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Sherrey DeAnne Roberts, American Newscaster, reporter. Co-host Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, 1996, 97; chairperson March of Dimes Walk America, San Angelo, 1997; media chairperson Memorial Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Quilt,

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Sherrey DeAnne Roberts, American Newscaster, reporter. Co-host Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, 1996, 97; chairperson March of Dimes Walk America, San Angelo, 1997; media chairperson Memorial Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Quilt, San Angelo, 1997; co-chairperson American Heart Association Fundraiser, San Angelo, 1997; volunteer San Angelo Humane Society; Member Phi Gamma Museum.

Sherrey DeAnne Roberts Age, Background

Roberts, Sherrey DeAnne was born on August 21, 1970, in San Angelo, Texas, United States. Daughter of Enoch Jack and Jonnie Gay (Wayland) Roberts. She is 48 years old as of 2018


Bachelor in Journalism, Angelo State University, 1996.

Sherrey DeAnne Roberts Career

News anchor, Cable News Network Headline News Local Edit., San Angelo morning show co-host, news anchor Station KIXY-KKSA, Foster Communications, San Angelo news anchor, reporter, Station KLST News, San Angelo, since 1995.

Sherrey DeAnne Roberts Membership

Co-host Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, 1996, 97. Chairperson March of Dimes Walk America, San Angelo, 1997. Media chairperson Memorial Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Quilt, San Angelo, 1997.

Co-chairperson American Heart Association Fundraiser, San Angelo, 1997. Volunteer San Angelo Humane Society. Member Phi Gamma Museum.

Other Interests
Avocations: camping, skiing, water skiing, working out, volleyball.

Sherrey DeAnne Roberts Parents

Enoch Jack Roberts
Jonnie Gay (Wayland) Roberts

DeAnne Roberts A Life of Inspirational Leadership 1952-2012

ChappellRoberts was built on the strongest of foundations. The values and core beliefs by which Deanne Roberts lived her life are inextricably linked to this agency.

Her influence and example can be felt in every aspect of our business – how we treat our clients, the work we produce, the way we feel about our industry, our engagement in the community, and even who we hire. Thankfully, Deanne’s principles have become part of our agency DNA.

In reflecting on her career, those of us fortunate enough to have worked with Deanne realize how much other people also wanted to work with her, hear from her, and learn from her. That’s why we’ve created a resource to share some of Deanne’s knowledge, passion, insights, and experiences.

Take a look around—on these pages you’ll find words of wisdom, see leadership in action, and understand what it means to build a business and career based on honesty, integrity, and sheer tenacity. We hope you’ll be inspired by Deanne’s legacy to make a bigger commitment to your own business, your community, and your passion.

DeAnne Roberts Foundations

With all Deanne accomplished, one thing she never quite managed to do was stand still. Always growing, always moving forward, Deanne set a solid example by leveraging her innate talents and empowering those around her, while constantly discovering new opportunities to grow and to learn. She credited her parents with instilling in her the core values of honesty, integrity, and drive.

DeAnne Roberts Education

A Tampa native and fourth-generation Floridian, Deanne attended high school at the Academy of Holy Names. While there, she developed her speechwriting, debate and persuasive presentation skills, which would lead to her eventual career choice and guide her professional path for the next 30 years.

After high school, Deanne enrolled at the University of South Florida and selected Mass Communications as her major based on a suggestion from a friend. In 1974, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. She and her brother became the first in their family to receive a college education.

DeAnne Roberts Career 1970

Deanne Roberts, APR, began her career as a public relations professional working at St. Anthony’s Hospital, and later Sun City Center. In 1978, realizing she needed a variety in her career one company alone could not provide, Deanne launched Deanne Roberts & Associates; a one-person PR firm. At age 25, she was on her way to controlling her own destiny as an advocate and leader.

Over the next couple of years, alliances and partnerships were formed, which served Deanne well in building her business. The Tampa economy was relatively weak, but Deanne’s client roster began to grow thanks to her referral relationship with a local advertising agency.

Career 1980
Known as the “megatrends” period, the early 80s were full of optimism in the region. By the mid-80s, Deanne’s agency had grown into Roberts Communications & Marketing with eight employees on her team. She began competing with large, national agencies for business and landed high-profile clients.

Career 1990
During the early 90s, Deanne became interested in expanding the agency’s service offerings. Following her belief in surrounding yourself with others whose strengths are different from your own, she set about integrating public relations with advertising and marketing.

Harnessing what she believed was her greatest skill – strategic thinking – she made the bold move of buying a small advertising agency and integrating it with her public relations practice. Many in the PR and advertising industries criticized her, saying these two disciplines would never be successfully integrated. As a result of this visionary move, Deanne became an early pioneer of integrated communications.

Still known primarily for public relations in the mid-90s, Deanne leveraged the agency’s public and community expertise to grow a strong issues-management practice, which remains a personal hallmark of the company to this day.

With more than 20 years of experience and growth under her belt, Deanne was evolving into a figurehead in the region: she became Chairperson of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce, which allowed her to leverage her passion for redevelopment of the city’s core and improvement of the mass transit system; she co-founded Creative Tampa Bay, an organization dedicated to attracting the top talent to the area; and she established Emerge Tampa Bay, designed to connect young professionals in the region with one another.

Although a small business owner, Deanne always thought like a big-business leader. She made a critical business decision which would grow the agency significantly and allow her to eventually retire comfortably — she put a formal succession plan in place.

In 2002, Deanne recruited Colleen Chappell, a longtime friend, and client, to become her successor. With Colleen in place as executive vice president, the next five years became the tipping point for the agency – experiencing years of strategic expansion and exponential growth.

In 2004, Deanne and Colleen moved the agency to Ybor City, making Roberts Communications & Marketing the catalyst for creative businesses in the historic district and growing art community. The agency more than doubled in staff and clients and implemented many operational processes to more efficiently support the expanding business portfolio.

In November 2008 — the agency’s 30th anniversary — Colleen became president of ChappellRoberts and Deanne realized her pre-planned strategy by transitioning to the chairman of the board. While in this role, Deanne devoted her time to those projects and clients she was most passionate about. Her mantra was, “You gotta love what you are doing.”

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