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Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, Family, Debut, Twitter, Injury, News, And Mental Health

Lars Sullivan is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Lars Sullivan. Lars Sullivan was born on July 6,…

Lars Sullivan Wiki

Lars Sullivan(full name: Dylan Miley)is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Lars Sullivan. Lars Sullivan was born on July 6, 1988, as Dylan Miley in Westminster, Colorado. He stands 1’9 m tall and weighs 330 pounds.

Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan Biography

Sullivan started his career in October 2014 with the WWE Performance Center, however his first main event against NXT champion Aleister Black took place in June 2018, almost four years later.

Lars Sullivan Age

Lars Sullivan was born on 6 July 1988, in Westminster, Colorado, United States

Lars Sullivan Family

Information will be updated soon.

Lars Sullivan Wife

Information will be updated soon.

Lars Sullivan Children

Information will be updated soon.

Lars Sullivan Height

Height: WWE bills Lars Sullivan at 6 feet 3 inches tall. His height might be exaggerated as he lists himself as 6 feet 2 inches tall on BodySpace.

Weight: WWE bills Lars Sullivan’s weight at 303 pounds. That number might be exaggerated as Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer and Mike Johnson of both had him listed as 285 pounds when he joined the company in 2013.

Lars Sullivan Salary

Lars’ salary is estimated to be between $10k to $50k per year.

Lars Sullivan Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $250K.

Lars Sullivan Professional wrestling career

Training (2013–2017)
Miley was reported to have signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as early as October 2013. He initially trained under Bobby Lashley, who recommended him to WWE.
He was noted as having reported to the WWE Performance Center by October 2014, and made his professional wrestling debut in a showcase match at WrestleMania Axxess prior to WrestleMania 31 in March 2015, defeating Marcus Louis. He then made sporadic appearances at NXT live events over the following two years.
NXT (2017–2018)
Miley made his television debut on the April 12, 2017 episode of NXT, teaming with Michael Blais in a loss to #DIY. Following the match, Miley attacked Blais.
In May 2017, he adopted the ring name, Lars Sullivan. After several similar tag team appearances which resulted in him attacking his partner, Sullivan made his first appearance as a singles performer on the August 23 episode of NXT, attacking No Way Jose before a scheduled match.
His first televised singles match and victory took place on the September 6 episode of NXT, defeating three men in a three-on-one handicap match.
Following weeks of squash matches, Kassius Ohno asked General Manager William Regal for a match against Sullivan at NXT TakeOver: WarGames on the November 8 episode, which Sullivan won.
In December, Sullivan was involved in a tournament to determine NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas’ opponent for NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia. On the December 20 episode of NXT, Sullivan defeated Roderick Strong to advance to the tournament finals.
The following week, he was unsuccessful in a No. 1 Contender’s fatal four-way match also involving Killian Dain, Aleister Black, and Johnny Gargano.
At NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, Sullivan took part in a six-man ladder match to determine the inaugural NXT North American Champion. The match, also featuring Dain, EC3, Ricochet, and Velveteen Dream was won by Adam Cole.
On the May 16 episode of NXT, Sullivan attacked both Dream and Ricochet during their match. The following week, he defeated both men in a handicap match.
On the May 30 episode of NXT, Sullivan revealed that he would challenge NXT Champion Aleister Black for his championship at NXT TakeOver: Chicago II. He was unsuccessful in his challenge. It also marked his first loss via pinfall in NXT.
Main roster (2018–present)
On November 18, during the Survivor Series kickoff show, vignettes aired for Sullivan’s main roster debut. Throughout the next several weeks, vignettes aired on both Raw and SmackDown to hype Sullivan’s debut, with the commentators remarking that both brands were attempting to sign Sullivan.
On January 14, Miley was scheduled to appear on Raw, alongside other NXT superstars but allegedly walked out during the program, citing an anxiety attack.
On the April 8 episode of Raw, Sullivan made his official main roster debut by attacking Kurt Angle. On the April 9 episode of SmackDown, Sullivan would attack Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy after winning the SmackDown Tag Team Titles from The Usos.
Championships and accomplishments
Pro Wrestling Illustrated
PWI ranked him No. 84 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2018. Read also Ethan Carter III

Lars Sullivan Girlfriend

Relationships take a lot of commitment for them to work regardless of the age of those involved. Lars probably was still too young to know this fact when the love bug stung him. As SI reported, Lars revealed through a letter to WWE Magazine that on June 12, 2005,
on his girlfriend’s birthday, he preferred to be in New York for ECW’s One Night Show instead of spending time at home with her. After the show, he felt sorry and took her a T-shirt as an apology, but the girlfriend declined, and they have never spoken ever since.

