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Morgan Fogarty ( journalist) Biography, Birthday, Image, Husband, Wedding

WCCB News anchor Morgan Fogarty, 34, graduated from Penn State with a degree in broadcast journalism. Her first news job was in Hagerstown, Maryland, where she wore many hats as a producer, photographer,…

Morgan Fogarty ( journalist) Biography

Morgan anchors the Emmy-award winning WCCB News @ Ten. She also reports on a regular basis, covering topics like local crime, politics and neighborhood issues.

Morgan Fogarty

Morgan travels for special assignments and breaking news, to places like Washington DC, to cover the Lying in Honor of the late Rev. Billy Graham, to Charlottesville to cover the deadly white nationalist rally, to Boston to cover new active shooter alert technology, and to San Francisco, to cover the Carolina Panthers 2016 Super Bowl run.

Her series, “The Get with Morgan Fogarty,” features in-depth interviews with celebrities and newsmakers, including Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton, Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick, Bachelorette Emily Maynard, NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

Morgan has established herself as an animal welfare advocate and she has earned the trust of animal lovers in our community, who turn to her when they need to raise awareness about animal issues.

Morgan hosts and moderates WCCB News Edge at 10:30, alongside regular panelists Matt Harris, Ashley Anderson, and Tremaine “QCB” Sloane. The Edge is Charlotte’s premiere news-magazine show and features an in-depth conversation about news, sports, politics and pop culture.

Morgan has won numerous awards throughout her career including several from the Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas. In 2010, she earned 1st Place for her series called “Pit Bull Problems.” The same year, she earned 2nd place in the North Carolina TV Reporter of the Year division.

In 2009, Morgan won 1st place in the health/medicine division for a story about so-called “Chicken Pox Parties.” Over the years, Charlotte area viewers have voted her “favorite anchor,” “best TV anchor” and more in local publications. In 2012, she was named one of Charlotte’s “Top 30 Under 30 Future Leaders.”

In the same year, she won the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Excellence in Sports Medicine Reporting Award for her report on concussions in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. In 2015, Morgan was named one of the 50 Most Influential Women by The Mecklenburg Times.

In 2017, she was awarded the Community Service Media Award by Keystone Substance Abuse Services for her two part-feature “Gone Too Soon: Heroin Deaths in Charlotte.”

Even though she was born a Yankee, Morgan has now lived in Charlotte longer than she’s lived anywhere else. She considers Charlotte “home” and can’t imagine leaving (she tried once, in 2013, went to New York City, and quickly returned!).

Morgan, her husband, and their two children share their home with three dogs: two French bulldogs, Winston, and Etta (a rescue) and a Doberman, Rachel (also a rescue).

Morgan Fogarty Birthday | Age

WCCB News anchor Morgan Fogarty, 34, graduated from Penn State with a degree in broadcast journalism. Her first news job was in Hagerstown, Maryland, where she wore many hats as a producer, photographer, anchor, and editor.

“One of the things I stress to our interns is that the being-on-TV part of the job is 10 percent of the day,” she says. Fogarty and her husband, Jeremy Spring, are both from Lancaster, PA, and have known each other since they were in fifth grade.

They’ve been married since 2007, and have two children, Sawyer and Sadie

Morgan Fogarty Wedding

Morgan and I met in Chicago over the Fourth of July Weekend 2014. We were both visiting friends and happened to end up at the same bar(sorry, grandmas). Morgan and I started talking and he told me that he was from Omaha and that he worked for a construction company.

I didn’t believe him because he had a Colorado ID and I had never heard of the company he worked for at the time. I did give him my number just in case he wasn’t lying to me.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we go on our first date to the Dell. That December, we get Rocko and our fate was sealed.

Morgan and I had booked a last minute flight to San Diego. We went sightseeing, kayaking, and just enjoyed being in the sun. Morgan had set up for us to go paddle boarding on Coronado Island the day we got engaged. With 15 minutes left in our 90-minute tour, I fell in and was not in the happiest of moods.

We went to eat and get some drinks at a local brewery to dry off. Morgan was very insistent that we went down to the beach and watch the sunset. As we get to the water, Morgan drops down on one knee and says ” I think you earned this today”.

