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Jim Vicevich Sound Off Connecticut, Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Marriage, Height, Salary and Net worth

Jim Vicevich is an American talk radio host based in Hartford. His show Sound Off Connecticut which deals with various topics affecting individuals.

Jim Vicevich Wiki

Jim Vicevich is an American talk radio host who is based in Hartford, Connecticut. His show Sound Off Connecticut which deals with local as well as national topics. The topics range from politics, economics, and social issues, to movies and music.

Jim Vicevich

Jim Vicevich Biography

He graduated with a degree in economics from Bucknell University in 1974. Later in 1977, he earned his master’s degree from Boston University. Vicevich started his broadcast career at WTKR-TV in Norfolk, Virginia. His coverage of the state’s economy earned him the Associated Press Douglas Southall Freeman Award for outstanding journalism.

In 1980, he moved to Connecticut to become the business editor for WFSB-TV.  WFSB-TV is the local CBS affiliate, and later for NBC affiliate WVIT-TV. He later went to join CPTV in 1996. He joined as a producer for an hour-long news magazine show, Connecticut Journal. The journal covered state businesses and topics of personal finance. He later took over as the anchor of the show in 1999. Over the years, he has earned a total of six Emmy nominations, but no Emmys.

On April 2, 2006, Vicevich opened Sound Off Connecticut. He also founded Vicevich Interactive. This was a small business based in Simsbury, Connecticut. The business is specialized in producing multimedia content on VHS, CD-ROM, and the internet via Adobe Shockwave and Flash content. His products have earned him four national Telly awards for excellence in corporate video. He has worked full-time as a financial advisor for The Advest Group, a consulting firm based in Hartford, Connecticut. He was tasked with the role of helping to run their “Financial Education Solutions” program.

Jim Vicevich Sound Off Connecticut

Vicevich’s show airs on WTIC-AM. The show invites phone calls from listeners from throughout Connecticut to discuss the topics of the day. Additionally, Sound Off Connecticut had a special episode each Friday called “Free-For-All Friday”. Here, listeners are invited to call or email to discuss almost any topic.

When WTIC-AM started live-streaming the program in 2005, he gained a national audience. Podcasts of Vicvich’s show are still posted at www.wtic.com.

Apart from taking calls from listeners, Sound Off Connecticut featured interviews with conservative and Democratic political pundits. It also interviews, activists, lobbyists, and elected officials. Repeat interviewees over the years have included Connecticut governors John G. Rowland and M. Jodi Rell. Jim has also interviewed Power Line blogger John Hinderaker and several members of the Heritage Foundation. Additionally, his show has interviewed conservative columnists Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Walter E. Williams. Each Friday, Vicevich interviewed film critic Russ “Mr. MovieFone” Leatherman to discuss opinions on current and upcoming movies.

His views are borderline conservative, in addition to being pro-Iraq war, pro-military and anti-Democratic Party. However, in 2007 he opposed efforts by Governor Rell, a Republican, to raise the state income tax. Jim also voiced opposition to the immigration reform plan advanced by President George W. Bush.

Vicevich resides in the Farmington Valley of Connecticut.

He is a self-labeled social libertarian and political conservative.  He often frames his commentary between bumper-music from upstart Americana performers. Jim is known locally as “Connecticut’s Rush Limbaugh”.

Jim Vicevich Health

Vicevich’s long, painful journey began at age 40 when he was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, another autoimmune disorder. By age 50, his condition progressed to lupus, affecting parts of his skin. By age 58, all his skin was also affected.

At 59, he suffered a major flare that he believes was caused when the snowstorm of 2011 left the Hartford area without power for nearly two weeks. The stress of shoveling snow, keeping a portable generator running and staying on-air for hours on end took its toll. Now 66, Vicevich said lupus is attacking the small blood vessels of his brain. A pump implanted near his spine helps deliver medication to manage the severe spasticity he experiences, especially in his arms.

 Vicevich relies on 10 physicians and health care providers to manage his lupus, including a primary care doctor, a rheumatologist, a neurologist, a neurosurgeon, a dermatologist, and others; he needs to be seen by these specialists about two to three times a month.

Vicevich walks with some difficulty, and his left arm is spastic and unusable. Still, he’s on the air most days, despite constant pain. Jim Vicevich, who is limited to the use of his right arm and hand, relies on his fiancee, Jane Benson, at right, to help him in the studio while he’s on the air. She does research and monitors listeners’ comments and questions on social media. (Patrick Raycraft | Hartford Magazine)

All in all, Jim is still a strong hearted man. In an interview, he said “I keep fighting because I believe there will be a happy ending. Somebody wonderful or a new treatment comes into my life,” he said.

Jim Vicevich Age

Information will be updated soon.

Jim Vicevich Family

He has a sister whom he calls the “Sound off Sister”. His sister is a contributor to his show. She is also is a former U.S. district attorney. Unfortunately, we do not know the identity of his other family members.

Jim Vicevich Marriage

He is divorced and has a daughter and a son whom he often has mentioned on the show. Jim is currently Dating Jane Benson. Jane is a massage therapist. She drives him to work and stays in the studio during the show, researching topics as needed. This is because Jim is

When asked to talk about his fiancee Jim said.

“I met my fiancée, Jane, who is a massage therapist, and massage helped quite a bit. She also does an amazing job of making sure I go to mass on Sunday, that I take my medication. Without her, I’d be in a home and not working. I’ve had a lot of angels come into my life.”

Jim Vicevich Children

He has two children.

Jim Vicevich Height

Information will be updated soon.

Jim Vicevich Salary

Jim’s salary is estimated to be between $10k to $50k per year.

Jim Vicevich Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $300k.

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