Lars Sullivan Brock Lesnar

3 reasons Lars Sullivan is WWE’s next Brock Lesnar

WWE has a lot of wrestlers working on their payroll, and it is no secret that some of these superstars have a higher place in the WWE hierarchy than others.
It is a long-held tradition that WWE grooms younger talents to replace someone on the top of the food chain. One of the most recent examples is how WWE groomed Roman Reigns to replace John Cena a few years ago. Currently, Reigns is the face of WWE whereas Cena has been reduced to a part-time role.
Replacing someone when the time comes is a humongous task for the newer talents. They have to fill in some big shoes, and most of them buckle under pressure.
One huge superstar who may leave WWE soon is Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate is itching to return to UFC as soon as possible. Thus, WWE needs to find someone who can replace Lesnar as the toughest son of a gun in WWE.
Many signs suggest that WWE may be planning to groom Lars Sullivan as WWE’s next Brock Lesnar and in this piece, we will take a look at a few things that suggest that is the case.
The popular saying in wrestling internet chatrooms is that “Vince McMahon loves big sweaty men”. There is a reason why WWE prefers larger than life characters to relatable underdogs. This is also a huge reason why WWE pushed Brock Lesnar to the main event scene during his early days. Lesnar made his debut to the main roster by destroying Spike Dudley and co.
Sullivan is a 6′ 3 monster and weighs over 300 pounds. Physically Sullivan is quite similar to the Beast Incarnate. WWE has pushed forward almost every big man during his first few days thus the possibility of Lars getting a tremendous push is already on the cards.
While the tremendous physique of Lars Sullivan is a huge bonus for him, the biggest sign that suggests that WWE is planning to push Sullivan as the next Brock Lesnar came on the latest episode of Smackdown LIVE.
One of the very first rivalries Lesnar had on WWE was against the Hardy Boyz. Lesnar dominated the Hardys during this rivalry and laid waste to both Jeff and Matt Hardy.
On the latest episode of Smackdown LIVE, the Hardy Boyz had an SD LIVE tag team title match against The Usos. The Hardy Boyz successfully captured the titles from The Usos.
However, suddenly Lars Sullivan’s music hit the arena. The Freak came to the ring and destroyed both Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy comprehensively.
This segment was clearly a sign that indicates that WWE is planning to push Sullivan.
Brock Lesnar is a huge guy who moves like a cat. His agility is tremendous, and quickness is unbelievable. Even though he resorts to only using suplexes and F5s during his matches now, there was a time when the Beast Incarnate did top rope moves.
Lesnar’s finisher during his days with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) included a shooting star press. Even though he messed up a shooting star press at WrestleMania on Kurt Angle, the world was shocked at Lesnar’s athleticism.
Sullivan is also quite similar inside the ring. Like Lesnar, Sullivan also prefers power moves that dominate his opponents. The Freak has several variations of bodyslam. However, when the time comes, Sullivan also has no problem ascending the top rope and doing a diving headbutt or an elbow.
Individually, the points mentioned above do not imply Lesnar and Sullivan are identical, but on the whole, there is an uncanny similarity between the two. The claim is even more solidified when we remember that WWE planned Sullivan to take on John Cena at WrestleMania 35.

Lars Sullivan Debut

Backstage Note On Lars Sullivan’s WWE RAW Debut

As noted, last night’s post-WrestleMania 35 editions of WWE RAW saw Lars Sullivan finally make his debut.
Lars attacked WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle after Angle got payback on Baron Corbin, who defeated Angle in his Farewell Match at WrestleMania 35 on Sunday. Lars drove Angle into the mat and then hit a diving headbutt from the top to end it.
The Lars attack on Angle was what he was supposed to do to John Cena back in January, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.
It’s been reported how WWE had plans for Lars to debut on RAW back in January, to set up a potential WrestleMania 35 feud between the two. Lars reportedly had some personal issues that have kept him away from WWE, until now. There’s no word yet on if they have the Lars vs. Cena feud planned, but they could use Cena’s history with Angle to bring him into a feud with Lars.

Lars Sullivan Twitter

5 facts about Lars Sullivan you must know before his Main Roster Debut

Lars Sullivan is one of the most hyped men in the WWE today and he will be making his main roster debut soon, as was advertised during the Survivor Series kickoff show on November 18.
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Vignettes aired for Sullivan’s main roster debut which will mark one of the biggest men coming in from NXT to the main roster this year.
Lars Sullivan was born on July 6, 1988, as Dylan Miley in Westminster, Colorado. He stands 1’9 m tall and weighs 330 pounds.
Sullivan started his career in October 2014 with the WWE Performance Center, however his first main event against NXT champion Aleister Black took place in June 2018, almost four years later.
He officially joined NXT on April 12, 2017, and won his first match against Marcus Louis in just over four minutes. Fans attended the event claimed that he dominated Louis throughout the contest.

