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Rosa Whitaker Biography

Whitaker was born in Washington, D.C. and holds Master’s and bachelor’s degrees from American University in Washington, D.C. and studied in the United Kingdom and Italy as well as at the Foreign Service Institute.

Rosa Whitaker

Rosa Whitaker is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on African trade, investment and business. Named in 2010 as one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s top global thinkers, Ms Whitaker served as the first-ever Assistant United State Trade Representative for Africa under the administrations of President Clinton and President George W Bush.

Rosa Whitaker, a passionate champion in creating entrepreneurial solutions to tackle poverty and promote prosperity across Africa, is recognized as one of the leading African trade and investment experts in the world. Rosa led a revolution in U.S.-African economic relations as one of the key architects of the U.S. African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) while serving as a senior staff member in the U.S. House of Representatives.

AGOA remains the centerpiece of US-Africa economic policy and has contributed to real and inclusive growth through the creation of billions of dollars in expanded African trade and jobs for millions of African people. Icon Business and Economics Portal Map Africa Portal Rosa Whitaker is currently Chairman and CEO of The Whitaker Group (TWG), a leading transaction consultancy and project development company founded in 2003.

TWG has been the firm of choice for global brands to invest and expand market share in Africa in ways that achieve commercial and human dividends since its inception. The Whitaker Group has helped deliver several billion dollars in projects and investments across Africa with offices in Washington, DC and Accra, and is now making its own direct investments in African businesses.

TWG is known for innovative and sustainable solutions that create economic prosperity while promoting social equity and environmental stewardship, offering forward-looking projects such as the “We Build You Grow” infrastructure initiative.

Rosa Whitaker Age| Rosa Whitaker Date Of Birth

Rosa Whitaker was born in 1960.

Rosa Whitaker House

Rosa Whitaker House

Rosa Whitaker Career| USTR, Capitol Hill and State Department| The Whitaker Group

In 1997, President William J. Clinton appointed Rosa to serve as the first ever Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa and continued in this position under President George W. Bush, thus reflecting Rosa’s bipartisan consensushelped build on U.S.-Africa policy. On the 10th anniversary of the passage of AGOA, the then U.S. Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, said: “Of course, we owe special thanks to Rosa Whitaker, the“ Mother of AGOA. ”

Rosa was among those who created the concept of AGOA, nursed it through ups and downs in Congress, and was the leading US Government figure in translating AGOA from law to successful program.”Mother of AGOA.”Lion of Harlem” She advised Rangel on WTO and trade issues with both China and Africa.

Whitaker joined the State Department staff of Rangel. She was posted to the U.S. embassy in Cote d’Ivoire as a career foreign service officer and served in the International Energy Policy Office. Whitaker started her career as Executive Director of the Washington DC International Business Office in trade and economic diplomacy.

After leaving USTR in 2003, Whitaker launched The Whitaker Group. Her goal at the outset was to help companies and governments take full advantage of AGOA’s created opportunities. Customers included the Uganda, Ghana, Lesotho, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria governments as well as a number of well-known multinationals.

As co-chair of the AGOA Action Committee’s late Congressman Jack Kemp, Whitaker remained at the forefront of efforts to reinforce AGOA. Whitaker added health to the portfolio of TWG in 2006, developing partnerships with Global Health Progress between governments and the private sector to strengthen African health systems.

Since 2013, under its “We Build You Grow” initiative, TWG has increasingly focused on mobilizing global finance and developers to expand infrastructure in Africa. As of 2014, TWG contributed $7 billion to the continent’s infrastructure projects. Whitaker also announced plans to invest in African start-ups for a Technology Fund in 2014.

Pictures Of Rosa Whitaker

Rosa Whitaker Picture

Rosa Whitaker Husband| Rosa Whitaker Marriage| Rosa Whitaker Wedding

In April 2008, Whitaker married Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, overseer of Christian Action Faith Ministries Worldwide. In 2014, Whitaker and Duncan-Williams were named one of Africa’s “Power Couples”.

Rosa Whitaker Group

TWG is a premier transaction advisory, project facilitation and development firm specializing in Africa. The partner of choice for Fortune 500 companies, we have facilitated several billion dollars in investment projects and capital flows across the continent and have recently started making our own direct investments in African companies.

Founded in 2003 by Rosa Whitaker, the first ever Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa under the Administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, TWG operates at the nexus of US-Africa economic policy, trade and business development. With offices in Washington, DC, and Accra, Ghana, and strategic partners across Africa, we provide unsurpassed access to opportunities and leaders across the continent.

