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Jim Wetherbee Wiki

Jim Wetherbee is an American former naval officer and aviator, test pilot, aerospace engineer, and NASA astronaut. He was born in born November 27, 1952, in Flushing, New York, USA.

Jim Wetherbee

Jim Wetherbee Biography

Jim is a veteran of six Space Shuttle missions and is the only American to have commanded five spaceflight missions. His other name is James Donald Wetherbee.

Jim knew in elementary school that he wanted to be an astronaut. He was realistic about his odds. His decisions as a young man didn’t hurt his chances. In college, he studied aerospace engineering, then trained as a Navy fighter pilot. Jim graduated from Holy Family Diocesan High School in South Huntington, New York, in 1970. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 1974. He is now retired after earning a number of awards.

Jim Wetherbee Family

Jim Wetherbee was raised in Huntington Station, New York. He enjoys tennis, skiing, softball, running, and music. He has been in space six times. Jim knew in elementary school that he wanted to be an astronaut. Jim resides in Bend Oregon.

Jim Wetherbee Height

At 6’4″, which is the same as 1.93m, Jim Wetherbee is the tallest person to fly in space. As early as 2009, applicants to the astronaut corps faced new size limits, including on weight and sitting height. That’s a result of NASA’s plan which retired the space shuttle in 2010 and switched entirely to smaller vehicles.

The exact limits haven’t been determined because new vehicles are still in development.Jim Wetherbee tallest Since shuttle flights began in 1981, NASA has restricted only height. The last time it recruited a new batch of astronauts, in 2003, the minimum height was 4 feet, 10½. The maximum was 6 feet, 4 inches. In the 1990s, Americans Wendy Lawrence and Scott Parazynski were barred from Soyuz flights because of their height. The two were 5-foot-3 and 6-foot-2 respectively. The Soyuz was modified, but not before the pair became known as “Too Short” and “Too Tall.”

Jim Wetherbee Wife

Jim Wetherbee is married to Robin DeVore Platt of Jacksonville.

Jim Wetherbee Children

The couple is blessed with two children. Both kids are daughters.

Jim Wetherbee Height

Jim stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches.

Jim Wetherbee Salary

Jim’s salary is estimated to be between $10k to $50k per year.

Jim Wetherbee Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $250k.

Jim Wetherbee Nasa

Jim Wetherbee became an astronaut in June 1985, though, he was selected by NASA in May 1984. A veteran of six space flights, Wetherbee has logged over 696 hours in space. In 1990, he was the pilot on STS-32 and was the mission commander on STS-52 in 1992 and STS-63 in 1995.

From February to December 1996, Jim served as Deputy Director of the Johnson Space Center. He commanded an international crew on STS-86. NASA’s seventh Shuttle mission to rendezvous and dock with the Russian Space Station Mir. The launch was scheduled for September 1997.

STS-32 Columbia saw the successful deployment of the Syncom IV-F5 satellite and retrieval of the 21,400-pound Long Duration Exposure Facility using the remote manipulator system. The crew also operated a variety of mid-deck experiments. In addition to that, the crew conducted numerous medical test objectives, including in-flight aerobic exercise and muscle performance to evaluate human adaptation to extended duration missions. Mission duration was 261 hours, 01 minutes, 38 seconds.

STS-52 Columbia successfully deployed the Laser Geodynamic Satellite, a joint Italian-American project. The crew also operated the first U.S. Microgravity Payload with French and American experiments, and successfully completed the initial flight tests of the Canadian-built Space Vision System. Mission duration was 236 hours, 56 minutes, 13 seconds.

STS-63 Discovery was the first flight of the new joint Russian-American Space Program. Mission highlights included the rendezvous with the Russian Space Station, Mir, operation of Spacehab, and the deployment and retrieval of Spartan 204. The mission was accomplished in 129 orbits, traveling over 2.9 million miles. The time taken was 198 hours, 29 minutes.

