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Michael Medved is an American radio show host, author, political commentator, and film critic known for his talk show, The Michael Medved Show.

Michael Medved Biography

Michael Medved is an American radio show host, author, political commentator, and film critic known for his talk show, The Michael Medved Show.

Michael Medved

The show is syndicated from his home station KTTH in Seattle. Salem Radio Network had syndicated the show but on November 8, 2018, announced that his show was being replaced. Michael later responded that he was continuing his show in January 2019, on a new network.

Michael Medved Age

Medved was born on October 3, 1948, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Michael Medved Wife

Medved is married to Diane Elvenstar Medved. Diane is a convert to Orthodox Judaism. The couple has three children.

Michael Medved Podcast

While focusing on the theme of Hollywood vs. America, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh interviewed Medved and asked him to guest-host his talk show. In 1996, he was offered his own local show on a major Seattle radio station.

Later in 2005, in his autobiographical book Right Turns: From Liberal Activist to Conservative Champion in 35 Unconventional Lessons, Medved says he welcomed the chance to speak to a wider audience about politics and morality. These topics were a focus of his written commentary and books. His show was broadcast from Seattle and syndicated through Salem Radio Network.

Medved’s three-hour daily show is now broadcast on 200 stations coast to coast and reaches more than 4.75 million listeners weekly. For ten consecutive years, he has been listed by Talkers magazine as one of its “Heavy Hundred” most important American talk show hosts. He recently tied for eighth place in its ranking of talk hosts by audience size.

He describes the show as “Your Daily Dose of Debate”, often focused on listeners who call into debate issues with the host. He has had Guests that include those who are generally considered left-of-center, including Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, John Shelby Spong, and Oliver Stone. Guests who are generally considered right-of-center include Robert Spencer, Condoleezza Rice, and Dinesh D’Souza.

He describes himself as “your cultural crusader on politics and pop culture” and common themes on his show include current events, politics, American history, and the entertainment industry.

Medved reviews four or more new movies or DVD releases per week. The program also includes a weekly “Disagreement Day”, focusing on callers from around the country who wish to contest anything Medved has stated in his written articles or on the radio.

Also, there is a monthly program, a monthly (when the moon is full) “Conspiracy Day,” where callers from across the country expose what they consider the “hidden forces” behind “perplexing and painful present events.” Medved gives historical perspective to current events on the radio show and has recorded vignettes on major historical events and people in American history, such as the American Revolution and Abraham Lincoln.

Michael Medved Salem

Medved’s show was broadcast from Seattle and syndicated through Salem Radio Network. On November 8, 2018, Salem Radio announced that Sebastian Gorka would replace Medved’s time slot in 2019. Medved said that his show would continue in a “new format” at the same time (3-6 p.m. Eastern time), but will be leaving most of its current stations.

Michael Medved Movie Reviews

As a film reviewer, Medved hosted a weekly spot on CNN (1980–83). He also hosted a show on British network Channel 4 called The Worst of Hollywood. Medved’s commentary centered on what he considered to be bad movies, particularly in “The Golden Turkey Awards”. The film selected by the Medved Brothers as The Worst Film of All Time, Plan 9 from Outer Space, has become a cult classic.

In 1984, he joined Sneak Previews, the weekly movie review show originated by Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, co-hosting the program for twelve years with Jeffrey Lyons.

Later in 1993, he became the chief film critic for the New York Post, a position he held for five years, during which he reviewed more than 700 movies for the newspaper.

Afterwards, he played a prominent role in some movie-related controversies. He became an outspoken defender of Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of the Christ (2004), which had been criticized as antisemitic by many prominent Jewish groups. In July 2006, after Gibson’s DUI arrest, Medved wrote that he felt “betrayed” by Gibson’s antisemitic outburst and urged Gibson to seek “reconciliation” with the Jewish community.

Michael Medved Net Worth

Medved has a net worth of $35 million dollars.

Michael Medved Books

  1. The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the rise of the Republic, 2016
  2. The 5 Big Lies About American Business: Combating Smears Against the Free-Market Economy. Three Rivers Press. 2009.
  3. The 10 Big Lies About America: Combating Destructive Distortions About Our Nation, 2008, ISBN 978-0-307-39406-4
  4. Right Turns: Unconventional Lessons from a Controversial Life, 2005, (explaining his conversion from being a liberal Democrat to conservative Republican) ISBN 1-4000-9832-7 (paperback)
  5. Saving Childhood: Protecting Our Children from the National Assault on Innocence, coauthored with his wife, clinical psychologist and author Dr. Diane Medved, 1998, ISBN 0-06-017372-6; 1999, ISBN 0-06-093224-4
  6. Hollywood vs. America: Popular Culture and the War on Traditional Values, 1992, ISBN 0-06-016882-X; 1993, ISBN 0-06-092435-7
  7. Son of Golden Turkey Awards (written with Harry Medved), 1986, ISBN 0-394-74341-5
  8. The Hollywood Hall of Shame: The Most Expensive Flops in Movie History (written with Harry Medved), 1984, ISBN 0-399-51060-5, ISBN 0-399-50714-0 (paperback)
  9. Hospital: The Hidden Lives of a Medical Center Staff, 1982, ISBN 0-671-42442-4; 1984, ISBN 0-671-42443-2
  10. The Golden Turkey Awards, (which expanded on the earlier book. Co-written by his brother Harry Medved), 1980, ISBN 0-425-05187-0
  11. The Shadow Presidents: The Secret History of the Chief Executives and Their Top Aides, (a history of the White House Chiefs of Staff), 1979, ISBN 0-8129-0816-3
  12. The Fifty Worst Films of All Time, 1978 ISBN 0-446-38119-5
  13. What Really Happened to the Class of ’65?, (written with David Wallechinsky), 1976, ISBN 0-394-40074-7; 1981 paperback, ISBN 0-345-30227-3 (paperback)

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