it.

CC: [pauses] Well you mentioned Robbie. Robbie Mantooth. Is she Mick’s fiancée right? Are they engaged?

SD: Fiancée yeh. That’s what I would call it. I consider her my step-mother. As far as I know they have not gotten married.

CC: I hear that she’s a real help to Mick right?

SD: Oh yeh. She is.

CC: In what kind of ways does she support him?

SD: Oh she gets him to his doctors’ appointments. She gives him like a steroid shot to break down the inflammation in his body, and maintains his medicines so he doesn’t take more of one than the other, you know what I mean?

CC: Yeh.

SD: Yeh she helps him with that.

CC: Is she still working on her documentaries a fair bit, or..?

SD: As far as I know she is. As far as I know. I know she’s not diving. She can’t dive until she gets her ear fixed.

CC: Speaking about Mick playing guitar, I was wondering whether yourself… whether you’ve actually ever been musically inclined?

SD: Vocally, very vocally inclined.

CC: OK. So have you ever sung in a band, or do you have recordings of yourself?

SD: I have recordings of myself. Just of my own karaoke machine.

CC: [laughing] OK. Excellent. So I’m sure you’d like to share those with the world right?

SD: [laughing] Sure!!! I was always just shy. I tried. The intimidation I guess… I don’t know.

CC: Well that’s another thing we learnt from The Dirt was Mick never singing again, but I understand he hasn’t got a bad voice on him?

SD: He’s got a great voice on him. He has. It’s beautiful.

CC: Has he ever recorded songs and played them to you?

SD: I’ve heard him do it once and it was for Emi. It was called Nothing For Nothing. I unfortunately kind of lost those. I remember as a little girl sitting on his lap and he’d be singing Angel Baby.

CC: Mick’s been said to be working on a solo album as well. I don’t suppose you’ve heard any of that?

SD: I know he wants to but as far as I know he can’t pick up the guitar. It’s really hard.

CC: … and he probably doesn’t want it to be a whole album of lap steel.

SD: Right! I think the fans just need to be patient and let him heal because he can get his strength back. It’s not the end. He CAN get his strength back. It just takes time.

CC: If The Dirt was turned into a movie have you had any thought as to who you would perhaps like to see play your Dad’s character?

SD: Possibly Billy Bob Thornton. [laughs]


SD: He can warp his face you know, and to me he’s still so mysterious. You can never quite figure him out.

CC: Randy Castillo recently passed away and I know that you’ve met Randy and spent some time with Randy. I’m wondering what memories of him do you cherish now?

SD: I met him for the first time when I was probably between the ages of ten and twelve. He was with Ozzy, right after there was another band mate before him and I wasn’t really into Ozzy then, but when I met Randy he kind of watched Les and I when my Dad was doing a Meet & Greet. Then through the years of him going on tour with Ozzy and I would go to Ozzy’s shows at L.A. and the Long Beach Arena or whatever, I would see Randy a lot. He was very friendly and he would always remember me… and I saw him again. It was really ironic as it was at a Mötley show at Orange County Pavilion and he was getting together with the guys in Great White and some other bands. They were going to get together and start playing some local shows, and then before I knew it he was in Mötley which was really ironic.

CC: Wow, amazing.

SD: That there was this job looking at him right in his face, you know. We found each other in the backstage there and it was kind of cold and Dad just wanted to hurry up and go home, and he understood. So we went on home and we sat around and talked with Randy.

CC: Well he certainly seemed like one of the friendliest people that I’ve ever come across. He always had plenty of time to have a chat with you.

SD: Yes.

CC: Mick had an old mate John Crouch who used to be called Stick, and used to drive Mick to rehearsals all the time and that…

SD: You know what? That man… We have suspicions on him that he stole my Dad’s baby photos and the guitars [from the studio recording of the 1994 album] and everything. We have suspicions but we can’t really lay it on him.

CC: Right. That’s a real shame that happened.

SD: He was the only one who really had access to a lot of my Dad’s stuff and he trusted him and everything. I remember meeting Stick for the first time when quite young at my grandmother’s house and he brought me a pair of Tommy Lee’s drumsticks after a gig. I kept those… from this wild looking guy. Like, if he was that close and was willing to give my Dad a drive over… That’s our suspicions of the Deal Klan anyway, you know.

CC: Sure. Does your Dad cook?

SD: Oh yeh!

CC: What does he cook best?

SD: Oh gosh. He can cook all kinds of yummy things.

CC: What’s your favourite thing that he cooks?

SD: Ah that’s a hard question.

CC: If he said, “Stormy, come around to my house for dinner tonight and I’ll cook you anything…”

SD: Lemon Soy Chicken. He cooks with what he calls blue spaghetti. He puts in the long noodles, but he marinates his… then he chops a sort of sausage. I think it’s Italian. It’s kind of spicy. Then he puts whole pieces of chicken in there. Like a drumstick or a breast of chicken and it’s oh… knock-down-good!

CC: Yum.

SD: He’s always been able to cook really well.

CC: Excellent. You’ve actually got your own tribute to your Father inked permanently on you. Can you tell us about that?

