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Noah Ritter Biography

Noah Ritter who is best known as the Apparently Kid is an American young entertainer, who rose to viral video fame after being interviewed by a local television station during his visit to Pennsylvania’s Wayne County Fair. By 2016, his viral news interview clip had accumulated over 23 million views.

Noah Ritter

He joined Instagram in September 2014 and has earned more than 190,000 followers. After rising to online fame, he acted in a television commercial for the FreshPet brand.

Noah Ritter Age

The young star was born on November 19.2008, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He is 10 years old as of 2018.

Noah Ritter Parents | Noah Ritter Family | Noah Ritter Mom

He was born to his parents Nancy Morgan(Mom) and John Ritter(Father). Noah was with his Grandparents John and Kathy Borowski when he was found at the Wayne County Fair.

Since then, John has been a supportive grandfather, who has shared both the fame of Noah and pressure that comes with it. In May 2015, The young celeb took it to Twitter to express his love for his best buddy/grandfather, who always listens to him.

Noah Ritter Net Worth | Noah Ritter Salary

He has an estimated net worth of 7 million dollars as of 2019. Ritter began earning money from the very tender age because of his amusement facial expression and very outspoken habit.

Noah Ritter Dinosaur

The apparently, Kid’ Knows Way More About Dinosaurs Than Chris Pratt

Ritter apparently knows more about dinosaurs than Chris Pratt does.

Ritter, who rocketed to Internet fame last year as “apparently kid,” went toe-to-toe with the star of “Jurassic World” in a game of dinosaur trivia. The two competed on Wednesday’s episode of “The Ellen Show.”

Pratt may have taken it easy on Ritter, who wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up, but that didn’t stop the youngster from celebrating with a couple of victory dances and at least one exclamation of “Boppity boppity bop!”

Noah Ritter new Apparently New Song

‘Apparently kid’ now in what is apparently greatest song ever

A young boy whose news interview went viral is apparently in a new song.

“Noah Ritter had never been on live television before he sang what is apparently the greatest song ever about not having been on live television,” according to the YouTube description.

The boy’s interview with reporter Sofia Ojeda at the Wayne County Fair became an overnight sensation, with clips appearing on various news websites and TV shows.

WNEP’s video clip of the interview on YouTube has had more than 10 million views as of Friday evening.

Noah Ritter Hawaii

Later, Ellen sent him to visit Hawaii on his vacation with his grandpa in 2015 which was featured in Ellen’s show. There he opened about his trip to Hawaii where he had several adventurous games and funs.

Apparently, Kid Enjoys Hawaii on The Ellen Show

The “Apparently Kid’s” new word might just be “Aloha!”

The ten years old as of 2018 was back from Hawaii and back on the Ellen Show which aired on WNEP-TV.

He’s the smart and often silly 6-year old who’s become a regular guest on the Ellen Show.

Noah Ritter 2018

The viral video uploaded by WNEP-TV on YouTube was titled as ‘This kid is awesome, Steals the show during Interview.’

Since its release on 4th August 2014, it has surpassed more than 34 million views by 2018. The young celeb was also invited to welcome the shareholders of SC Johnson annual shareholders meeting in Racine, Wisconsin.

Ritter also made a charity appearance for the Everhart Museum for Dino Days. He joined Instagram in 2014. He has more than 190k followers on Instagram as of 2018.

Popularity On Social Media

He is famous on his self-entitled Instagram account. He has amassed a fan base of 188k followers. On 24 April 2015, he shared a picture and said that he went to Boomers with Robby and Grandpa Jack.

Noah Ritter Noah Ritter Apparently | Noah Ritter Apparently | Noah Ritter Ellen

Noah Ritter Apparently Stops by the Wilkes-Barre Farmers Market

WILKES-BARRE — When Noah Ritter needs to unwind after giving some kid-friendly feedback in the judge’s seat for the ABC’s The Toy Box, he’s apparently with his Grandpa checking out the Farmers Market on Public Square.

“Probably the biggest small city I could be in. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania,” said Noah Ritter.

Noah caught our attention during a Newswatch 16 interview at the Wayne County Fair three years ago and that got him quite a bit of national attention too.

Now he might only be eight-years-old but Noah knows a thing or two about what makes a good toy. He says it has to be fun for kids everywhere and shouldn’t require too much work for parents to set up.

“I try to boost people’s confidence but if they make a terrible toy that I don’t like and I don’t think American kids would like then I just try to go ahead and give them constructive criticism,” said Ritter.

And he’ll be back at it again for season two of The Toy Box.

“It’s amazing! There’s going to be more episodes, more kids, more toys,” said Ritter.

TV Guy: ‘Apparently’ kid steals the show on ‘The Toy Box’

“Apparently,” ABC has found a new star. And it’s not Eric Stonestreet.

The “Modern Family” regular hosts the family-friendly series “The Toy Box” (8 p.m., TV-PG), where he’s upstaged by child judges.

Like “Shark Tank,” this new series invites would-be toy inventors to submit their ideas to a panel of professionals, all in the hopes that their prototypes will be chosen and promoted by toy giant Mattel to be sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us.

It consists of precocious kids already vetted by social media, viral videos and appearances on Ellen DeGeneres’ genial afternoon chatfest.

The child experts are pleasant, entertaining and even shy about saying anything negative that could dash an inventor’s dreams.

In some cases, two boys and two girls may not be the ideal focus group. The boys show zero interest in a multicultural dress-up doll that teaches tolerance and “speaks” a dozen languages. That’s no fault of the doll.

Too often, the adult inventors go for the sob story, telling us that they’ve sunk their savings, their children’s college funds and sold or lost homes to finance their prototypes.

Those sad tales are hardly relevant to the product’s appeal.

Stonestreet underplays his role as host, offering a deadpan approach that underscores the superfluous nature of his role.

Ritter has lost little of his peculiar appeal or ability to coin the odd phrase.

Every date is a story and every couple features a participant with a memorable narrative “hook.”

A would-be “player” is actually a virgin; a confident man recalls his family’s desperate flight from Uganda; a self-described Seattle nerd refuses to upgrade his flip phone. It takes all kinds.

The high-definition cameras give “Dates” the look of a soap opera or a remote segment of “The Bachelor” featuring “real” people. And that seems completely intentional.

– Like “First Dates,” the new Fox series “You the Jury” (9 p.m., TV-PG) has the feel of afternoon TV.

Real lawyers and a real (TV) judge (Jeanine Pirro) present and hear arguments about legal cases laced with hot-button topicality.

In the end, home viewers get to “vote” their own verdicts, blending a “People’s Court”-type show with an “American Idol” sensibility. Or mob rule, if you will.

– Jeffrey Wright (“Boardwalk Empire”) narrates “Unseen Enemy” (9 p.m., CNN), examining recent outbreaks of pandemics like Ebola and efforts to prevent future contagions.

– Netflix begins streaming the second half of the first season of “The Get Down,” set in the Bronx at the dawn of the hip-hop era.

Noah Ritter Color Chart

Ritter is Back

Noah Ritter, I Hate My Life

Let’s go get some pizza! – I hate my life-Vine

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