lea Gabrielle Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Fighter Pilot, Fox News

lea Gabrielle Biography

Lea Gabrielle is an American journalist. She is currently working for the Fox News Channel. She is also a general-assignment reporter for the American news program Shepard Smith Reporting. She is considered as one of the best TV personalities nationwide. Lea was born 1975 in Alexandria, Virginia as Lea Gabrielle Potts. She has a bachelor degree from science in mechanical engineering. As a fighter pilot, she was deployed on an aircraft carrier USS George Washington. She’s married to Greg Sutton since 2004. Lea became popular in 2014 as she joined Fox News Channel as a correspondent and journalist. She’s still active in many military veteran events. She was a finalist in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search in school.

lea Gabrielle Age

Lea was born: 19 March 1975, in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. She is 44 years old as of 2019.

Lea Gabrielle Body Measurement

She stands at a height of 6 feet and weighs 57kg. Her body weighs 57kg. She has dark brown hair and a black eye. Her waist size is 26 inches and her hip size is 38 inches. Her Bra size is 34c. Lea Gabrielle dress size is 8(US). She wears a US dress size of size 8.

lea Gabrielle Spouse|Lea Gabrielle Divorce

Lea Gabrielle was married to Greg Sutton. Greg Sutton operated as a system Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University but currently working as a Naval Officer at the U.S Navy. Lea and Greg dated long enough before they got married. Their marriage ended in divorce.Nov 26, 2018.

lea Gabrielle

Lea Gabrielle Career

She graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering in 1997 after which she entered the active-duty Navy. Between 1998 to 2000, Gabrielle was a student at the U.S. Navy Flight School at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida where she earned Naval Aviator Wings and became a fighter pilot between.1998 to 2000. She also earned qualifications with an instrument rating as a commercial pilot. She also served as a defense foreign liaison officer and was interested in journalism too.

She served the US as a Navy officer for 12 years. She served as a fighter pilot of the single-seat F/A-18 “Hornet,” with combat deployment from USS George Washington known with the call sign “flower.” Another onus which she manned up to as a Navy officer was as a landing signal officer, a squadron public affairs officer, an intelligence operations officer during Operation Enduring Freedom and while serving in Afghanistan, she was entrusted with a Navy SEAL unit conducting vital intelligence operations for the base. In the course of her service, she also served as a foreign liaison officer, having an interest in journalism.

Lea had a soft spot for journalism and was determined to practice the noble profession. When she left the Navy, she attended the New York Film Academy in the year 2009 where she obtained a Digital Journalism Certificate. With this, she worked for NBC News from 2010 to 2011 in Wahington D.C. Her job requirements here was to write, edit, produce and package news content for the NBC Nightly News, N websites, web spots and The Today Show. At various times, she conducted interviews for the White House and Political Correspondents and Nightly News. She interviewed former President Barrack Obama, the GOP Presidential nominees and the first female governor in Afghanistan. By the latter part of 2011, she moved to San Diego, California and worked as a military reporter for the popularly watched KNSD-TV (NBC 7). It was in her time here that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight was all over the news and she did justice to the report.

She attended New York Film Academy in 2009 and studied journalism. She earned her digital journalism certificate from there in 2010 and joined NBC News in order to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist. She worked as a writer, editor, and producer of NBC Nightly News, The Today Show. In 2011, she became a military reporter for KNSD-TV (NBC 7) in San Diego, California where she reported about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. After working there for two years, Lea moved to New York City and joined Fox News Channel in December 2013. She still works as a journalist and Fox News Correspondent.

She worked at KNSD-TV just for 2 years before joining Fox News Channel in December 2013 as a Correspondent in New York City. In addition to Fox News Channel, currently, she is also working for Shepard Smith Reporting as a general-assignment reporter. She is considered as one of the most talented and skilled personalities of the United States.

lea Gabrielle Net Worth

She has accumulated a net worth of 3 million dollars.

lea Gabrielle Fighter Pilot

Lea Gabrielle served for over a decade as a fighter pilot of the single F/A-18 jet! “There is nothing in the world like walking up to an F/A-18 Hornet with your name on the side, climbing up, strapping yourself in, lighting the afterburners, and launching solo into the sky in one of the most powerful jets on earth,” said Gabrielle in an interview with Sofrep.com. “There’s nothing like being trusted by our country with one of their most important pieces of military equipment, carrying weapons that can change the calculus of the world in an instant. There’s nothing like the camaraderie of training with friends for years, then meeting them side-by-side in your jets over places like Afghanistan, or being there to protect other brothers and sisters on the ground, and to make a difference in an uncertain world.”

lea Gabrielle Fox News

A former Fox News reporter is reportedly being hired by the State Department to help lead America’s anti-propaganda effort

Lea Gabrielle would join the US State Department to lead the agency’s program to combat foreign propaganda efforts. She would be named as the special envoy and coordinator of the Global Engagement Center, which according to their mission statement is “charged with leading the US governments efforts to counter propaganda and disinformation from international terrorist organizations and foreign countries.”

According to CNN, two administration officials said Gabrielle would be joining the State Department. A friend of Gabrielle also told CNN she planned to move to Washington, DC. Gabrielle was previously a general assignment reporter for Shepard Smith, one of Fox’s straightforward breaking news anchors. Gabrielle has also covered the military for Fox News.

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