Madeleine Brand

Madeleine Brand Biography, Age, Parents, Husband, Press Play, Instagram Influencer, KCRW And Net Worth

Madeleine Brand Biography

Madeleine Brand is an American broadcast journalist and radio personality. She is best known for being the host of the news and culture show Press Play, on KCRW-FM (89.9), one of Los Angeles’ two National Public Radio (NPR) affiliates. The show made its debut in January 2014. Madeleine broadcasts from the basement of the cafeteria of Santa Monica College.

Madeleine Brand

Madeleine Brand Age

Madeleine was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.  Her date, month and year of birth is not yet known.

Madeleine Brand Family | Madeleine Brand Parents

Madeleine grew up in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. She grew up in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. Information about her parents and siblings is not yet known since she has never mentioned or posted on social media.  She once posted on twitter that ” My father was a Jewish refugee in 1939. He was one of the lucky ones”.

Madeleine Brand Education

Madeleine went to the University of California, Berkeley. She began her radio career on college radio station KALX;.  In 1988 she earned a B.A. in English, with honors. Madeleine later received a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she later returned to teach documentary radio.

Madeleine Brand Husband

Madeleine lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Madeleine Brand Press Play | Madeleine Brand Instagram Influencer

KCRW Press Play’s Madeleine goes head to head with Steve Chiotakis in taking the best Instagram influencer .

Instagram is performing an experiment in Canada: hiding likes. This is where users can see who liked their posts, but their followers can’t. Few people are concerned this will change the experience and community on Instagram. Others people hope this will make the social platform less competitive.

Associate professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh University Jeremy Littau, tells Press Play that Instagram has created a one-up culture akin to a high school popularity contest.

He says“Take a look at some of the research that’s been coming out the last few years about body image, for example, in visual media. There’s some real worries in those halls about what are we creating here? Are we creating something that tends to prize a type of conventional standard beauty that…might be harmful to some people?”.

He thinks this change has something to do with the internal tug-of-war between Instagram and Facebook. This might be an attempt to reduce Instagram’s influence as Facebook faces some PR challenges.

Madeleine Brand Kcrw | Madeleine Brand Npr | Madeleine Brand Show

Madeleine occasionally substituted for longtime broadcaster Warren Olney IV on his show To the Point on KPCC’s rival, KCRW in the summer of 2013. Madeleine moved to KCRW in September 2013 and began to develop Press Play, which debuted in January 2014, becoming the first new daily program on KCRW since 2001.  Press Play competes against Larry Mantle’s AirTalk on KPCC.

Brand reported and anchored for NPR for thirteen years at various affiliates across the country: KQED, San Francisco; WBUR, Boston; WBGO, Newark, and WBFO, Buffalo.  She served as West Coast correspondent and occasional substitute host for Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  In 2006, she began co-hosting the radio newsmagazine program Day to Day with Alex Chadwick, which broadcast from NPR West studios in Los Angeles.

Madeleine became host of the new daily Southern California Public Radio program The Madeleine Brand Show, on the public radio station KPCC in 2010 which aired between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Pacific time.  The show broadcast from the Mohn Broadcast Center in Pasadena.  It was popular for its first 23 months, and was the station’s most-listened-to in-house program (with the highest Arbitron rankings), and won a number of radio journalism awards. However, the show came to an “abrupt end” after KPCC paired Brand with longtime ESPN sports reporter A Martínez in an attempt to attract more Latino listeners and fulfill the requirements of a $6 million Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant. The pairing of the two hosts, under the name Brand & Martínez, debuted August 13, 2012, but lasted just four weeks and was a failure, in part because the two had met only twice before the program began. In September 2012 Madeline left the station  and was replaced by Alex Cohen (the show was renamed Take Two).

Before she joined NPR Madeline was briefly at the Los Angeles public television station KCET as a special contributor to the fifth season of SoCal Connected, hosted by Val Zavala.

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Madeline Brand Net Worth

Madeline’s estimated net worth has not yet been revealed.

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