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Mimi Leder is an American producer, film and television director, born on January 26, 1952, in New York City, U.S. She is known for directing episodes of Crime Story, The Bronx Zoo and Midnight Caller. She is the first female graduate of the AFI Conservatory, in 1973.

Mimi Leder

Mimi Leder Biography

Leder started her vocation as a content manager on a series of movies, including Spawn of the Slithis (1978), Dummy (1979), The Boy Who Drank Too Much (1980), and A Long Way Home (1980), preceding proceeding onward to the TV arrangement Hill Street Blues (1981). In the wake of making a short movie, Short Order Dreams, composed and financed by her dad Paul, she screened it for Steven Bochco, maker of Hill Street Blues, and his companion Gregory Hoblit who employed her to coordinate a scene of L.A. Law.

In 1988 Leder proceeded to coordinate scenes of Crime Story, The Bronx Zoo, Midnight Caller, before getting contracted to coordinate a few scenes of China Beach (1988– 91) for which she was named for four Emmys. She chose to make a couple of made-for-TV films, Woman with a Past (1992), House of Secrets (1993), and Baby Brokers (1994) preceding getting procured as one of the center chiefs for ER (1994– 2009). She utilized her cinematography foundation and the Steadicam to make high vitality scenes that moved around the passages and rooms of the clinic.

The show earned her Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series in 1995 and 1996. She came back to coordinate a scene of the arrangement amid its last season in 2009. She was getting much consideration and before long got an occupation offer from Steven Spielberg to coordinate the film The Peacemaker (1997), an activity experience film that she has said she sees as a show.

Leder wound up one of just a bunch of lady chiefs to break into the activity sort, and her task to this movie produced much press about the open doors for ladies executives in Hollywood. She contemplated trains and other enhanced visualizations to set herself up for the film and is pleased with the outcomes.

Proceeding to work for DreamWorks, she coordinated Deep Impact (1998) and Pay It Forward (2000) while at the same time making an individual romantic tale about her folks, Sentimental Journey (1999). Leder experienced a period in the wake of making Pay It Forward where she wasn’t being employed to coordinate any component films.

This was because of the absence of the accomplishment of the film. Leder felt just as she had been put into a ‘motion picture correctional facility’ by Hollywood for the absence of progress that is related with Pay It Forward. Leder likewise ascribed this response from the business to her being a female. Indeed, even with Leder’s as of now favored position of being a movie producers little girl, it is still difficult for all her balance in the to a great extent male industry. Leder doesn’t care for being known as a ‘lady’ executive and rather wants to just be known as a chief.

In spite of her difficulties with being a lady in the movie, Leder still coordinates particularly female points of view into her coordinating style. She has changed the manner in which that her characters connect with generalizations in a portion of her movies, for example, Deep Impact so female heroes are more grounded and shallow reprobates are more profound with fascinating backstories.

Leder imagines a future in the film that isn’t just formed and changed by innovative progressions, yet in addition by increasingly female voices. Leder has utilized her situation to contract numerous ladies in times where very few ladies were being procured. A portion of the ladies that she has employed throughout the years has been Bethany Rooney, Sharron Miller, Diane Keaton, and Michelle MacLaren. She endeavors to bring female chiefs onto demonstrates that she creates however much as could reasonably be expected.

Leder’s drought of highlight films after the arrival of Pay It Forward drove her to work considerably harder with her different interests in TV and film official delivering. She shot nine pilots and created six arrangements including The Beast (2001), John Doe (2002), Johnny Zero (2005), and Vanished (2006). Leder additionally made many made-for-TV motion pictures, for example, Thick as Thieves (2009), U.S. Lawyer (2009), and Heavenly (2011). In 2015 Leder was expedited by HBO to coordinate a first-season scene of The Leftovers and was later enlisted as a co-showrunner.

Leder’s component film On the Basis of Sex, the account of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s way to turn into a U.S. Preeminent Court Justice, was discharged in December 2018. It is Leder’s first dramatic component in eighteen years. Leder felt a solid association with the story depicted, because of Ginsburg’s battle for fairness in a male-ruled field

Mimi Leder Age

Leder was born on January 26, 1952, in New York City, U.S.

Mimi Leder Family

Leder is the daughter of Etyl, a classical pianist, and Paul Leder, a director, producer, actor, writer, and editor.

Mimi Leder Husband

Leder is married to actor Gary Werntz

Mimi Leder Children

Leder and Gary have one daughter; Hannah Leder.

Mimi Leder Height

Information will be updated soon.

Mimi Leder Salary

Mimi’s salary is estimated to be between $10k to $50k per year.

Mimi Leder Net Worth

She has an estimated salary of $250k.

Mimi Leder Filmography


  • 1987 L.A. Law – Director
  • 1988 A Year in the Life
  • Crime Story
  • The Bronx Zoo
  • Nightingales
  • Midnight Caller
  • 1990 Sisters – Director
  • 1988–1991 China Beach – Director and Producer
  • 1991 A Little Piece of Heaven – Director
  • 1992 Woman with a Past- Director
  • 1993 Marked for Murder – Director
  • There Was a Little Boy
  • Rio Shannon
  • House of Secrets
  • 1994 Baby Brokers – Director
  • The Innocent
  • 2001 The Beast – Director and Producer
  • 2002–2003 John Doe – Director and Producer
  • 2005, Jonny Zero – Director and Producer
  • 2006, The West Wing – Director
  • 2006, Related – Director
  • 2006, Vanished – Director and Producer
  • 1994–2009 ER – Director and Producer
  • 2009 U.S. Attorney – Director and Producer
  • 2010 The Quinn-tuplets – Director
  • 2010, Human Target – Director
  • 2011, Heavenly
  • 2011–2012 Shameless – Director
  • 2012, Smash – Director
  • 2012, Luck – Director
  • 2014–2017 The Leftovers – Director and Producer
  • 2019, The Morning Show – Director and Producer

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