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Melissa Crash Biography, Age, Education, Husband, Shelby

Melissa Crash Biography

Melissa Crash is an American journalist who is happy to be back home reporting in the Circle City. She is from the northeast side of Indianapolis in Lawrence. She began her career at FOX59/CBS4 in October of 2018. Prior to joining the FOX59/CBS4 news team, Melissa held several roles as the Morning Anchor, Reporter, and Producer in Terre Haute.

Melissa Crash Age

born on February 12, 1992. She is 27 years old as of 2019.

Melissa Crash Education

Crash is happy to be back home reporting in the Circle City. She is from the northeast side of Indianapolis in Lawrence. Melissa graduated from Indiana State University. Go Sycamores.

Melissa Crash Husband

If Melissa is not at work you can find her trying new food spots around town or hanging out with her husband and her 100-pound dog, who thinks he’s a lap dog. Much information about her husband is not yet revealed but we will update it soon.

Melissa Crash Shelby

Article by Melissa Crash;

Active spring storms left behind trails of damage in Shelby County. Homeowners were left picking up the pieces Monday, several hours after the destruction. They’ll be cleaning up for many days to come.

Melissa Crash photo

Homeowners we spoke with say the strongest part of the storm only lasted about a minute, making them wonder if it really strong winds or something more.

Scott Richardson understands capturing video of the storm on his phone and posting it on social media wasn’t the smartest idea at the moment, but hours later he’s still in shock about what he captured.

“We’ve had some good ones but not like that,” said Richardson. “I’m surprised the window didn’t blow out,” Richardson says he ever experienced a storm quite like this before.

Richardson described the storm as “a lot of blowing, roaring, the water whipping across and coming up the straight line and a lot of limbs breaking, hitting the north deck of the house.”

Winds reached speeds of 60 miles per hour or more at times on Sunday evening in Shelby County. Once daylight hit on Monday, Richardson found out he had a lot of clean up to do–120 acres of branches, tree limbs, and storm debris.

Melissa Crash BaleStrong

The community of Frankfort is rallying around an officer faced with a tragic, life-altering disease. Officer Robert Bales was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS, in February. Although he’s already showing signs of progression, he says he has no plans to give up.

His story is inspiring his community to be #BalesStrong. Bales has protected the city of Frankfort for the last 25 years. “This is my extended family,” said Bales. Those he’s protected are now looking after him.

“Why me?” questioned Bales. “My voice started changing and I had slurred speech. At the time when I first had the symptoms, I didn’t think it was this. I went further and went to a doctor on February 8th and he diagnosed it.”

Officer Bales was diagnosed with ALS. A disease, that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

Eventually, muscle control and movement are lost. Bales stressed, “We got to get a cure for ALS.”

In later stages, patients become totally paralyzed. It’s a truly heartbreaking progression that Bales says makes you think differently about everything. Since the devastating news, his fellow officers and community have bonded together.

Melissa Crash Plainfield

Police need your help finding a jewelry thief. The suspect is accused of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of diamond rings in Plainfield and it was all caught on surveillance video.

The sign when you walk into the store may say a girl can never have enough jewelry. Well, neither can this thief! “Our nerves are rattled a little bit,” said Scott Mason.

Mason is the Owner of Mason Jewelers. He can’t believe what he captured on his surveillance system. A man, working to distract employees for 45 minutes so he could steal two diamond rings worth $10,000.

“When something like this happens, you need to be on guard,” said Mason. “Right now we’re all on guard 110 percent.”

Mason says something was off about this man, the moment he walked in.

“He was kind of hinting that he wanted to supposedly buy a diamond ring, but he was starting at the diamond earrings, then he was looking all over the place,” Mason added.

Police say they received a theft report Saturday from Mason Jewelry on 1822 E. Main Street. The report claimed the two high-value rings were stolen from the store’s display case between 3:09 p.m. and 3:16 p.m. on March 6.

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