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Sam Rubin is an American journalist who serves as the entertainment reporter for the KTLA Morning News and as a correspondent for ReelzChannel production Hollywood Dailies

Sam Rubin Wiki

Sam Rubin is an American journalist who serves as the entertainment reporter for the KTLA Morning News and as a correspondent for Reelz Channel production Hollywood Dailies. He hosts Live From the Academy Awards and the celebrity talk-show Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin, also on Reelz Channel.

Sam Rubin

Sam Rubin Biography

Sam Rubin KTLA, Nine, ITV

In 1991 he began his career from KTLA network and has been serving as the on-air daily entertainment anchor for the ‘Number 1’ rated entertainment program KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. In 2009, he joined Reelz Channel, He created and produced 120 episodes of celebrity round-table talk show, Hollywood Uncensored With Sam Rubin.

He reports to the various entertainment programs in ITV entertainment channel from Sydney, Australia. Apart from his daily career, anchoring, and reporting, he is the President of a production and advertising integration company. He received a Golden Mike award for best entertainment reporter and an Associated Press Television and Radio award as part of KTLA news team’s morning show. He is also the regular Hollywood Entertainment reporter in the UK on ITV’s This Morning.

Sam Rubin Age

He was born on 16 February 1960 in San Diego, California, United States. He is an American journalist, he belongs to white Ethnicity. He received Bachelor In Arts from Occidental College in 1982.

Sam Rubin Net Worth

Sam Rubin is an American journalist and television correspondent, He received Bachelor In Arts from Occidental College in 1982. He has been in involved in the entertainment industry as an anchor and reporter for nearly three decades. He drives impressive salaries from different entertainment channels. he is an anchor in KTLA who has an estimated net worth of $1 million. In addition, she makes a big amount of money supervising the production and sales of the programs produced by his company.

Sam Rubin Wife

He met his second wife after the end of his first marriage. He was blessed and he was successful in her first marriage, but regardless of all the successful career that he had, he did not enjoy success in his first marriage. His first wife was Julie Anderson, married on 9th January 1988. He has two daughters that he shares with Julie and they are aged 21 and 15 years.

He married his second wife, Leslie Rubin, after the divorce. Leslie is a movie studio lawyer. The couple welcomed two children in quick succession, a daughter in 2008 and a son a year later. The family resides together with their children in  Los Angeles.

Sam Rubin Children

He divorced his first wife, and they share two daughters, Perry Rubin, and Rory Rubin. His current wife has two children still, a daughter and a son

Sam Rubin controversy with Samuel Jackson

Everyone makes mistakes in their lives and he made one too. This was during a live on-air interview and it was with the superstar actor Samuel L. Jackson. However, this mistake was nowhere intentional from Sam Rubin. He asked Jackson about the grand success of a trailer and it was the Super Bowl trailer. Sadly this trailer was related to Laurence Fishburne rather than Jackson himself.

Laurence Fishburne had reprised his role as Morpheus and it was in a movie called The Matrix. It was a rookie and amateur mistake and this really pissed off Jackson. In his apology, Sam Rubin discussed that he was referring to another commercial shown at the super bowl and which was related to a movie called Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Jackson was a part of this movie and in this case, only the referral would have been relevant. It was a big error and this created a lot of buzzes.

Sam Rubin Salary

Sam as an anchor in KTLA earns an average salary of $63,450, his earning exceeds the average salary for his long stint to the channel. Moreover, the income from various entertainment channels thickens his pocket.

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