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Johnetta Elzie born as Johnetta “Netta” Elzie is an American civil rights activist. She is among the leaders in the activist group We The Protesters and co-edits the Ferguson protest newsletter This Is the Movement with fellow activist DeRay Mckesson.

Johnetta Elzie Biography

Johnetta Elzie born as Johnetta “Netta” Elzie is an American civil rights activist. She is among the leaders in the activist group We The Protesters and co-edits the Ferguson protest newsletter This Is the Movement with fellow activist DeRay Mckesson.

Johnetta Elzie

Johnetta Elzie Age

Elize was born on April 16, 1989, in the United States. She is 30 years as of 2019

Johnetta Elzie Family

She was born to parents of mixed races. Her mother owned a hair salon while her father’s whereabouts are not known

Johnetta Elzie Education

She studied at Our Lady of Good Counsel, a private school where she was regularly the only black student in her class. She then enrolled for journalism classes in college at Southeast Missouri State.

Johnetta Elzie Husband

Elzie appears to be so personal when it comes to his love life. She is not married, we are also not sure of who she is dating

Johnetta Elzie Cases | Johnetta Elzie And Deray Mckesson

Elzie became involved in activism following the shooting of Michael Brown. She learned of Brown’s death on August 9, 2014, via Twitter and that his body was left for hours in the street a short distance from her own childhood home.

Mourning the recent death of her own mother, she drove to the site of Brown’s death and started tweeting about the scene she encountered. She was involved in protests and in organizing volunteers, donations, and in continuing to document events. In his book They Can’t Kill Us All, Wesley Lowery, Washington Post reporter described Elzie as “the most prominent of the citizen journalists telling the story of Ferguson.”

She has been active in the Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland protests. Together with Mckesson and data scientist Samuel Sinyangwe, she created “Mapping Police Violence”, which collected data on people killed by police in 2014. She was named by The Los Angeles Times to its list of “The new civil rights leaders: Emerging Voices in the 21st century.”

The New York Times profiled her and McKesson as leaders of the group that built “the nation’s first 21st-century civil rights movement.” The Atlantic named her one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter Movement in January 2015. She uses social media outlets such as Twitter in her activism. She was a field organizer for Amnesty International and volunteered with “the Sophia Project in St. Louis,” which is a girls’ group.

Johnetta Elzie Twitter

Johnetta Elzie Net Worth

She is has made a good net worth as of 2019. Her net worth is not revealed

After 29 Years, I’m Finally Coming Out of the Closet

Activist Johnetta Elzie pens a moving essay about what it took to come out to her family.

As one of the leading forces behind the 2015 Ferguson protests and a co-founder of Campaign Zero, Johnetta Elzie is an activist and writer whose work has had a far-reaching impact on the world we live in. We’re proud to publish the following essay, in which she details her journey toward discovering she was queer — on her own, fully empowered terms.

On February 26, 2018, I took one step closer to freedom: I told my grandmother that I am queer.

It was a revelation that had been building up inside me, ready to burst forth — and maybe that’s why it spilled out like a cheap tequila kind of vomit while I was driving us down the highway in St. Louis. It had been on my heart to tell her for a few weeks, even though I was dating an incredible man at the time. But something about that moment and the time we live in told me that I was ignoring a big part of myself by hiding my truth from her.

Anybody who knows me knows that my grandmother is one of the most important figures in my life. I come from a long line of incredible black women — women who have held each other close and raised their children the best they could, who have gifts of sight and soul, who prepared me to speak on the injustice I saw in the world long before it visited my doorstep in St. Louis. It was my grandmother who helped raise me, and after my mother passed, it was she who continued that work and passed those same gifts and lessons on to my little sister. Through all the tumult, tragedy, fame and scrutiny I’ve experienced in my life, she has been my sole constant.

So it may come as no surprise that my “little secret” was no shock to her. And I don’t think it should be a shock to anyone I know — my friends already knew, because I’m pretty open about the company I keep. But I’ve grappled with how to address my queerness publicly. In the onslaught of public attention that has followed my activism work, I’ve wanted to keep some things to myself.

That is until I couldn’t. In June 2015, at the height of the Ferguson protests, a publication online named me to a list of “queer activists you need to know” without my permission, and I had a moment. Sitting at my desk, reading my mentions, my normally Twitter-happy fingers went still. It wasn’t right.

Before 2014, I had little experience with queer terminology; in becoming one of the most visible faces during the #FergusonUprising, I quickly began to quickly learn and adapt to expanded notions of identity in ways I never had before.

Through that process, I began to realize that I lacked the proper language to describe the people I already knew and whom I loved dearly — like my friend Juliann, who self-identified as a “complex female with no labels.” Juliann and I connected online; we liked the same type of music, falling in love with Janelle Monáe’s The Audition together. Juliann lived in St. Louis City with family, and we met in person soon after. JuJu, as her friends called her, was a tender and unique soul. Her locks were always freshly done, and if not, we’d all know about it! A true Virgo.

Above all, there was one thing I knew about JuJu: When she was determined about something, she was going to do it. That’s why I got so scared when JuJu stopped responding to my messages or answering my calls one day. A mutual friend told me that she thought something bad was about to happen, and so I sent her a series of texts.

I respected her agency, even at that moment, but wanted her to know how much I loved her as a person, and that if we could all sit down to figure out how to be helpful, I was with it. My messages went unanswered. I would later find out that our beautiful JuJu had died by suicide.

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