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MC Ceja born is a Puerto Rican hip hop singer and composer. He is also known as El Cejón due to his heavy eyebrows.

Mc Ceja Rojo Wiki

MC Ceja born (Alberto Mendoza Nieves) is a Puerto Rican hip hop singer and composer. He is also known as El Cejón due to his heavy eyebrows. His breakthrough came when he met reggaeton producer, DJ Eric, over the telephone, and by playing one of his songs he was able to grab DJ Eric’s attention.

Mc Ceja

Mc Ceja Rojo Biography

Back in the day when recordings were made on underground cassettes, Ceja released a song called “Dame Ese Blunt.” From then on Ceja started to appear in productions such as Hip Hop Reggae Mix, Street Style 1, Street Style 2, and Soca. He was also a major part in DJ Eric Industry Volumes 3, 4, 5 which produced lots of memorable songs from Ceja like, “Jingle, Jangle” “So Good,” “No Paciencia,” “Mueve Tu Figura de Campeona (Shalalalong).”

Mc Ceja Rojo Age

He was born on February 15, 1978, in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, U.S.

Mc Ceja Luz Solar

In 1996, he launched his first solo album called Luz Solar, selling over fifty thousand copies. “Confusión” was part of this production and was number 1 in the charts for at least 10 weeks. He also released a video for this song, which lasted about 11 weeks.
During his time collaborating with DJ Eric andCeja met Lito & Polaco. These later form the group known as Los Tres Mosqueteros. In addition, whilst recording with DJ Eric a lyrical war started between them and the group from The Noise, which had artists such as Baby Rasta & Gringo and Bebe. This war went on for a couple of years and was not resolved until only a couple of years ago.

Mc Ceja Todo Ha Cambiado

In 1998, before the release of the collaborated album Los Tres Mosqueteros, Ceja was able to produce another solo album called Todo Ha Cambiado, producing another hit single “The Breaks (Te Invito al Party)”. Los 3 Mosqueteros was released with collaborations from him, and Lito & Polaco.
Producing one hit song together with a video release, called “Chicas Interesadas.” Shortly after the release of Todo Ha Cambiado problems arise within the players from DJ Eric Industry causing them to split and start a war among themselves. This after having worked together for some odd years. Reasons for their split have always been rumored and non-factual. They have recently got back together.

Mc Ceja Net Worth

His net worth is under review.

Mc Ceja Songs

  • No Paciencia 2015
  • No Te Enamores 2018
  • Mendo y Kendo 2018
  • Crecí en la Calle 2018
  • Dame Ese Blunt 2018
  • Desnudate 2001
  • Botelleo 2013
  • Poca Mecha 2018
  • Confusion 1997
  • The Breaks 1998
  • Get Low 2008
  • Quien Eres Tú 2018
  • Brillando Más 2018
  • Conflicto 2005
  • Iron Fist 2017
  • Boricua’s State of Mind 2001
  • ¿Dime Quien? 2018
  • Gangsta Love 2008
  • Shalalalalon 2008
  • Baila 2018
  • Intro 2001
  • Quien Tiene Mas Flow Que Yo 2008
  • Se Lamentaran 2001
  • 7 Cadenas 2018
  • Mientes 2001
  • Llego El Cejon 2008
  • Sex, Money, Drugs, Guns 2008
  • Killa’ track 2001
  • She Loves Me 2013
  • Fuego en la Calle 2018
  • Bacalao 2018
  • Rapeo Like a Mo’ Focka 2015


Mc Ceja Albums

  • MC Ceja DJ Eric Industry, Vol. 4: The Return
  • MC Ceja Luz Solar
  • Todo Ha Cambiado
  • Boricua’s State of Mind
  • Luz Solar 2
  • En contra de los pronósticos
  • Snipper SP Periodico Musical: Cronicas de la Calle
  • Biggz General Yums: The Mixtape, Pt. 2
  • MC Ceja King Mendo

Mc Ceja Instagram



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