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Jerry Savelle Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Ministry and Net Worth

Jerry Savelle an American well known as the president of Jerry Savelle Ministries International (JSMI). He has written over 70 books and has taught in more than 3000 churches and 26 nations. JSMI has offices in Tanzania, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and United States headquarters in Crowley, Texas.

Jerry Savelle Biography

Jerry Savelle an American well known as the president of Jerry Savelle Ministries International (JSMI). He has written over 70 books and has taught in more than 3000 churches and 26 nations. JSMI has offices in Tanzania, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and United States headquarters in Crowley, Texas.

Jerry Savelle

Jerry Savelle Age

Jerry was born on December 24th, 1946 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States. He is 72 years old as of 2018.

Jerry Savelle Family | Young

He was raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. There is no much information about his family and how he was raised up. Jerry has not shared any information about his parents and with their occupation, he has also not shared any information him having siblings or elder brothers and sisters. Savelle grew up on the racetracks and knew he wanted to own an automotive business just like his dad from the age of nine. At the age of eleven, while watching Oral Roberts on television, Savelle felt called to go into ministry.

Jerry Savelle Wife | Married | Children

He is married to Carolyn Savelle, there is no information on how and where the pair met. The pair two children named: Terri Savelle Foy, Jerriann Newton. There is no much information about his family.

Jerry Savelle Career

Jerry Savelle is celebrating 50 years of ministry this year! The Lord told Brother Savelle to dedicate this year, his 50th year of ministry, to Kenneth Copeland and to serve him. As a result, Brother Jerry will be preaching with Brother Copeland at every Victory Campaign in 2019!

As from February 25th March 1, 2019, Jerry Savelle will be on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast with Pastor George Pearsons. On this broadcast, they discuss the word of the Lord to Brother Savelle concerning 2019: 2019 will be the year of marvels, wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God. Click here to watch these broadcasts.

Pastor George and Brother Jerry also discuss Brother Jerry’s early years in ministry with Kenneth Copeland. They talk about two memorable messages Brother Jerry preached, “The Armor of God” and “The Canoe Story.” You can watch both messages in their entirety below. As well please enjoy a collection of pictures we’ve compiled over the years of Jerry Savelle’s early years in ministry with Kenneth Copeland. See them here:

In Brother Savelle’s early years in ministry with Kenneth Copeland, a lady made him an armor of God costume, complete with all the parts of God’s armor! Watch this video, taken from the 1994 Southwest Believers’ Convention, with Jerry Savelle, as he delivers this powerful message about how Satan attacks Christians.

Jerry demonstrates that living by faith is like trying to turn your canoe against the current of the world.  Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle at a 2019 Victory Campaign, and learn how you can go upstream against the current of this world. These are FREE events. Let’s pack the house! Go to to find a Victory Campaign near you and register today.

Jerry Savelle Net Worth

Jerry estimated net worth is under review, there is no information about his net worth or salary but he is said to have been earning a huge salary from his work.

Jerry Savelle JSMI Publications and Recordings

  • Honoring Your Heritage of Faith (Harrison House, September 1994)
  • Called to Battle Destined to Win (Regal, April 2009)
  • If Satan Can’t Steal Your Joy… He Can’t Keep Your Goods (Harrison House, December 2010)
  • Godly Wisdom for Prosperity (Harrison House, 1980)
  • From Devastation to Restoration (Jerry Savelle Publications, 1998)
  • Prayer of Petition (Chosen Books, 2011)
  • The Favor of God (Regal, August 2012)
  • In the Footsteps of a Prophet (Jerry Savelle Publications, 1999)
  • The Nature of Faith (Harrison House, 1984)
  • Why God Wants You to Prosper (Jerry Savelle Ministries, 2014)
  • The God of the Breakthrough will visit Your House (Jerry Savelle Ministries, 2004)
  • Sharing Jesus Effectively (Harrison House, 1994)
  • Turning Your Adversity into Victory (Harrison House, August 1994)
  • Every day a Blessing Day (Jerry Savelle Ministries, 2013)
  • The Spirit of Favor on Your House (Jerry Savelle Ministries, 2014)
  • Every day a Blessing Day (2013) ASIN B00M3CJMLQ

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Jerry Savelle Interview

Taking people into being a “winner in life” is no easy task. Is the concept ‘winning’ the same for each person?

Obviously different groups are different based on their background, how they were raised and brought up and the mind state they develop. What I teach them is no different (as it is) based on the word of God. I believe God has created each and every one to be a winner in life and it takes His word to become that. When I say my mandate is to talk people into winning that is exactly what it takes. A lot of people you literally have to talk them into. (This is) because (of) their upbringing, thought patterns, habits (and) negative thinking.

Once having converted someone into a winning person’, how does this person keep themselves in that mindset?

We encourage them to practice a biblical principle called ‘increase by association’. That simply means that who you associate with has everything to do with you destiny (and) how your life turns out. We encourage them to associate with other people who have a winning attitude, continually read and study and apply material that teaches them how to win – faith-building books and CDs. (Also to) get into a church where they are taught how to win maintain that winning attitude.

You get around a group of people who have a ‘loser mentality’ and if you are not stronger than them they will pull you down. So you’ve got to be around people who think (and) talk that way. You know, the apostle Paul talked about (it) in Philippians (when) he said that (those believers) had entered into an association or a partnership with him from the (beginning) up to the time he wrote the letter to them. (Then) he said ‘you are now partakers of my grace’. So through their association (the) winner’s attitude that was on him (also) came on them! Association has everything to do with destiny.

How to you revive the people that have ‘fallen’ and struggle to get up again? How do you manage to get them back to the winning attitude’?

Well, obviously it takes compassion. I believe if a person has the heart of God they are (also) lovers of people. It breaks my heart to see people who have not tapped into their full potential. It grieves my spirit to see them giving up when I know they have the potential of being a winner. (One) just has to deal with them with a lot of compassion. It’s not sympathy. Sympathy and compassion are two different things. Sympathy looks at a person and says, “I feel so badly for you and wish there was something I could do”. But compassion says there is something we can do. Paul talked about it in one of his letters to Timothy about being nourished by the word of faith.

The best thing I can do for a person who’s trying to be a winner but keeps falling flat is to reach out to them in love, encourage them (so) that they can make it and don’t give up. (They have to) determine that quitting is not an option and then (invest) into their lives as much faith-building, inspirational (and) motivational material as they possibly can.

If you can teach a person to get to the place where the word of God has the first place and final authority, then they can get to the place where they can develop this attitude of ‘none of these things move me’ (Acts 20). But it takes compassion and continual feeding of the word of God until they are back up on their feet again.

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