Slim Jesus

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Slim Jesus Biography

Slim Jesus is an American rapper. He previously went by the stage name Swag Jesus. He rose to prominence with the 2015 viral hit “Drill Time”. Other notable tracks include “Buck Buck”, “She Just Wanna”, “Warning Shots” and “The Race (Remix)”. His SoundCloud boasts 35K+ followers and 16+ million plays. Slim was born Easton Phillips on April 10, 1997, in Hamilton, Ohio. He was raised primarily by a single mother. He gravitated towards drill music because that’s what he likes listening to.

Slim Jesus

Slim Jesus Real Name

He was born “Easton Phillips”.

Slim Jesus Age

Slim was born on April 10, 1997, He is currently 22 years old as of 2019. His birth sign is Aires.

Slim Jesus Height

Slim stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall

Slim Jesus Family|Early Life

Slim was born in Hamilton, Ohio, We currently have no information regarding his family nor his early life but we will update this information soon.

Slim Jesus Career

Slim began his journey as a drill-rapper in his mid teens. He started out under the moniker “Swag Jesus” before changing to “Slim Jesus”. His early music influences include rappers Chief Keef, Lil Herb and Lil Bibby. Slim’s debut single “Drill Time” was released to his SoundCloud on July 20, 2015. It became a viral hit with more than 11 million spins. Drill Time highlights the drill sub-genre of hip-hip. The official video has been viewed more than 47 million times on YouTube. It was produced by Cocky Beats, and shot and edited by Canon Jones. A remixed version of Drill Time featuring P. Rico, King Yella & Killa Kellz was released in September 2015. Slim’s second single “Buck Buck” followed in September 2015. It was produced by Bruce Wayne. The single was supported by his ‘Young & Ignorant’ tour of the United States and Canada.

Slim closed out 2015 with the songs “She Just Wanna”, “Clout”, “Finesse” and “Minute Maid Lemonade”. His 2016 releases included “Facts”, “Speedboat”, “IDGAF”, “On The Block” and “Free Smoke”. He collaborated with I.L Will on the track “Gang In This B*tch”. He appeared alongside Ca$h & Links on a song titled “Traffic”. Slim dropped a remixed version to Tay-K‘s “The Race” in summer 2017. It racked up 1.5+ plays on SoundCloud. He followed up with “Warning Shots” in September 2017. His latest single “Major League” was released in December 2017. It was produced by ZachOnTheTrack X Hittah Beats.

Slim Jesus Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of 300,000 dollars as of 2019.

Slim Jesus Drill Time Lyrics

I fuck with savages, you a fuckboy, you can’t hang
You can find me posted up on Frank block with my fuckin’ gang
You ain’t really ’bout shit, stay out my spot, don’t speak my name
Or I pull up on your block at night, wearing all black and let that 40 bang
I fucked your girl and I ain’t even try to, that little hoe, she a fuckin’ thot
Got her off the Molly, now she rollin’, all she good for is giving top
I got loud pack, I got school buses, hurry up fam, come and shop
I got a big 40 with a thirty-clip, and I call that bitch my fuckin’ mop
I paid 350 for a Fendi belt, and that double F hold up my strap
I hear one diss and I’m running up in your fuckin’ trap
You thought shit was sweet ’til I ran up with no fuckin’ mask
Always chasing a check, bitch I’m really ’bout mine
You a broke boy but you rock designer, that shit don’t sound right
Thought you could sneak diss and you won’t get found, right?
‘Til you get caught in traffic, at the wrong place, at the wrong time
Got a couple shooters and they ride with me
And they down to shoot when it’s drill time
Pull up and we get to drumming
Let thirty shots out that Glock nine
Got a couple shooters and they ride with me
And they down to shoot when it’s drill time
Pull up and we get to drumming
Let thirty shots out that Glock nine
Now it’s back to the trap with a twenty sack
Rolling up a swisher of that straight gas
Got a fifty-clip sticking out the MAC
So that’s fifty shots for your goofy ass
Copped a Ferragamo when I was up at Saks
But my True Religion’s still off my ass
I got heavy pockets, I got big ass bands
Run up on me tryna rob, and that thirty blap
Keep a bank roll on me at all times, rolled up with a rubber band
Off the lean, that Promethazine got me walking around like a kick stand
Keep a burner tucked on my right side, my .380 or my FN
And if I catch you lacking, better pray to God that my shit jam
But if it don’t, I’mma take you out like a fuckin’ date
Put a hole in your fuckin’ back if I catch you talkin’ to the fuckin’ Jakes
Ain’t afraid to catch a body and skip out from state to state
And if there’s a witness, I’mma kill ’em too and I’mma beat the case
Let’s get it
Let’s get it
Let’s get it

Slim Jesus 22 Savage Album

Slim’s “22 Savage” album was released in February 2017. The songs on the album include Killa, Phones, Savages, Too Cups, Nights, Seasons to name a few. The album has a total of 20 songs.

Slim Jesus Albums

  • Against all odds (2019)
  • 22 Savage (2017)
  • The Most Hated (2017)

Slim Jesus Instagram

Slim Jesus Twitter


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