Ronny Cox Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Deliverance

Ronny Cox was born in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, U.S. as Daniel Ronald Cox. He is an American actor, singer-songwriter, and storyteller. He is famous for

Ronny Cox Biography

Ronny Cox was born in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, U.S. as Daniel Ronald Cox. He is an American actor, singer-songwriter, and storyteller. He is famous for Apple’s Way (1974–75), Beverly Hills Cop (1984), RoboCop (1987), and in Total Recall (1990).

Ronny Cox Age

Daniel Ronald Cox was born on July 23, 1938, in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, U.S.He is 80 years old as of 2018.

Ronny Cox Family

Cox was born in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, U.S. the third of five children, to Lounette (née Rucker) and Bob P. Cox, a carpenter who also worked at a dairy. Cox was raised in Portales, New Mexico.

Ronny Cox Wife

Cox was married to Mary Cox on 10 September 1960 until her death on 18 December 2006. The two were blessed with two children.

Ronny Cox Height

Daniel Ronald Cox is an American actor, a singer-songwriter who stands at a height of 6′ 2″ tall.

Ronny Cox Image

Ronny Cox Image

Ronny Cox Career

Ronny Cox made his acting debut in the 1972 film ‘Deliverance.’ During 1974 and 1975, he appeared in the family drama series ‘Apple’s Way’. He next appeared in an episode of the horror drama series ‘Quinn Martin’s Tales of the Unexpected’. In 1981, he played Colonel Kerby in ‘Taps’, a movie about a group of military students who take over their school so as to save it from closing. Two years later, the actor featured in the films ‘The Beast Within’ and ‘Tangiers’. After this, he starred as Lt. Andrew Bogomil in the action comedy ‘Beverly Hills Cop’, the highest-grossing American film of 1984. That year, Cox also joined the cast of NBC’s ‘Spencer’. He then reprised his role of Capt. Andrew Bogomil in ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’ which released in 1987. He also began playing Dr. John Gideon in the medical drama series ‘St. Elsewhere’ the same year.
Ronny Cox also has a successful music career. He performs at various festivals and theaters every year along with his band that comprises world-class musicians. He has also released CDs featuring an eclectic mixture of folk, jazz, and western tunes. Some of his music projects are ‘How I Love Them Old Songs…,’ ‘Cowboy Savant,’ ‘Acoustic Electricity’ and ‘Songs… with Repercussions,’ to name a few.

Ronny Cox Net Worth

Ronny Cox is an American actor, singer-songwriter, and storyteller who has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Ronny Cox Tour

  • 06/05/19 8:00pm
    Lake Orion, MI 20 Front Street
  • 06/06/19 7:30 pm
    South Haven, MI Foundry Hall @ Black River Tavern
  • 403 Phoenix St, South Haven, MI
    06/07/19 to 06/09/19
    Mio, MI Nor-East’r Music, and Arts Festival
  • 08/10/19 7:00pm
    Sterling, VA Focus Music
  • 08/11/19 3:00pm
    Columbia, MD Panzer House Concerts
  • 09/06/19 8:00pm
    Three Rivers, MI Riviera Theatre
  • 50 N. Main St., Three Rivers, MI
    09/07/19 7:30 pm
    Whitehall, MI Howmet Playhouse
  • 09/21/19 12:30 pm
    Baxter, MN Ageless Expo
  • The Brainerd Center, Baxter, MN
    09/21/19 7:30 pm
    Brainerd, MN Central Lakes Community Performing Arts Center
  • 501 West College Drive, Brainerd, MN
    10/19/19 8:00pm
    Wakefield, MA Linden Tree Coffeehouse

Ronny Cox Deliverance

Ronny Cox starred in Deliverance a 1972 American thriller film playing the role of Drew Ballinger.

Ronny Cox Robocop

RoboCop is a 1987 American cyberpunk action film where Ronny Cox starred in playing the role of Dick Jones.

Ronny Cox Dexter

Dexter is an American television crime drama mystery series where Daniel Ronald Cox featured in playing the role of Walter Kenney.