David Meltzer wrote about his in-ring debut in the following words, “When he came out, in a sea of assembly line wrestlers on the NXT roster that worked at Axxess that most fans didn’t know, everyone stopped when he came out and paid attention even though he did little in the ring.”
Since we will be seeing more of Lars on television and the WWE Network in the weeks to come, here are five interesting facts about him you must know before you see him make his Raw debut.

#5 Bobby Lashley recommended Lars Sullivan to WWE

He never had to work for the Indies because Sullivan has patronage from the Rocky Mountains hence his only home in professional wrestling has been the WWE Performance Center.
He grew up in Colorado and went to a wrestling school located in Denver. Sullivan was discovered by Lashley when he did his base training with him and impressed him with his raw talent, so much so that Lashley called the WWE and pushed them to hire him and train him as a Superstar.
Even though Lashley stayed away from WWE for quite some time and only returned to the company earlier this year, he saw Lars as a true superstar and wanted him to excel with the company.
Even though Lashley is struggling to find his footing on the flagship brand at the moment, Lars will soon be joining him on the main roster and we could see the two either team up or go head to head at some point in the future.

Brock Lesnar has only made a singular trip to the WWE Performance Center, and that was to work with Lars Sullivan back in 2015.
Even though The Beast finds himself above the rest of the WWE, he has only been impressed with a handful of superstars with whom he has chosen to work with.
Brock Lesnar is notoriously hard-to-impress but Lar’s functional strength and coordination while wrestling has managed to even impress him.
It was reported during WrestleMania Axxess in 2015 that Lesnar saw Sullivan in some fights and wanted to train with him, so after WrestleMania was over Lesnar traveled to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando to train with Sullivan.
This is a big feat as Lesnar likes keeping to himself mostly and doesn’t take much interest in what his other wrestling colleagues are doing.
Since Sullivan will be making his way to RAW soon, and with Lesnar as the current Universal Champion, who knows maybe we will actually see the two big men go head to head on the red brand in 2019.

#3 He has never won a Championship in his career

This means he had never competed for any championship before being made a part of NXT, let alone win a championship.
Despite all his performances in the ring for the yellow brand, Lars has never been able to taste gold with the NXT either and is ready to move to the main roster already.
There have been other famous main roster superstars like Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose who made it big on NXT and became famous but never were able to win a championship on the brand.
These men still managed to make their impact on the main roster and won a few championships on the main roster.
Sullivan was in contention for the NXT championship, however. He challenged Aleister Black for the championship at NXT TakeOver: Chicago IL which was in vain.
The match marked his first loss via pinfall in NXT, making it one of his most notable matches. His win ratings are a record 72.44% at NXT which is much higher than many other NXT superstars.

#2 His hands are gigantic!

This monster of a man doesn’t just stand tall at 6 feet 3 inches and weigh 303 pounds, he has huge hands!
He sure doesn’t seem to shy away from showing off his hands either and often poses for photos with his hands extended. In fact, when he joined Twitter in 2014 his avatar was a photo of his huge hand.
One would think that with hands as huge as his, his moves in the ring would be clumsy, however, that is false.
So many bigger wrestlers appear to be uncoordinated or out of place, however, Lars knows how to put his hands (and muscles) to use. With a man like Braun Strowman already working as The Monster Among Men and ‘Giving Those Hands’ to the RAW superstars, will they be ready to ‘Get These Hands’ from The Freak Accident Lars Sullivan?

#1 Why he has an Irish name

There is a lot of conflicting information when it comes to Lars Sullivan’s name. When he joined the WWE in 2013 Dave Meltzer reported his name as Dylan Miley, which was a name he also wrestled under from 2015 through 2017.
When he changed his name to Lars Sullivan in May 2017, Meltzer reported his real name as Dylan Roode.
Meltzer wrote, “Dylan Miley, who they’ve been protecting on the house shows and television, is being given a new name of Lars Sullivan, which sounds like a cross between Lars Anderson and Kevin Sullivan.
His real name is Dylan Roode so he had to change the last name. Miley does sound like Miley Cyrus and doesn’t fit a powerhouse looking, guy.”
He was introduced by his new name, Lars Sullivan in a non-televised NXT show in Florida on 6th May 2017.
Triple H who was responsible for choosing the Irish-sounding name for him did so as WWE Chairman and CEO Vince Mc Mahon has a liking for large wrestlers (like Lars) and has a propensity to choose anyone who represents his Irish heritage, in hopes that Mc Mahon subconsciously takes a liking towards him.
Since McMahon’s paternal grandfather was promoter Roderick James “Jess” McMahon, whose parents were Irish emigrants from County Galway, he likes stronger and bigger men being given Irish names to make his background seem stronger.