He might have said more, but I wasn’t listening at this point. I said “yes”. We celebrated with some ridiculously overpriced drinks and called a few people. He made me keep it a “secret” until we were able to tell this parent when we got back. Worst kept secret ever.

TV Anchor Morgan Fogarty’s South Charlotte Home Reflects Artistic Side

MORGAN FOGARTY, the WCCB anchor, opens the door of her south Charlotte home wearing boyfriend jeans, leopard-print slippers, and a black fleece jacket. “Can I get you some coffee?” she asks, as she ushers me into her beautiful foyer and dining room.

The focal point of the dining room is around reclaimed wood table, which sits under a white beaded Regina Andrew chandelier. Taupe and cream wallpaper with a geometric design highlights one wall, and two Ro Sham Beaux sconces made of metal reeds with wrapped ends add whimsy to space.

The back plates of the sconces are made of mercury glass, which ties into a bar area in the family room. The day of our visit, a bench sits against a wall and is stacked with board games.

“My house is not a museum,” Fogarty says. “I sometimes refer to my dining room as the LEGO room,” she laughs.  But with the help of interior designer Marcie Padgett, of Southern Style Designs, she now has designated storage spaces both upstairs and downstairs to keep clutter at bay.

Fogarty found Padgett on Facebook. The designer responded to Fogarty’s post seeking help for creating custom bedroom curtains. “Then I decided to hire her for the rest of the house because I really liked her style, her approach, and her demeanor,” Fogarty says. Melton Interiors owner Steve Melton, who frequently collaborates with Padgett, oversaw the home’s structural changes.

Fogarty’s home was built in 1988, so she knew she’d want to make updates—but she resisted moving to a bigger place. “I love my home’s deep backyard, my great neighbors, and the area’s top schools, Fogarty says. “So I decided I just need to better utilize the space I have.”

One of the first changes was to eliminate a wall that abuts the front staircase. “That eliminated a wall in the dining room, as well, so now most of the staircase stands alone,” Padgett says. “That added much more light to the whole space.”

The staircase handrail is painted a deep black, and a unique and colorful design element catches the eye: an ombre palette on the stair risers. Each riser is painted a different Sherwin-Williams custom shade of peacock, descending from pale indigo at the top of the staircase to deeper indigo at the bottom.

The effect is subtle but striking and is one of Fogarty’s favorite features. “The stairs are a moment of artsy fun right when you walk in,” she says, “and that speaks to my artsy side.”

Fogarty’s artsy side is also evident in the colorful paintings scattered throughout her home. She likes to frequent art galleries during her travels, and particularly enjoys abstract and landscape paintings from Paris, Charleston, New Orleans, and even Charlotte.

A fanciful portrait of a woman’s face, titled “Betsy,” by Charlotte artist and doctor Michelle Rivera is a focal point in Fogarty’s family room. Padgett mounted an abstract rectangular piece bought in Paris in Fogarty’s office, unexpectedly placed between the door frame and the crown molding.

The kitchen décor continues the artsy vibe, but also boasts functionality and high-end finishes. For the remodel, walls were removed, a pass-through from the kitchen to a hallway was sealed off to allow room for a Sub-Zero refrigerator, and a cramped area that housed a double oven became a large walk-in pantry.

Black-and-white bistro chairs from Serena and Lily flank the new, white-and-gray quartz center island, providing seating for four. Large beaded-wood pendant lights juxtapose the high-polished finishes and hardware throughout the rest of the kitchen, making it feel fresh and modern.

A Wolf range was installed in the bay window that formerly served as a breakfast nook. The middle window was sealed off to allow for a tile backsplash and range hood. The two adjacent windows, left intact, allow plenty of light and views of the side yard.

When picking new pieces for the family room, Padgett mixed several complementary styles. She paired a custom-made Wesley Allen turquoise velvet sectional with two square ottomans made from vintage Turkish rugs and a pair of acrylic three-legged lamps from Target.

“I’m definitely a fan of mixing higher and lower end pieces to help stay within budget,” Padgett says.  Mixing metals is also a favorite of Padgett’s. “We used both gold and silver fixtures,” she says. “David Yurman has done it in jewelry for years, and we think it looks fresh for interiors.”

