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Robert Trump Biography

Robert Trump was born in 1948 the youngest brother. He is a retired business executive and real estate developer who managed the Trump Organization’s real estate holdings outside Manhattan. He married Blaine Trump until their divorce in 2007 and serves the board of directors for ZeniMax Media on.

He doesn’t court publicity ostentation, by most accounts, He might have learned how to hold back the hard way in the mid-aughts, when his high profile divorce from socialite Blaine Trump, the wife of about 25 years, was tabloid fodder. There was a mistress, a house Robert bought her on Long Island, and a perfect recipe for the gossip pages, Since then, Robert has pretty much vanished from public view. he lives in Millbrook, New York, in the Hudson Valley, where he leads to relatively parochial but presumably lavish life with his secret partner and former secretary, Ann Marie Pallan, whose family owned and operated Gurney’s, the famed Montauk resort and spa, for decades.

Robert Trump Net Worth

No records that show Robert’s net worth but his brother Donald Trump has a net worth of 3.1 billion USD.

Robert Trump Age

Robert was born in 1948, he is 71 years as of 2018.

Robert Trump Zenimax

Robert Trump Photos

Robert Trump and his brother Donald Trump.

Robert Trump Interview

Robert opens up about Trump feud and playing Mueller on ‘SNL.

Robert Trump family

His siblings are Donald, Maryanne Trump Barry and Elizabeth Trump Grau.

Robert Trump news

Washington (CNN) | 4 April 2019

Robert Mueller’s latest service to America is all but complete. But the reverberations from his yet-to-be-revealed report could amount to inestimable political and constitutional consequences.

The conclusion of the special counsel’s investigation was an important landmark in itself, at a moment in America’s modern history when governing institutions are under intense strain. It demonstrated that so far at least, a credible legal examination is possible into the most explosive of charges against an unchained President, without interference and despite the bitter polarization of the times.
The question now is whether everyone accepts the result.
The nation could learn within days whether Mueller answered key inquiries: Did Trump cooperate with a hostile foreign power to win the 2016 election? Did he use that platform to seek to enrich himself with multi-billion dollar business deals in Russia? Did the President obstruct justice, including by firing FBI Director James Comey, in an effort to cover it all up? And is there any evidence to suggest why Trump often appears to be obedient to Russian President Vladimir Putin, following fears felt deep within the FBI that the US President was compromised? And can he explain the multiple suspicions contacts between Trump’s associates and Russians — both before and after the election — and the lies they all told about those relationships?
11 looming questions now that Mueller’s investigation is over
Trump’s team is already celebrating, claiming it is already clear that the President has already been vindicated since Mueller did not indict anyone for cooperating with Russian election meddling.
The lack of charges against Trump’s son, Donald Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who were involved in a 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians offering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, especially disappointed his critics.
Their escape proved the shrewdness of Trump’s consistent messaging that the only question that mattered in an investigation that held Washington spellbound for two years was whether there was collusion.
“The fat lady has sung,” one Trump aide told CNN’s, Jim Acosta.
For now, consistent with Mueller’s tightly controlled investigation, no one outside the Justice Department knows what is in the report, how long it is and how much it deals with the President’s own actions.
But its delivery sets up an even bigger test for Washington’s political institutions than those involved in getting it safely to its culmination.
So much political and emotional capital has been invested in Mueller’s probe by partisans on all sides that it’s already clear that it will not mark a moment of catharsis that will once and for all drain the bitter poison of the 2016 election.
Mueller is sure to anger millions of Americans who do not find validation for their set-in-stone political convictions in an assessment that could conceivably dictate the fate of the Trump presidency.
The choices made in the coming days and the revelations to come are likely to ensure that whatever Mueller’s report says, the question of Russia’s assault on the last presidential election will stain the next one in 20 months.
Attorney General William Barr, a pillar of the legal establishment, weeks into his second spell in the job, now assumes the crucial historic role of deciding how much of the report the White House will initially see and the extent to which Mueller’s conclusions will be shared with Congress and the public.
Still, even if there is no legal liability for the President or his family in the Mueller report, it could still inflict significant political damage.

Democrats face a choice

indications that Barr may be able to brief lawmakers soon about the report sparked immediate speculation, alongside the lack of new indictments, that the Mueller report could be more favorable to the President than expected.
Democrats appeared to be preparing for that possibility by stressing that the report was just the beginning of a new phase of the Russia intrigue.
In a statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the top Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer, warned that Barr should not give the White House a “sneak preview” of the report.
In an apparently coordinated messaging blitz, key Democratic leaders and presidential candidates issued statements demanding the immediate public release of Mueller’s entire report and evidence backing it up.
Such a trove would be valuable for the multiple House committees that are delving into almost every aspect of Trump’s business and political affairs.
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff made clear that his investigation would look at questions that may not be covered by Mueller, including why Manafort gave polling data to a Russian contact with links to Kremlin intelligence agencies. He also pledged to look at whether Trump was compromised by his business or other links with Russia from before he became President.
“If they are not answered, we are going to have to answer them,” Schiff told CNN’s, Wolf Blitzer.
His comments showed that while Mueller’s decision to file a report and end his investigation was a milestone moment, it was also the start of a new beginning of the Russia saga.

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