5 Things you need to know about Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan’s move to the main roster was announced on the Survivor Series pre-show. Vignettes of his arrival have been shown on both RAW on SmackDown so his main roster, although the blue brand would seem to be a better fit for Sullivan.
Sullivan made his main roster debut in 2017 in a tag-team match, turning on his own partner after his partner got pinned. Since then the biggest match his been would have to be challenging Aleister Black for the NXT Championship.

His former tag-team partner is Braun Strowman

During his time in developmental, Lars Sullivan teamed up with another monster, Braun Strowman. Just think of the two behemoths teaming together must have been enough to make their opponents tremble in their boots.

Brock Lesnar has praised Sullivan

Brock Lesnar trained with Lars Sullivan when the latter was in developmental, back in 2015. Lesnar was reportedly “blown away” after first seeing the rookie in action before being flown out to the WWE Performance Center for a training session with Sullivan.

His hands are the same size as Andre the Giant

Lars Sullivan Injury

Triple H Provides Injury Update, Discusses Lars Sullivan’s Status with WWE

Triple H discussed both his own health and the status of Lars Sullivan during a conference call with reporters ahead of NXT TakeOver: Phoenix and the Royal Rumble this weekend.
The former world champion underwent surgery in November after suffering a torn pectoral at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view. According to, Triple H said he has completed the rehabilitation portion of his recovery and is back training.
WWE’s executive vice president of talent, live events and creative addressed Sullivan as well after he was taken off WWE programming prior to his main roster debut.
“There’s a lot of speculation and stories about everybody at all times,” Triple H said, per Pro Wrestling Sheet. “Lars is in a good place and nothing has really changed. We’re moving forward and you’ll know when you see it.”
Sullivan’s last televised match was against Keith Lee on the Nov. 28 edition of NXT. Beginning in November, WWE started teasing his arrival to the main roster.
He was then included among EC3, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery and Nikki Cross as the six newest call-ups from NXT. Unlike the other five wrestlers, Sullivan has yet to appear on either Raw or SmackDown Live.
According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc’s Marc Middleton), WWE was planning to have Sullivan get his feet wet in a handful of dark matches but he experienced anxiety issues, forcing the company to call an audible.
The Royal Rumble match on Sunday could be the perfect time for Sullivan to not only make his debut but also do so in a meaningful capacity. Nobody expects him to win the Rumble, but he would make a strong impression if he reels off a series of eliminations before getting dumped over the top rope.

Lars Sullivan Mental Health

Lars Sullivan Panic Attack And Contract Update

Lars Sullivan has undoubtedly been the most hyped of WWE‘s most recent batch of NXT call-ups.
An incident in which he missed a debut on last week’s Raw placed concerns on the status of Sullivan and his push, but PWInsider has confirmed that the self-proclaimed Freak is still under contract with WWE.
All six advertised NXT call-ups were scheduled to be present at last week’s Raw and SmackDown Live. However, it is reported that Lars Sullivan suffered an anxiety attack shortly before his debut in a dark match.
Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer confirmed that WWE officials took time to sit down with Sullivan and help him work through his issues after the January 7 show.
At that point, he was booked for a dark match following SmackDown the next day. Unfortunately, Sullivan was not present at the show, having instead flown from Florida to his home in Colorado.
With Sullivan’s absence from last night’s Raw, which featured all the other scheduled call-ups, further questions have been raised about his status in the company. We do now know that Sullivan did not miss Monday’s program due to contract issues, and he is still an active member of the roster.
Thankfully, WWE has a well-developed precedent of taking mental health seriously.
In the wake of Mauro Ranallo’s struggles with bipolar disorder and Daniel Bryan’s decade-long struggles with depression and anxiety, a strong culture of openness to discussing mental issues has been present.
While every individual case of illness is unique, WWE’s strong track record concerning mental issues is reassuring. The company’s openness to working with him through his battle means that we could still see a debut at the Royal Rumble, with a “super push” to follow.
And surely, if he needs someone to reach out to, Lars has a number of fellow wrestlers in his corner who have fought the same battles.
The entire WrestleTalk team is hopeful and optimistic that Lars Sullivan will make a speedy and healthy return to the ring.

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