Ronny Cox Total Recall

Ronny Cox starred in Total Recall a 1990 American science fiction action film, playing the role of Vilos Cohaagen, portraying the corrupt and ruthless governor of the Mars Colony and friend of Hauser who stops at nothing in the mining of turbinium ore, which places innocent people at risk.

Ronny Cox Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop is a 1984 American action comedy film where he featured in playing the role of Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil.

                    Ronny Cox Interview

              Published: 7/05/12 11:00am
The A.V. Club: Deliverance was and remains an intense piece of work. What did you think when you first read the script?
RC: I had read the novel, but I loved the script, too. The script was wonderful. We shot pretty much exactly as it was in the script. But it was based on Jim Dickey’s bestselling novel, and every actor in Hollywood wanted to do those four roles.
AVC: Was Drew the role you went in looking for? Or did you even have a favorite?
RC: Oh, yes, I was always drawn to Drew. I actually just put together a book: Dueling Banjos: The Deliverance Of Drew.
AVC: The booklet of the Blu-ray touches on a few stories from that book, in particular, your ability to dislocate your shoulder at will. How did John Boorman react when you first demonstrated it?
RC: I mean, it is a shocking vision, you have to admit, to all of a sudden have this perfectly normal human being looking grotesque. [Laughs.] It’s just something I can do. My shoulder comes out of place. No pain involved, really. John loved the image of that. But to this day, a lot of people say, “Oh, that’s the most fake-looking thing I’ve ever seen.”
Drew is sort of the moral center of that piece. I mean, we used to joke about it, because the four characters are all these four aspects of Jim Dickey. There’s a lot about him as that sort of “outdoors macho-man challenging everybody, and everything’s a competition” in Burt’s character. And there’s the thoughtful, almost timid advertising man, the everyman that was Jon Voight’s character at the beginning of the film. And then there’s the buffoonish, klutzy Bobby [Beatty’s character]. But then Jim Dickey was also a poet and a guitar player who loved to play music, and all of his artistic aspects were in Drew. That’s what I was always drawn to.
AVC: Have you enjoyed the experience of doing these big-budget science-fiction blockbusters?
RC: Yeah, but I like it all. You know, I did nine seasons on Stargate as Senator Kinsey, and I did a couple of episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In fact, I’m a trivia question: I’m one of the few who’s actually done a captain’s log on Star Trek. I also have some relatives who think that’s the only thing of any worth I’ve ever done. [Laughs.]
AVC: You’ve had the opportunity to play the president more than a few times in your career.
RC: Oh, yeah. I think I’ve played the president about five times now, probably most notably in Murder At 1600. I’ve generally played these people who are heads of authority. Dictator of Mars, second richest man in the world… I played the head of the National Guard in Taps. In The Onion Field, I was the head homicide cop. I’ve even played the head of the FBI! So I’m generally known as these men of authority wearing suits and ties—which is why, when I’m out there playing folk music, people can’t quite reconcile seeing me with a guitar around my neck. [Laughs.]
AVC: Were you a Guthrie fan prior to that film?
RC: Oh yeah. I grew up in New Mexico, and I… Well, actually, I didn’t even know those songs as Woody Guthrie songs when I was growing up. They were just the songs I grew up with. I didn’t ascribe any writership to them. [Laughs.] I just thought of them as the songs I knew from my childhood.
AVC: More people asked me to ask you about Cop Rock than any other project you were a part of.
RC: [Laughs.] Are you kidding me? Well, I’ll tell you, I had more fun doing that show than any other show. That’s the only time in my 40-year career that I went to work every day, whether I was called or not. Even if I wasn’t called that day, I still went in and watched them shoot. My God, we just had so much fun. The learning curve on that went straight up. I think Glee owes all of its success to Cop Rock!
AVC: Steven Bochco unabashedly views it as his favorite project that didn’t get the love it deserved.
RC: And so do I. I had more fun playing the chief of police on that show that you can even imagine.
AVC: Do you have a favorite number?
RC: Yeah, my favorite number in that whole thing was when Carl Anderson and Louis Price, the former lead singer of the Temptations—they had that song that goes, “He’s guilty, judge, he’s guilty…” All of a sudden, they cut over, and the jury’s in choir robes. Oh God, that’s just as good as it gets. [Laughs.]

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