SD: Yes. You know, when I had that done I was thinking that he’s my father and I’m proud of him ‘cause he literally starved himself to get where he’s at today… and to buy me and my brother bikes and everything. It’s like, what can I do to pay him back?

CC: Yeh.

SD: Even though he’s a parent and that’s what parents do but; what can I do? So this was the best billboard I could find! It’s on my right arm and it has his initials in script writing and Mötley Crüe underneath that. Then it’s the Chinese sign for father that goes right to my wrist. So it’s only maybe about five inches long.

CC: How long ago did you get that done?

SD: About three years now. I really started thinking about all kinds of things.

CC: Sure. Where do you think Mötley will go from here? They’re on hiatus at the moment obviously. Do you think they’ll be able to perhaps do another album and tour?

SD: I would like to think so, but I think this is also… I mean not with Randy’s passing, but I think it’s a blessing in disguise to kick back, and realize, “Woah. This could really happen to me if I don’t start taking care of myself.” To give my Dad a break and get himself a bit more pressure off his chest and be able to build himself back up. Then whatever time they choose they’ll be ready to do it. I’d hate to see them laid out you know.

CC: Definitely. Do you have a favourite Mötley song?

SD: Yes I do. Rodeo.

CC: Wow.

SD: I heard that when they were going to put that on Dr. Feelgood. I heard all the background [on why it didn’t make the album]. Mind you, my father’s living room is all surround [sound] so when music plays, it pounds…

CC: OK. [laughs]

SD: … on your chest. He put on Rodeo and with the background piano and my Dad’s hard, fat riffs it just sent chills up my spine. Vince did excellent vocals on there and I was just, “Why Dad? Why not?” It was between Without You and Rodeo. I like Without You. I thought that was pretty cool, but Rodeo was just the best.

CC: The back-up vocals in that song have always reminded me a bit of Def Leppard.

SD: Oh yeah. It kind of had a Def Leppard feel to it ‘cause they all have like that in-synch voices together.

CC: Yeh that’s right. And what about the Generation Swine years? What were your thoughts on that particular period?

SD: I think that was tough. They were Mötley Crüe but they were trying to be not. My Dad hated it. I’ll tell you right now, he hated it!

CC: [laughs] Yeh!

SD: You know, it was kind of an insult to his guitar playing ‘cause he could do a hell of a lot better than that.

CC: Well he certainly came through more with New Tattoo after that. That was more like the old Mick [style of] playing.

SD: Oh yes. I love all that. I don’t think there’s a song on there that I dislike. It’s kind of funny. My children; they like that song on there Treat Me Like A Dog and they don’t know the meaning of it. I hear the two of them, Shandi and Shayne; they go down the hallway (I have a really long hallway) and I hear them singing, “Just beat me, bite me, treat me like a dog” and Shayne’s all, “Woof woof woof!” behind her. It’s just funny.

CC: So do they actually understand that…

SD: They understand but I don’t think they comprehend his celebrity status which is good because it keeps it innocent.

CC: Yeh. They’re still a bit young really to grasp it all I think.

SD: Right. Shandi is seven, but I understood a lot more I guess, at seven. But it’s a different era. She wants to meet N’Sync and Pink and that sort of thing and I’m sure if my Dad was well, he would make that happen for her.

CC: Sure. Well Pink is actually a big Crüe fan.

SD: Oh is she?

CC: Yeah.

SD: I didn’t know that. I watch Nickelodeon and the Disney [Channel]. It’s funny. I think Backstreet Boys are hell of musicians, with their voices. I really like them.

CC: What other bands do you get into?

SD: Alicia Keys, that song Fallin. Oh my God! It didn’t sound too black [R&B style], you know what I’m saying? It blew me away! Kind of bluesy things… like my Dad… so kind of black and kind of white. Jonny Lang type of stuff. More bluesy but that makes you feel the voice. Let’s see, I really like Queensryche. There are a lot of them. Ozzy of course. Always Ozzy.

CC: So you watch The Osbourne’s on TV?

SD: Yes I do. Recently I have. And you know what’s funny; Jack hasn’t changed! Am I’m sure you know that.

CC: Well we haven’t actually got The Osbourne’s on TV anyway yet down here in Australia.

SD: Ah I should record it and send it to you.

CC: Yeh well I’m sure I’d laugh… a lot.

SD: Yeh all I do is laugh [when I watch it].

CC: So are there any other things you can tell us about your Dad that weren’t covered in The Dirt or things that you think the fans might be surprised to know about?

SD: Oh, he’s not a violent man. He’s very, very loving. He’s very, very sensitive. He does care about the fans and all he’s ever wanted to do was play music and let people that down him… You know, I could go on about stories of my Mum’s family downing him and stuff. He wanted to be on that stage with his middle finger up in the air and saying, “F@ck you! I did it!” That sort of thing.

CC: Well he certainly did it.

SD: Yes he did. We watch the same soaps. [laughs]

CC: You watch what sorry?

SD: We watch the same soaps. We both watch Days Of Our Lives and Passion.

CC: [laughing] Oh no!