TWG’s success derives from its deep understanding of how to get things done in Africa.  TWG’s knowledge, and that of its proprietary network, is rooted in decades of experience and has proven uniquely valuable to a diverse range of clients and strategic partners.   Our track record designing and executing customized, compliant “ground-games” across the Continent is the reason global brands and boutique investors have chosen and trusted The Whitaker Group.

Rosa Whitaker and the multi-lingual TWG team are at the forefront of the African business and investment landscape – not as spectators, but as participants helping to shape the continent’s rise on the global stage. With team fluency in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Hebrew, Twi and Ga, TWG brings an unmatched ability to communicate effectively on the global stage.

Rosa Whitaker Museveni| Rosa Whitaker Uganda

The Whitaker scandal is a corruption scandal in Uganda that surfaced in 2005. The scandal revolves around the Whitaker Group, the lobbying firm of Rosa Whitaker, a former assistant U.S. trade representative for Africa in the Bush administration and payments she received from the Ugandan government. Supporters of the work done on behalf of Uganda by the Whitaker Group, however, have pointed out that the criticisms are politically motivated and not based on an understanding of the full spectrum of work undertaken in the United States by the Whitaker Group

Rosa Whitaker Trump

The Trump Administration’s recent announcement of its Africa strategy offers renewed opportunities for the development of closer economic ties between the United States and Africa. In a December speech, National Security Adviser John Bolton outlined a set of business-driven initiatives, which he called “Prosper Africa.”

President Barak Obama also favored a business-first trajectory for Africa over the bilateral development assistance policies generally championed before him. Though repositioned under the “Make American Great Again” banner, President Trump’s Africa strategy continues to push the business case of developing African markets.

The principal difference is a much greater emphasis on competition with China’s economic activity on the continent. The rise in Chinese interest and foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa was punctuated by China surpassing the United States and becoming the continent’s largest trading partner in 2009 [PDF]. Throughout its rise, China has faced criticism that its projects strain public debt, import foreign labor, and exploit national workers, which Bolton described as “predatory.” Recent multilateral investment mechanisms, like its Africa Growing Together Fund, have also introduced China as a development financer, similar to the China-developed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. To this end, the Trump Administration has introduced a more modern U.S. investment institution for the continent in the Development Finance Institution, intended to replace the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Globally, international business is already viewing Africa as the world’s largest emerging market, and in 2011, the value of FDI to sub-Saharan Africa surpassed [PDF] bilateral development assistance. By 2020, African consumers are forecast to contribute five times more to economic growth than the natural resource sector, a sign that the continent is beginning to overcome the “resource curse,” wherein growth was often tied to fluctuations in the price of commodities. Hence, as President Trump has observed, there are significant opportunities for American businesses in Africa’s emerging markets.

Improved U.S.-Africa commercial relations could also advance the administration’s diplomatic goals, including reforming multilateral peacekeeping operations, namely UN missions which the Trump administration believes lack accountability. Furthermore, Africa, where half of UN peacekeeping missions are based, represents one-quarter of votes in the UN General Assembly (UNGA). For the Trump administration intent on aligning member states with its UNGA voting interests, improved U.S.-Africa relations could help tilt the body’s balance. As Rosa Whitaker, former assistant U.S. trade representative for Africa, observed, the continent is the “global swing vote” of the twenty-first century.

Hence, the Trump administration’s outline emphasizing the economic underpinnings of the U.S.-Africa relationship is to be welcomed, provided that initiatives like Prosper Africa lead to concrete policy and are properly resourced. In turn, it is to be hoped that American business will take advantage of African opportunities with the administration’s support.

Rosa Whitaker Awards

Rosa has received numerous honors, including being named one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s Top 100 Global Thinkers.  She is regularly quoted in the media on Africa trade issues and has lectured at several universities.

  • Face2Face Africa Africa Trailblazer Award (2016).
  • “Rosa Whitaker Day” proclaimed by Rep. Charles Rangel, July 9, 2016.
  • Africa Economic Builders Award (2014).
  • Top 100 Global Thinkers, Foreign Policy (2010).
  • Business Leadership Award, Nigerian Higher Education Council (2009).
  • Woman with Audacity to Excel, Bennett College (2008).
  • Consumers for World Trade Hall of Fame inductee for contribution to integrating Africa into global markets (2003).
  • Superior Performance Award, Executive Office of the President (2003)
  • Woman of the Year in International Trade (2002)
  • Annual Achievement Award, US Association of Importers of Textiles and Apparel (2000)
  • Promoting US-Africa Trade Relations Award, Africa-America Institute (2001)

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