The remodeled downstairs powder room echoes the colorful, modern feel of the home. The formerly dark bath now showcases a white porcelain shower and floor, complete with bold pink wallpaper and a silver pavé chandelier. Padgett says not to be afraid to commit to wallpaper: “If you change your mind later on, wallpaper is one of the easiest things to change.”

Fogarty says she loves the fresh and fun but livable design, and she hasn’t quite finished it yet. Both she and Padgett agree that negative wall space is important, so there is no rush to find a piece of art for every wall. “I like taking my time to fill my house with things that are meaningful to me,” Fogarty says. “My story is not over.”

Morgan Fogarty FACTS

The Women’s Media Center’s “Divided 2017: The Media Gender Gap” report revealed that “in the broadcast news sector alone, work by women anchors, field reporters, and correspondents actually declined, falling to 25.2 percent of reports in 2016 from 32 percent when the WMC published its 2015 “Divided” report”.

However, Morgan is determined to shatter this harsh reality by creating awarding winning and thought-provoking stories. As of matter of fact, Morgan was named “one of the 50 Most Influential Women by The Mecklenburg Times” in 2015 and received the “Community Service Media Award by Keystone Substance Abuse Services for her two part-feature “Gone Too Soon: Heroin Deaths in Charlotte” in 2017.

Morgan’s journalistic skills have garnered her the esteemed recognition as “favorite anchor” and “best TV anchor” throughout her career as a news anchor on the Emmy award-winning, WCCB News-Charlotte.

Much of Morgan’s success is accredited to her personal dedication and the power of internships. She notes that although internships are often unpaid, “the experience is priceless”. Morgan encourages individuals interested in considering in getting into the TV news industry that they, “Work alongside reporters and photographers and producers and assignment desk editors and production staff and everyone. Attend editorial meetings.

I don’t mean for a day or two. I mean an entire summer or a couple of months during the winter. You’ll learn in the internship whether you really want to do this work.

It is not glamorous. Ask yourself how much you consume the news in your personal, daily life. If you don’t have a voracious news appetite, this likely isn’t the profession for you. Ask yourself how much you love to read, write and research. Ask yourself if you’re willing to work terrible hours for terrible pay in small towns, far away from your family and friends.

And either come to the industry with a thick skin or learn to develop a thick skin fast. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of the tv news business”.

Morgan is a transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina from Lancaster, PA, by way of Maryland. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2003. She attributes her current accomplishments to the great education she received at Penn State.

Morgan recalls that her “Journalism classes were thoughtful and interesting and gave me a great academic experience. But still, it was my college internships that really sealed the deal for me”.

Her work as a production intern on “America’s Most Wanted” and a news intern for “Hearst Television afforded her the opportunity to work for WHAG in Hagerstown, MD, and an internship with WGAL in Lancaster, PA. Soon after she landed the job with WCCB in Charlotte.

“I came here for that job. I never expected to fall in love with Charlotte. I thought I’d be here for one contract, and then move onto the next job. But here I am almost 15 years later! I can’t think of a city I’d rather work and live and raise my family in”.  Morgan, her husband, and their two children share their home with three dogs and two cats; Two French bulldogs, Winston and Etta, (a Doberman) Rachel and two cats Bob and Sullivan. (All Rescues)

Having a family and a demanding job can be hectic and stressful at times. However, Morgan reveals to level21, “It’s a constant give and take. I send my kids off to school in the morning and then I got to work in the afternoon. We have an editorial meeting at 2:15 pm every day.

We spend about 45 minutes talking about the news that has happened so far, that day, and then we work together to decide what we think the biggest stories are, and the ones our audience cares about the most.

We assign reporters and anchors to those stories, and then we spend the next several hours working on gathering interviews, fact-checking, shooting video, and writing reports. Around 7:30, we start the final push toward the 10 pm hour of live TV.

Around 8:30, Drew Bollea (my co-anchor) and I start intensively reading the show, making edits, asking producers if we should re-arrange story order, etc. I also prep the Edge the same way, and have a separate meeting in the afternoon with that show producer to discuss content, too.

Drew and I are on-set around 9:50 and the show starts at 10 pm and our day’s work is put to the test”. Her dedication to providing quality news stories is a testament to her professional and personal work ethic.

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