Jim Wetherbee Book

Since becoming a naval aviator, Jim Wetherbee has been on a continuous journey of learning how to prevent the next accident that is inevitably trying to injure or kill him. Jim explains that every potential accident gives signals before it becomes an accident.

To enhance our chance of preventing catastrophe, he says we must learn to discern these signals. To do this, we study history. We analyze previous organizational failures and catastrophes. Root cause specialists identify problems that, if corrected, create a higher likelihood of preventing future occurrences of similar tragedies. With experience, we learn to prevent accidents.

Jim Wetherbee asks whether we can predict all accidents from observing the past and whether some are unpreventable. According to Jim, we easily prevent potential accidents that are similar to recent occurrences but preventing accidents that exceed corporate experience seems extraordinarily difficult.Jim Wetherbee book Organizations continue to be blindsided by tragedies that no one thought would occur. Yet, in any given post-incident analysis, investigators often determine the latest catastrophe was tragically similar to a forgotten previous incident.

New rules are promulgated, operating procedures are updated and the cycle of accidents continues. He adds that organizations must need something more than rules and procedures to prevent accidents.
Controlling Risk: Thirty Techniques for Operating Excellence, is a book about controlling risk authored by Jim Weatherbee. After almost forty years in hazardous endeavors, he has learned that the techniques he uses to control risk not only help him stay alive, but they also help him accomplish more missions in better ways.

These are the same techniques necessary for operating excellence, which results in higher performance and greater success for him as an operator, and more profits and maximized long-term productivity for his organization. When really understood and embraced as a way of operating, these techniques enable groups of people working together to optimize results in any high-risk business and accomplish more in the dangerous world, or out of this world.

About managers in the organization, Jim Wetherbee says that they manage risk with systematic and structured processes intended to limit the assessed risk. But, even in the best organizations, operators don’t manage risk when it is time to go to work. They control risk. To work effectively and stay alive, the front-line workers need operating techniques for controlling risk to supplement the structured rules and procedures promulgated by managers to manage risk.

Jim Wetherbee Speaker

With thirty-five years of experience in high-hazard operational environments, Jim Wetherbee enjoys consulting with leaders and operators in dangerous endeavors with critical mission objectives. Jim is the only American astronaut to have commanded five missions in space. He is the only person to have landed the Space Shuttle five times.Jim Wetherbee Jim is passionate about helping leaders and operators perform successfully in hazardous environments, after successful careers in naval aviation, aerospace, as well as the oil and gas industry.

Jim Wetherbee Drummer

Music is another passion of Jim Wetherbee. He started playing drums in high school and joined the marching band in college at Notre Dame. Jim stopped playing during the Navy and his early years at NASA. This was until a group of guitarists at NASA decided to create an astronaut band. He picked up his love of music again.
Three of the astronauts played guitar, and they looked around for a drummer. The audition to join the band involved a mere question that was whether you owned a set of drums. Jim Wetherbee owned one and was immediately in the band.
The band calls itself Max Q, which is an aerodynamic term meaning ‘The region that the vehicle flies through the thickest part of the atmosphere with the most dynamic pressure, and there’s a huge amount of vibration, acoustic noise, but no music. Wetherbee played in the band for years, even playing on “Good Morning America” at one point. When he moved to Bend, Oregon, he joined the board of directors at Cascade School of Music.
Jim took his love for music and leading a presentation to benefit the Cascade School of Music. The school is planning a move into a larger building, something they’ve needed for a while. He explained that there were so many musicians and young people who are interested in taking music lessons and so he gave out a new building that would be for that purpose. Jim played drums with a high school band called Anything But Vanilla, for the presentation.

Jim Wetherbee Commander

A six-time space traveler, Jim Wetherbee is the only astronaut to have commanded five spaceflight missions. He became a US Naval aviator and test pilot, after graduating from Notre Dame as an Aerospace Engineer. In 1984, Jim was selected by NASA and flew twice to the International Space Station and the Russian space station, Mir.

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