SD: Yeh. He loves the B-Grade movies, you know what I mean? Blazing Saddles… The old cowboy movies. We were watching them at Christmas time and I finally heard him giggle [that day] when they pitch-forked a dog. It was funny!

CC: Right.

SD: I guess you had to be there. It’s a Deal thing!

CC: Are the other Deal family members proud of what Mick’s achieved over his career?

SD: I know my Mother is. She’s very proud. She don’t talk much about him being sick now ‘cause I think it kind of hurts her.

CC: Sure.

SD: My grandmother Tina, his mother, is so ecstatic. She’s like, “Here’s my son. I can NOT believe it before my eyes. I had this baby and all I did was buy him a Mickey Mouse guitar and now look at him!” She’s a neat lady. She’ll dress up for Mötley Crüe shows. She’ll wear all red with high, high heels… stilletto’s you know. She has bleached blonde hair and she’s poofing it out like the 80’s and she’s a cool kicking Grandma you know.

CC: Hey wicked! And what about his brother Tim?

SD: Oh, they are very close those two. We call him Skin. It went back to… I guess they were living in Indiana. My Grandma actually had ten children but five of them died. But it went from Pig Skin to P Skin to Pig Stretch Skin, then it just went into Skin. We call him Skin. I hardly ever call him Tim. Just Skin. His sister Susan; we call her Byrd.

CC: That’s right.

SD: She has very long legs.

CC: OK. So that’s where the name originates?

SD: Yeh and it’s [spells out] B-Y-R-D.

CC: Ah OK. As in [the band] The Byrds.

SD: Right! And the eldest [brother] Frank Jr.; we call him Juice.

CC: [laughs] Any particular reason?

SD: Well you know it’s because my Dad’s very sick-minded here. Juicy Hole, then Juicy Stench Hole, then it just went into Juice and I don’t know what hole he was talking about… [laughs] but that’s how it came out.

CC: Probably something close to do with the farts again I think.

SD: Farts. Probably. Probably Juice did a lot of farting. Me and my brother used to stay weekends at my grandmother’s house. You know, they’d go to Church on Sunday morning. Well she would sleep with us and she’d be in the middle and I kid you not, we would have fart contests and of course Grandma would win because she had that big bubbly-butt you know? [laughs]

CC: [laughing]

SD:  And we’re these two tiny little scrawny kids trying to really fart. Trying to really cap them off.

CC: Maybe the nickname Juice came about after a sloppy one, one day?

SD: Oh he can fart, boy!

CC: Excellent. Now I understand that you used to give little gifts to your Dad when he was poor and playing guitar, in the way of bread ties; the little plastic ties for the bread.

SD: Yeh the little plastic squares that clip on to the bread bag. I would take those off and give them to him for picks [plectrums]. Me and Les both did. I remember my parents would go, “Wow. You guys are intelligent!” You know, it’s square. It may not be the right… what do ya call it?

CC: Gauge.

SD: Gauge yeh, of the pick, but it worked!

CC: Excellent. Alright. Well I think that’s pretty much all I wanted to cover, Stormy. Are there any other things that you wanted to say?

SD: ah… Yeh. If you can put this on the [official Mö] Shout board, or lead people to the Shout board. “Stop the bickering and start the positive talk on Mötley Crüe.”

CC: Yeh. I think a lot of it… I think some fans have been focused on the recent ill-feeling between Tommy and Vince for a long time and I think they’ve been thinking that if Tommy and Vince can sort of patch things up, then there’s Mötley Crüe together again and away they go.

SD: I think they need to stay out of that business you know. I know it’s hard because they’re in the limelight all the time but you know, it’s still their own personal lives. Whatever’s going on with Tommy personally – forget it! Go on about his drumming, because the fans get into fights and that’s why I stopped going on the board. That’s why I stopped talking to some of the Mick fans and stuff. I couldn’t stand it. I was like; I’m not going to get in the middle of all this.

CC: Sure. Look. Power to the positive people I think.

SD: Yeh that’s a good phrase to say. Stop the bickering – power to the positive people.

CC: And Power To The Music.

SD: Exactly. Hey [laughing] Hey now!

CC: Where have we heard that before? [laughing]

SD: Yes.

CC: Well thanks for your time Stormy.

SD: Oh thank you. You’re the first interview I’ve ever done.

CC: Excellent.

SD: It’s been good putting a voice to the face.

CC: Yeh, and you sound different than what I expected.

SD: I’m stuffed up.

CC: Yeh I picked that.

SD: And I was like, you know what? [Vince Neil’s son] Neil [Wharton] was the same way when you interviewed him.

CC: That’s right. That’s exactly right. That’s bizarre!

SD: You’re getting us kids and we’re all stuffed up.

CC: Hey there was some talk at one time with people saying they should get a Mötley band together with Tommy’s kids and Nikki’s kids and…

SD: You know that’d be pretty fun!

CC: Yeh. Get you and Neil in there as well hey?

SD: Oh Les could jam too. I tell you what!

CC: Cool.

SD: OK well…

CC: Take care then. See ya. Thanks Stormy.

SD: You too. Alright. Bye.

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