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Jennifer Mcdermed is an American meteorologist and weather forecaster. She was born and raised in Atchison, Kansas. Her passion for weather, specifically…

Jennifer Mcdermed Wiki

Jennifer Mcdermed is an American meteorologist and weather forecaster. She was born and raised in Atchison, Kansas. Her passion for weather, specifically severe weather, grew at a very young age. “You know in kindergarten how you’re supposed to draw what you want to be when you grow up – a firefighter, a teacher, a policeman?” McDermed says, “I drew a tornado with cows flying into the tornado. I’ve always wanted to be a meteorologist and nothing else.”

Jennifer Mcdermed

Jennifer Mcdermed Biography

Jennifer studied in the Catholic boarding school Maur Hill. She attended the classes of Atmospheric Science and Meteorology and graduated in May 2013 from the Saint Louis University. And she also studied for five months in Madrid, Spain.

After her graduation, she started to build her career working at KQTV in St. Joseph, MO. And by the November of 2013, she was part of the weather team of WHO-TV 13 in Des Moines, IA.

She worked in WHO for about two years as a meteorologist and on December 2015 she moved on to KMBC in Kansas City. She again worked for two years for KMBC family as a meteorologist and started working to a new channel.

Currently, Jennifer is working for FOX 9 as a weather forecaster, broadcasting weather updates.

McDermed received her Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from St. Louis University in May 2013. Shortly after graduation, Jennifer started her career with a short stint at KQTV in St. Joseph, MO and by November 2013 she joined the WHO-TV 13 weather team in Des Moines, IA.

Although she enjoyed the challenging winters in Iowa, she wanted to be a little closer to tornado alley, as well as home. Throughout the past few years, McDermed has tracked several tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The biggest tornado McDermed tracked rated an EF-4 near Lyons, KS in 2012.

Jennifer doesn’t only have a passion for all the types of weather but also loves sports. From pick up volleyball and basketball games to Crossfit – she loves it. And if you see her around town you’ll most likely see her wearing Chiefs or Royals gear.

Jennifer McDermed joined KMBC-TV/KCWE-TV in December 2015. You can find her forecasts during the weekday evenings. She loves meeting people and creating new adventures! If you ever want to reach out to her you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or you can shoot her an email!

Jennifer Mcdermed Age

Jennifer Mcdermed is an American meteorologist and weather forecaster. The blue-eyed blonde German-Irish Midwestern Jennifer is a native of Atchisonk, Kansas.

The details about her date of birth and place she grew are not known though we have certain information about her education.

Jennifer McDermed Family

Jennifer McDermed is a native of Atchisonk, Kansas. The details about her date of birth and place she grew are not known though we have certain information about her education.

Jennifer Mcdermed Husband

Is Fox 9’s meteorologist Jennifer McDermed married? There is no confirmed detail about Jennifer McDermed marriage. However, there is a certain rumor of her being married.

Jennifer is an American Television reporter who mainly works as a weather forecaster.

Jennifer showed interest in weather ever she was a young kid, watching TheWeatherChannel at night. She recounted during her kindergarten days that they were asked to draw what they wanted to become in the future. She ended up drawing a tornado with cows flying into it.

Her interest in storm chasing was further ignited by her father. When he would spot a thunderstorm nearby, Jennifer’s dad would break out the lawn chairs and invite the family to watch.

The passion continued to grow gradually until she found herself chasing storms and tornadoes in high school and even grew bigger on her college days.

Jennifer is a middle child, & has two other siblings.

Jennifer Mcdermed Children

Information will be updated soon.

Jennifer Mcdermed Height

She seems pretty good while reporting on the television.

Although the actual measurement of Jennifer McDermed’s height, body measurements is not available. She looks tall with the perfect and curvy body with beautiful blue eyes.

Jennifer is mostly seen in short gowns and skirts and sometimes on pants with a coat with perfect fittings that makes her more attractive and stunningly beautiful to watch. Read also Michael Estime

Jennifer Mcdermed Salary

Fox 9’s Jennifer McDermed Salary has estimated around $50 thousand dollars while the details of her net worth is yet a mystery.

Jennifer Mcdermed Net Worth

She is a leading weather forecaster of Fox 9 and the time she has been into this profession is so much. Considering her saving for all these years and her luxurious life she might have a net worth of very much.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $250k.

Jennifer Mcdermed Interests & Hobbies

Besides her passion for weather, Jennifer is also a fan of sports. She is interested in a few physically demanding sports such as volleyball, basketball games, and CrossFit.

She also loves biking, swimming, hiking, and anything that is an overall outdoors enthusiast. She is also a fan of the NCAA team Kansas State Wildcats and often cheers for them.

Jennifer Mcdermed Fun Facts, Height & Trivia

Jennifer considered herself an aspiring beer connoisseur and loves to taste good beers or to discover new breweries.
She revealed that she is very picky when it comes to food, but pasta with marinara sauce or grilled cheese always gets her.
One of the biggest tornadoes she has chased in her career was an F4 in Lyons, KS.

Mcdermed was present in Rome, Italy during the Beatification of Pope John Paul II in May of 2011. She spent more than 12 hours waiting with millions of people & made sure that she would get a good view when the Vatican gates opened.

Jennifer Mcdermed Instagram

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