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Jej Vinson is a 22-year-old aspiring singer born and raised in the Philippines who competes in the VOICE 2019. He started singing karaoke after watching his parents sing in a choir. When he was 15, his parents moved the family to America for a better life and landed in South Dakota.

Jej Vinson Wiki

Jej Vinson is a 22-year-old aspiring singer born and raised in the Philippines who competes in the VOICE 2019. He started singing karaoke after watching his parents sing in a choir. When he was 15, his parents moved the family to America for a better life and landed in South Dakota.

Jej Vinson

Jej Vinson Biography

At 18, Jej joined an a cappella camp in Los Angeles and knew music was his calling. The family packed up and followed Jej to California, where he studies music at USC and was formerly the music director of the school’s a cappella group. Outside of school, Jej has a part-time job at a restaurant.

Jej Vinson  College

Jej majored in tunes in college. He says “I researched popular tunes efficiency in USC so the aspect of that is understanding concept and understanding arranging. Around time, I kinda acquired obsessed with arranging and composing tunes. A thing that I actually like performing is sitting down down in the piano, actively playing songs and turning songs into a thing like my have,” he explained to The Filipino Channel’s Balitang The us.

Jej Vinson Age

According to his NBC bio, he was born in 1997.

Jej Vinson Parents/ Family

Jej’s singing career started earlier than the fateful acapella camp. He had begun singing karaoke years before inspired by his parents. They joined a choir and seeing them sing was likely a part of Jej’s formative inspiration for pursuing music.

Perhaps that is where the talent comes from as well. When Jej made the decision to go all the way across the country to study music at USC his family supported him. In fact, they believed in his dreams so completely they packed everything and followed him to California.

Though he was no stranger to upheaval to follow dreams, yet it still must have been a difficult choice, at least initially. It seems to have turned out to be the right choice, fortunately.

Jej Vinson Dating

This information is currently unavailable online at the moment.

Jej Vinson Height

Jej Stands at a fair height of 5 ft 3 in that is matched by a perfect weight.

Jej Vinson Ethnicity

Jej is Of Asian Ethnicity.

Jej Vinson Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of around $250k

Jej Vinson Top 24 The Voice

Vinson has earned a slot in the top 24 of the American version of the singing competition “The Voice” after an applauded rendition of “Versace on the Floor.”Vinson, from Kelly Clarkson’s team, performed the Bruno Mars hit curding Cross Battle round in the previous episode, where he faced off against contestant LB of Adam Levine’s team.The final 24 contestants, revealed during the Wednesday episode of “The Voice” (Manila time), were determined by public votes. On Instagram, Vinson expressed disbelief over his standing in the competition, in the caption of a photo of him in a hug with Clarkson.

Jej Vinson Lb Crew

Tuesday night on “The Voice” Season 17, Vinson of Team Kelly Clarkson won his epic live Cross Battle against LB Crew of Team Adam Levine. It was one of the hardest-fought battles of this new stage of the competition, with Jej taking on “Versace on the Floor” and LB performing “Wade in the Water.” In the end, America decided to advance Jej to the Finals, and since Adam had already used his Save the previous week that meant LB was sent home. When host Carson Daly told Jej the good news, Kelly jumped on stage and gave him a big hug. She also tried to console LB by telling him, “We put two four-chairs against each other and that should not have happened. You freaking killed it.”
The previous night Kelly raved about Jej’s performance, declaring, “If Bruno Mars saw that, he’d be like, ‘Oh, I should do that lick.’ Your runs are so incredibly powerful, but seamless and not trying too hard and I cannot wait to see you on this show. I’m so impressed by you, Jej. Vote for Jej!”

Jej Vinson Blind Auditions

Dozens of artists sang their hearts out during “The Voice” blind auditions, but only one person earns bragging rights as YouTube‘s most viral artist of Season 16: Jej Vinson. This 22-year-old singer from Davao, Philippines received a four-chair turn from Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and John Legend, ultimately deciding to join Team Kelly. Over the past few weeks, Jej’s audition video has amassed more than 4.3 million views, just ahead of Domenic Haynes of Team Adam who comes in at 4.2 million views.

For his blind audition, Jej took on Drake‘s “Passionfruit” and caused all four coaches to press their “I Want You” buttons. Kelly laid it all on the line when she told Jej, “I can win this show with you. You’re incredible, man. I turned around and I was like, ‘What?’ And it was so effortless.” She then added that his runs had “finesse,” disagreeing with John who thought his runs were more “precise.”
Kelly concluded, “I’m gonna tell you this right now, too.

If you want to be strategic … I have one male. He’s in a trio of two girls and they’re siblings. They all have a plethora of guys. I would just love the opportunity to work with you, man.” Before choosing Kelly as his coach, Jej exclaimed, “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.

”As for the other coaches’ pitches, Adam said that he wanted to work with Jej so that people could “feel” him instead of just hear him, John raved that his voice “soared,” and Blake said that he was “nervous” talking to him because “We all feel like we’re looking at the winner of ‘The Voice’ this season.”

Jej Vinson After The Voice

Throughout this season on NBC’s “The Voice,” we’ve caught up with one contestant with South Dakota ties.  Jej Vinson once lived in Flandreau before moving to Los Angeles to pursue music, ultimately ending up on this year’s show.

Unfortunately, Jej’s journey came to an end two weeks before the finale.  From the start of the live shows, Jej survived most elimination rounds.  He was even saved by coach Kelly Clarkson to launch him to the Top 13.  Jej says throughout his time on the show, he was overwhelmed by the support from friends, family and fans back in South Dakota.   He also adds this support did not go unnoticed.

“When you guys posted a party at ‘Mad Mary’s,’ that was just so incredible to like see and to see all the footage from people that they’ve sent to me. It’s just so sweet and the fact that I still get a lot of calls from people in South Dakota,” says Jej Vinson from Season 16 of  NBC’s “The Voice.”
Since the show, Jej has released new music and he even performed with his coach in Las Vegas on Friday.

Jej Vinson

Jej Vinson made it to the Top 13 on this season of The Voice. Since his elimination a few weeks ago, Jej is already going to work on new music! He’s already released a studio recording of “Passionfruit,” his Blind Audition song. Now. he has announced a new single will be coming soon!“Passionfruit”

Jej recently released a studio recording of “Passionfruit” by Drake, the song he sang in his Blind Audition. Though these songs used to be released by the show, they stopped that practice a few seasons ago. Often, the full covers are highly requested by fans. And Jej heard our pleas to release the whole song!

Fans are pleased with the release too, with comments saying:
Sandra Mizra
Emelda Fernando
Now, Jej Vinson has new music coming out! His first single, “Tasty” will be available everywhere you stream and listen to music on May 22nd. We haven’t heard anything specific about the new single, but if it’s anything like his performances on The Voice, it will feature his smooth vocals and flawless runs. Plus, his experience in the a capella group SoCal VoCals proves that he is an impressive arranger/songwriter.
We can’t wait to hear “Tasty” in less than a week! Be on the lookout for it starting Wednesday, May 22nd.

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