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Lee Thomas Biography, Age, Family, Married, Career And Vitiligo

Lee Thomas Biography

Lee Thomas is an author and an Emmy award-winning entertainment reporter for WJBK Fox 2 News in Southfield, Michigan. He is also a motivational speaker who travels around the world sharing his story of personal change while after being diagnosed with Vitiligo. Before Thomas moved to Michigan as a reporter for WJBK Fox 2 he was an entertainment and feature reporter for WABC in New York. He covered the Oscars, did a live interview with astronauts on the space station and spent three weeks in Los Angeles during the riots of 1991. Thomas has covered the entertainment news for over 20 years.

Lee Thomas

Lee Thomas Education

Though there is no information about his high school, Thomas attended George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

Lee Thomas Age

Lee Thomas was born in the year 1967 on 15th of September. He is 51 years as of 2018. The entertainment reporter who was diagnosed with Vitiligo, a skin disorder when he was just 25 years old has been on his reporting career for over 25 years.

Lee Thomas Family

There is no specific place where Lee Thomas was born. There is also no information about his family parents and siblings if he has any. Thomas belongs to the African-American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. At the age of 25, when he was diagnosed with vitiligo he had earlier shown the white patches on his head to his mother who dismissed it saying he was just tired.

Lee Thomas Married | Lee Thomas Wife

Thomas has such an amazing personality and in addition to that, he is an inspiring and engaging person. Thomas does not really talk about his family and is very private when it comes to those kinds of matters. There are no rumors speculating that he is married or has kids. It seems that he would rather keep his personal life separate from his professional life.

Lee Thomas Career | Lee Thomas Fox News

Lee Thomas started his career on “Channel One” News, a national news program for teenagers based in New York City. During his time in “Channel One”, Lee was able to cover the Oscars, did a live interview with astronauts on the space station and spent three weeks in Los Angeles during the riots of 1991. He later joined “Louisville Tonight Live”, one of the only pm magazine-style entertainment shows in the country at the time. He was able to cover events like Fan Fair in Nashville, Demolition Man Movie Premiere and of course The Kentucky Derby.Lee Thomas Fox2. Not only is Thomas a broadcaster and anchor but also an author. He has written a book titled Turning White based on his personal life and disease. For his work as a TV an anchor and reporter, Lee has won 4 Emmy Awards.

Lee Thomas Vitiligo

Thomas was just 25 years old and on top of his journalism career when he was diagnosed with Vitiligo, a skin disorder. He noticed his skin begin to change while having his haircut by a barber in Kentucky. Concerned Thomas went to his mother, who assured him it was just stress. Thomas sought medical attention as the white spots became increasingly frequent, appearing on the bridge of his nose and on the corners of his mouth. It was a huge blow to him and he even considered to quit his journalism career but decided he was not going to give up on his career. He turned to heavy makeup to cover up his skin problem and keep the condition hidden from his audience. The condition widely spread to his hands leaving them white and soon everybody knew about his disease and he decided to embrace the condition and his appearance.

Thomas recalls when he visited a doctor, “The doctor kept talking but I didn’t really hear much of anything else because I was in my head thinking my career was over,” Thomas, 50, told the Daily Mail of receiving the diagnosis. “I was already thinking of what else I could do with my communications degree.” He admitted that he hid his condition from his colleagues for 5 years before it started spreading. Thomas has used his platform as a way of helping and inspiring others with the same condition. He realized his platform gives him a chance to advocate for others suffering from vitiligo. He started the foundation Clarity LTF to provide “mental and emotional support for people with vitiligo.” He is now, as an international spokesperson for the disease, Thomas hopes to one day create an environment where the condition is normalized to the point he can give up the makeup routine altogether.

Lee Thomas Turning White

Turning White: A Memoir of Change is a book written by Lee Thomas published in 2007.  In this book, Thomas shares the physical and mental battle he is waging with vitiligo, a skin disorder that is literally turning him white. Thomas was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 25. At this age, he had a dream job in a dream city as a feature/entertainment reporter for the ABC network’s flagship TV station in New York. When he discovered a few white spots on his scalp, he decided to seek medical attention. This was the small beginnings of a disease that spread to half his face. He decided to turn to heavy makeup to cover his face while live on TV.

As someone in the very public eye, vitiligo has transformed not only Thomas’ color, but his life. “Even people who have known me for years avoid eye contact when they see my face without makeup for the first time,” he writes. Recently, Thomas turned the spotlight on himself during a special report for WJBK FOX 2 Detroit, where he is currently an entertainment reporter. In Turning White, Thomas shares his journey to help people understand vitiligo and to help others cope with the psychological war that comes from this life-changing disease.

Lee Thomas No Makeup

Lee Thomas uses heavy makeup to cover his face and head during his anchoring work. He stated that he no longer does this out of embarrassment or shame. Rather, he does not want his condition to take away from the stories he covers – as he knows the condition can be distracting. Away from work, Thomas has become comfortable to walk around without feeling shy or embarrassed about the color of his skin.

Lee Thomas Net Worth

Lee is an entertainment reporter working for WJBK Fox 2 in Detroit. This is the main source of his income. In addition to that, he is an author and motivational speaker. His net worth is estimated to be in the range of $1 million and $3 million. Though his annual salary is not revealed, it’s reported that a Detroit anchor makes over $41, 845 per year but Lee might be receiving more since he is an esteemed anchor and journalist.

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