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Shari Ellin Redstone, who was born on April 14. 1954 is an American media executive with a background in numerous aspects of the entertainment industry…

Shari Redstone Biography | Shari E. Redstone

Shari Redstone (Shari Ellin Redstone) is an American media executive with a background in numerous aspects of the entertainment industry and related ventures. As of 2019, She serves as the president of National Amusements as well as vice-chairwoman of CBS Corporation and Viacom.

Shari Redstone

Through National Amusements, Shari and her family are majority owners of CBS Corporation, Viacom, MTV Networks, BET, and the film studio Paramount Pictures.

Shari Redstone Age

Shari Ellin Redstone is an American media executive with a background in numerous aspects of the entertainment industry and related ventures. She was born on April 14. 1954 in, Washington, D.C. Thus she is 65 years old as of 2019.

Shari Redstone Family

Redstone was born to Sumner Redstone(father) and Phyllis Gloria Raphael(mother). She was brought up together with her sister whose name is still under review. Her grandfather was Michael Redstone who was the original founder of National Amusements, the parent company that now owns the majority of the Redstone media empire.

Shari Redstone Education

She holds a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University, graduating in 1975. She received her law degrees at Boston University School of Law in 1978 (J.D.) and in 1980 (LLM). Redstone practiced corporate law, estate planning, and criminal law in the Boston area before joining National Amusements.

Shari Redstone Husband

She is married to Yitzhak Aharon Korff(Grand Rabbi Yitzhak Aharon (Ira A.) Korff is the Rebbe of Zvhil  Mezhbizh). The couple married in 1980 and later divorced. The two have three children together. Sumner ex-husband was the president and director of National Amusements until two years after they divorced.

Shari Redstone Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of US$4.9 billion as of 2019. Shari Worth $5 billion in family assets and companies worth $36 billion under her control. She is the most significant woman in the history of media ownership since Katherine Graham became the first female CEO and chairman of the Washington Post Company in the 1970s.

Shari Redstone Email

This is her email adress://

Where Does Shari Redstone Live | Shari Redstone House

Shari has homes in Boston, New York, and Connecticut, and is always on the road, according to her lawyer, Betsy Burnett. Sources tell The Post Shari has been converting her Manhattan apartment at the Pierre to take up a full floor. Details about where she actually resides not available but the update will be done soon.

Shari Redstone CBS | Shari Redstone Viacom

In 2007, Redstone and her father feuded publicly over issues of corporate governance and the future of the cinema chain. Documents have been made public which verify that, as part of a settlement from Sumner’s first divorce, all of Sumner’s stock is in irrevocable trusts that will be left to his grandchildren. The trusts are said to make it clear that Shari Redstone, vice-chairwoman of the Board of Viacom and CBS, is to assume her father’s role upon his death.

On February 3. 2016, her father resigned as CBS executive chairman after questions arose about his mental competency. CBS’s board then offered her the position of the non-executive chair but she declined. The CBS board announced that Les Moonves replaced Sumner Redstone as CBS Chairman. In 2016, she, who at the time was vice chair of CBS and Viacom and president of National Amusements (the controlling shareholder of CBS and Viacom), gave the following statement on succession:

“my father’s Trust states his intention that I succeed him as (non-executive) Chair at CBS and Viacom, and also names me as a Trustee after his death.” She stated that she wanted the chairs of each company to be “not a Trustee of my father’s trust or otherwise intertwined in Redstone family matters,” and she nominated Les as the CBS chair.

On February 4.2016, against Shari Redstone’s desires, Viacom’s board of directors named Philippe Dauman, already the CEO and President, the Chairman, replacing Sumner Redstone. On January 17. 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported that Redstone was pushing for CBS Corp. to merge with Viacom, with herself also gathering names for new board members at CBS.

Shari Redstone Political Affiliation Shari Redstone Philanthropy | Shari Redstone Politics

As of January 2018, she was a member of the Board of Directors at Combined Jewish Philanthropies and the Board of Trustees at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She is also on the Board of Directors of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

Ms. Redstone recently joined the Board and Executive Committee of “Our Time”, a mass-membership organization that stands for the economic interests and political inclusion of young Americans aged 18–30. She sits on the Local Advisory Board and Executive Committee for BUILD, a non-profit organization which uses entrepreneurship to propel low-income youth through high school and into college.

Shari Redstone Les Moonves


It would appear that Les Moonves is more difficult to replace than Shari Redstone and the rest of the CBS board anticipated when they orchestrated his defenestration as C.E.O. last September. “There clearly is no reasonable facsimile to Leslie, in terms of talent and reach and combination of skills,” someone who has been closely observing the succession drama told me recently. “Worse, people that come close to it are not willing to jump into the mix. They’re not.”

About six months ago, CBS hired head-hunting firm, Korn Ferry, to find a permanent replacement for Moonves, who was publicly accused last July of several #MeToo atrocities dating back more than a decade.”Moonves has referred to the “appalling accusations” as “untrue.” Once the allegations about Moonves surfaced publicly, the CBS board moved swiftly to remove him from his position and to install Joe Ianniello, Moonves’s longtime No. 2, as the acting C.E.O. of the company.

Although CBS put no “official” timeline on finding a successor, the board’s hope was to find a permanent C.E.O. by the end of March, sources say. But the end of March has come and gone, and there has been no announcement about who will replace Moonves. And CBS would prefer that there be as little focus as possible on that fact. Dana McClintock, CBS’s head of communications, declined to comment about the succession process, or where it stands.

Shari Redstone News


And her manner of execution is oddly reminiscent of another Redstone. In the end, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Months after consolidating her control over CBS and Viacom, the monumental scope of Shari Redstone’s corporate vision is finally coming into view. On Thursday morning, CNBC cited two unnamed sources who claimed that Discovery Inc., the media behemoth behind TLC, HGTV, and other cable networks, had made overtures to sell itself to CBS or a recombined CBS-Viacom—the first step in what “people familiar with the matter” described as a potential shopping spree for Redstone.

“Discovery, which denied it is interested in a sale, is partly owned by Advance, Condé Nast’s parent company.” No doubt Shari is being egged on by Wall Street investment banks and lawyers salivating at the chance to represent CBS, Viacom, and her family’s holding company, National Amusements, in these multi-billion-dollar deals.

The CNBC story noted that Lazard, my old firm, has been added to CBS’s banking roster, resuming a position it had off and on during the days when the Tisch family owned the company. Fees equaling no less than dozens of East Hampton homes are at stake. Adopted from

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