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Pete Hegseth was born as Peter Brian Hegseth on June 6, 1980, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, to Penelope and Brian Hegseth. He studied at Forest Lake Area High School and later on earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University. After this, he received a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University.

Pete Hegseth Biography

Pete Hegseth is a Fox News Channel contributor from America. He is the co-host of the ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ as well as a frequent guest co-host of the program’s weekday edition. He is also a senior political analyst at Fox News, offering analysis across all the Fox News and Fox Business programs.

Pete Hegseth

Hegseth, who has authored the famous book ‘In the Arena’, is a former military officer who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Holding a Combat Infantryman’s Badge and two Bronze Stars for his time in Afghanistan and Iraq, Hegseth has also served as a guard at the Guantanamo Bay. The American multi-talented personality is a former executive director at Vets for Freedom, a political advocacy group. He is the former CEO of the group Concerned Veterans for America as well.

Pete Hegseth News

Hegseth on Trump calling off Iran strikes, bombshell testimony in war crimes trial of Navy SEAL

Hegseth said Friday that President Trump does not want a war with Iran since he was elected on a platform of avoiding conflicts in the Middle East. Trump made the last-minute decision Thursday night to call off retaliatory strikes against Iran in response to the downing of a Navy drone that Washington said was over international airspace. Multiple news outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post and Associated Press, reported similar accounts — citing unnamed sources. These reports portray a mission that would have targeted Iranian missile batteries and radars. No shots were fired and no missiles were launched, according to the AP. Trump tweeted Friday that he stopped the operation when he learned from a U.S. general that there was a risk of 150 casualties.

Pete Hegseth Age

Pete was born on June 6, 1980. His birth sign is Gemini.

Pete Hegseth Height

Pete stands 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

Pete Hegseth Family|Early Life

Pete Hegseth was born as Peter Brian Hegseth on June 6, 1980, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, to Penelope and Brian Hegseth. He studied at Forest Lake Area High School and later earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University. After this, he received a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University.

Pete Hegseth Career

Military Career

In 2003, Pete Hegseth was commissioned into the U.S. Army National Guard as an infantry officer. The following year, he served as a guard at Guantánamo Bay. Shortly after returning from Cuba, he served as an infantry platoon leader and civil-military operations officer in Baghdad and Samarra respectively.


After his return from Iraq, Hegseth worked at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. Then from 2007 to 2010, he worked as an executive director at Vets For Freedom. During this time, he served as a military analyst for Fox News Channel as well. Hegseth is also a contributor to National Review Online and a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has written several editorials for ‘The Washington Post,’ ‘The Washington Times,’ ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and ‘New York Post.’

In September 2017, Hegseth interviewed President Donald Trump. Hegseth received criticism for allowing Trump to make false claims without challenging him. For instance, Trump falsely asserted on at least six instances in the interview that the attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed because of a “hospitalized senator”, yet Hegseth never pressed him on it. According to an opinion column in the Washington Post, Pete’s “interview was notable for one reason: A viewer who got most of his news from Fox heard only scant details about the contents of Cassidy-Graham.

As with the previous attempts to partially repeal the ACA, the bill was covered less for its substance than as a question of whether Republicans could deliver a “win” on a key issue.” Philip Bump of the Washington Post provided a list of all notable claims that Trump made during the interview that warranted follow-up questions that Hegseth never asked. Hegseth has been speculatively mentioned as a hypothetical replacement for VA Secretary David Shulkin.

In May 2018, Hegseth mocked The New York Times for ostensibly not covering a story about the capture of five ISIS leaders, referring to the paper as the “failing New York Times”. However, it was The New York Times that broke the story in question.


In 2012, he lost the Republican Party endorsement for Senate election in Minnesota to Kurt Bills. In 2017, he interviewed President Donald Trump and received criticism for allowing the latter to make fake statements without challenging him. During the 2016 Republican primaries, he initially backed Marco Rubio, then Ted Cruz and ultimately Donald Trump. Hegseth has since then emerged as a strong Trump supporter. As a Fox News personality, he has frequently attacked the media, Democrats and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Pete Hegseth Fox News

Hegseth has appeared as a Fox News Channel military analyst and made multiple television appearances on the Fox News Channel, CNN, and MSNBC. Hegseth is also a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a contributor to the National Review Online. He has written editorials in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Post, and The Washington Times. Hegseth joined Fox News as a contributor in 2014.

Pete Hegseth Tattoos

Pete stated that his tattoos reflected his love for faith, country and service for his country when he was in the military. One of his tattoos depicts the coat of arms of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, The army division which he served. The other tattoo States “We The People”.

Pete Hegseth Salary|Net Worth

His career as a Fox News channel contributor is estimated to give him an annual salary of at least $102, 000. In 2017, he published his book titled Arena: Good Citizens, a Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America. His previous careers in military, politics and his present media career is believed to have left him with a hefty net worth of more than $3 million.

Pete Hegseth and Donald Trump

The Fox News reporter has privately encouraged Trump to pardon servicemen accused of war crimes. Hegseth has not publicly disclosed his efforts to help the servicemen, despite discussing their cases on “Fox & Friends” where he is a weekend co-host, according to footage reviewed by The Daily Beast, which was first to report the news of pete’s efforts.

News of Pete’s behind-the-scenes involvement came after The New York Times reported over the weekend that Trump is considering pardoning several servicemen on or around Memorial Day. Hegseth has not been shy about his views regarding the servicemen. He has publicly advocated for their causes, and on Saturday, after The Times reported Trump was considering pardons, He expressed his support.

Pete Hegseth Controversies

Axe Incident

Being a popular media personality comes along with some setbacks, and public scrutiny happens to be one of them. On 14th June 2015, Pete Hegseth was faced with a minor controversy when he threw an axe and injured drummer SFC Jeff Prosperie of the West Point Hellcats.

It was during Fox & Friends – a live broadcast he was Co-hosting, and was reportedly supposed to throw a lumberjack axe at a wooden target. Instead, the axe hit the drummer across his right elbow. It was a minor incident and Fox assured the public that there would be no further axe throwing while the service members were performing behind the target.

Pete Hegseth Wife and Kids

Hegseth first married in 2004 to Meredith Schwarz. Their marriage lasted for 5 years before they parted ways in 2009. They had no children in the course of their marriage. He married his second wife, Samantha in 2010. Initially, the couple seemed to have been enjoying a blissful relationship and was even blessed with three sons in the course of their 7 years marriage. In August 2017, Hegseth had a fourth child Gwen,  a daughter from his affair with Fox Executive Producer Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet. Hegseth and Samantha divorced later that year.

Pete Hegseth Germs

For reasons that remain foggy, the Fox News host bragged on the television Sunday that he has not washed his hands in approximately a decade and attributed the fact that he rarely gets sick to his poor hygiene. “I don’t think I’ve washed my hands for ten years,” Hegseth said on Fox & Friends on Sunday, to the apparent horror of his co-hosts and normal, non-disgusting human beings everywhere. “I don’t really wash my hands ever.”

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