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Paul Begala is a CNN and a Democratic strategist political commentator and consultant…..

Paul Begala Wiki

Paul Begala is a CNN and a Democratic strategist political commentator and consultant. He is well known for being an adviser to President Bill Clinton, he was a chief strategist for the 1992 Clinton versus Gore campaign that placed Clinton the first Democrat to occupy the White House in twelve years. He is as well an author of several best-selling books.

Paul Begala

Paul Begala Biography

She got enrolled at the Dulles High School for his high schools and he obtained BA and Juris degree from the University of Texas at Austin. While school he became the student government president.

Paul Begala Cnn

Paul started off his career significantly in many campaigns and has successively achieved in most of them. He worked alongside James Carville a business partner and a political strategist and has many big electoral victories.

He then assisted Clinton winning the 1992 presidential election. He was as well a senior strategist for U.S. Senate campaign of Bob Casey Jr. in 2006 who defeated Sen. Rick Santorum. He also took part in supporting Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential primaries but became a later backed up Barack Obama after she dropped out of the race.

He later joined the television with CNN and worked as a co-host on its political debate program, Crossfire before being a political contributor and frequently on CNN’s The Situation Room as well as other programs on all CNN networks.

In 2007 after leaving the Clinton administration, Begala got to Georgetown University as a research professor of government and public policy. He worked as Carl E. Sanders Political Leadership Scholar at the University of Georgia School of Law. Currently, he is an affiliated professor of public policy at Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute.

He is well-known electoral successes as a political strategist includes since the 1986 gubernatorial victory of Bob Casey Sr., in Pennsylvania, the Senate victory of Harris Wofford, also in Pennsylvania of 1991, the gubernatorial victory of Georgia’s Zell Miller of 1990 and the repeat election of Sen 1998. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. He as well served as a senior strategist for U.S. Senate campaign of Bob Casey Jr in 2006, who defeated Sen. Rick Santorum.

Begala has authored different  best-selling books, including ( Our Children Learning?), (The Case Against George W. Bush), and (It’s Still the Economy, Stupid). He as well also co-authored the best-seller (Buck Up, Suck Up) and (Come Back When You Foul Up) with Carville, also (Take it Back), (Our Party), (Our Country), (Our Future).

He has also authored the forthcoming book, (Third Term),(Why George W. Bush Loves John McCain). He helped John F. Kennedy Jr. launch George magazine, where he was served as a contributing editor and wrote the “Capital Hillbilly” column. He has also written articles and opinion pieces for numerous other publications.

Paul Begala Age

Paul Begala currently was born on May 12th, 1961 in New Jersey, U.S.

Paul Begala Family

He was born to both his parent parents Margaret and David Begala.

Paul Begala Wife

Paul Begala is married to his wife, Daine Friday. Before the couple got married, they dated a long duration of time. The then tied the knot in 1989. The wedding ceremony was attended by a lot of political personalities, family members, and their relatives. as of late the husband and wife have not yet gone through any conflicts which can lead them to the divorce or separation.

Paul Begala Children

The couple is said to be having four children. of which they are all sons. However, as of late the details of their sons are yet to reveal to the media. The family resides in Virginia, U.S.

Paul Begala Net Worth – Paul Begala Salary

Paul Begala has accumulated a huge amount of money out of his political career, he has not yet revealed his actual salary to the media. Being a famous author, his books have as well added value to his huge earning. With various sources, the average salary of the commentator who works for the CNN is salaried between $36,759-$127,074 annually. he lives a rich lifestyle along with his family in an expensive house that resides in Virginia.

Paul Begala With Jon Stewart

During Jon Stewart‘s finest moments was his infamous Crossfire debate with CNN’s Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson. Stewart started by challenging both of them on the hollowness of their red versus blue show and cable news in general, even asked then the two to “stop hurting America.”

Begala who is still with CNN reflected on how thoroughly Stewart went about “disemboweling my show.” In a piece for today, He agreed that the show was a “debacle” and that Stewart led a pretty serious “onslaught.” But he as well reveals that after they wrapped, he, Stewart, and both shows’ executive producers had a conversation of r 90 minutes about the broader critique Stewart was making. And, Begala admits, Stewart was right that saying that they can’t just take an issue, then then left “the left says this, the right says this,” then they fight over it.

He added saying that, that doesn’t mean he’s completely seconding with Stewart’s view of the cable news landscape. he said Stewart has a “naive” outlook about politics. But he does admit Stewart was right about “excessive partisanship” getting in the way of progress.

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