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Mark Alford is a prominent American broadcast journalist and television presenter for Kansas WDAF-TV. With a cavernous knowledge and enthusiasm for global.

Mark Alford Biography

Mark Alford is a prominent American broadcast journalist and television presenter for Kansas WDAF-TV. With a cavernous knowledge and enthusiasm for global news and entertainment, Alford has been tirelessly covering almost every breaking headlines and news stories from all over the world. Mark Alford co-anchors FOX 4 News from 6:30- 9 a.m. with Abby Eden. Then co-anchors FOX4 News at 9 a.m. and noon with Kim Byrnes. He was born on 4th October 1963

Mark Alford

Mark Alford Age

He was born on 4th October 1963 ( 55 years old as of 2018 )

Mark Alford Wife/Kids

Alford is married to Leslie Adkins they got married in 1989.  Lelie works with House of hopes in Kansas City. They have been married for nearly three decades. They have three children together Jasper, Alexandria and Mark.

Mark Alford Education

Alford attended Baytown Sterling High School he, later on, enrolled at the University of Texas and received a degree in Political Science and Government.

Mark Alford Career

Alford started his media career in TV in various Texas Markets such as Waco, Dallas, Austin, and Houston. As reported, he had a passion for news and entertainment since the age of ten His passion for news and entertainment was evident early on, exemplified by his love for his two TV heroes, Johnny Carson and Walter Cronkite. As the morning anchor for the FOX4 Morning show since 1998, Mark has gotten to live out his dream, logging more than 20,000 hours on air.

Alford shaped himself as one of the significant news anchors in WDAF-TV garnering more than 20,000 hours on-air till the age of fifty-five. With his role as an anchor for FOX4 News in WDAF, he is also the Lead Designer at Mark Alfords Designs attempting to provide the latest fashion custom to the people for a long time.

Mark Alford Real Estate

Mark is not only an award-winning journalist and anchor of the Fox 4 Morning show, he is also a multi-million dollar real estate producer with the largest sphere of influence of any realtor in the Kansas City market.

He is dedicated to giving luxury, concierge service to every client, making the home buying and home selling process fun, exciting and memorable.

Mark had helped numerous celebrities and people from ALL walks of life find the home of their dreams. And while he specializes in luxury and commercial properties, he’s also helped families in all price ranges achieve their dream of home ownership.

Mark Alford Tech N9ne

Alford – Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko Take On Mark Alford from TheNWTGroup on Vimeo.

Mark Alford 2018

As Fox 4 Kansas City viewers we have noticed a troubling pattern of behavior from News Anchor Mark Alford. On numerous occasions over the course of past month beginning on August, 20th reports began circulating online of troubling comments made by Mr. Alford, both on Fox 4 Kansas City’s station, and on Mr. Alford’s personal Instagram (which is also used to promote his work on Fox 4 Kansas City).

These troubling comments included Mr. Alford mocking environmentalists in regards to a community banning balloons, stating sarcastically that “environmentalists ruin all the fun”. These comments were not only unprofessional on Mr. Alford’s behalf but they were seemingly targeted at a large portion of Fox 4’s audience, as Kansas City runs one of the most successful curbside recycling programs in the country.

Rather than apologizing for his comments, Mr. Alford seemingly became antagonistic when faced with rightful criticism on social media. As Fox 4 viewers we understand what an important element of viewer interaction Fox 4 considers social media, thus making Mr. Alford’s behavior further troubling, as he continued to show little regard for his employer’s audience.

Mark Alford and Nick Vasos

FOX4’s Mark Alford invited Nick Vasos to try it out live on the air while chatting with Matt Taranto the owner of AesthetiCare Medspa in Leawood. Taranto didn’t waste any time and cranked the level all the way up after placing the pads on Nick’s behind.

“It’s zapping my biscuits,” Nick said after the first zap.

Mark couldn’t help but erupt in laughter. See the hilarious moment in the video player above.

Mark Alford Dogs

Mr. Alford’s disregard for not only Fox 4’s audience but for the ethical treatment of animals, goes back as far as his presence on his (Fox branded) Instagram. As even more deeply troubling videos were found, which include but are not limited to: filming tigers that were being kept in a recently banned manner, his taunting of a terrified turtle  and most disturbingly a graphic video of a slaughtered pig in which Mr. Alford seemingly mocks the squealing sounds that terrified animal made in his or her final moments, again showing Mr. Alford seemingly taking pleasure in the suffering of animals.

Mr. Alford’s most recent attack on those animals concerned with the humane treatment of animals occurred on the week of September 1’st. In the instance, Mr. Alford was handing out pieces of “beef” to other members of the Fox 4 staff when he began mimicking the sounds a cow and stated that “this animal has been dead for a while” when another anchor expressed displeasure in his behavior.

Mark Alford Motorcycle

FOX 4’s Mark Alford has been riding for four years and knows first-hand the importance of motorcycle safety.

“I can’t stress how important a motorcycle safety foundation course is if you plan to ride,” he said. “It not only makes you a better motorcyclist, it also makes you a better driver, and that will save a life.”

 Alford`s FOX 4

Alford co-anchors FOX4 News from 6:30- 9 a.m. with Abby Eden. Then co-anchors FOX4 News at 9 a.m. and noon with Kim Byrnes.

Mark Alford Networth

Alford gets his wealth from his career as a media personality. As the news anchor of FOX 4 news, he earns an average salary of 42,765 thousand dollars a year.

Mark Alford Twitter

Mark Alford Instagram

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