James C. Collins Biography, Education, Career, Net Worth and Books

James C. Collins Biography

James C. Collins was born in 1958 is an American author, consultant and lecturer on the subject of business management and company sustainability and growth.

James C. Collins Age

James C. Collins was born in 25 January 1958, He is 61 years as of 2018

James C. Collins Life

Jim C Collins is a talkative and energetic person. He is named after his grandfather who died in an airplane crash. Both his father and grandfather were rock-climbers, and Jim Collins followed their footstep by becoming a well-skilled rock-climber before his 20s. According to Jim Collins, he believed that he was not the best but would he be qualified for the American trials if he participated.

Jim Collins spent his childhood in San Francisco, and he was one of the few white students in his elementary school. He stated that he had to adapt to other people’s culture for approximately ten years. He later moved to Boulder with his mother when his parents divorced, which was the time he wanted to become independent.

James C. Collins Wife

He married Joanna Ernst, a triathlete who won the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon in 1985. She is also known for her participation in a Nike advertisement campaign which caused a boost in Nike’s female consumer base in that time. They are married for more than twenty years, and the couple shares 50-50 ownership.

James C. Collins Education

In 1976, he decided to study Mathematical Sciences at Stanford University. During his study, he was still actively rock-climbing and stated: ‘’My real education was at Yosemite’’. Jim Collins never imagined himself spending his life with the people who he was surrounded by in the computer center at the school. This idea was the major reason why he also started an MBA course at Stanford University under the direction of Professor Porras. According to Professor Porras, Jim Collins’ rock-climbing background is unique, and it demonstrates how he dares to take risks and tough decisions.

He additionally received honorary doctoral degrees from The University of Colorado and the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University.

James C. Collins Career

After his graduation, Jim Collins started to work as a consultant at McKinsey & Company and continued his career by working as a product manager for Hewlett-Packard. Unfortunately, the business life did not suit him, and consequently, he left the company to support his wife in her triathlon career.

Jim Collins has always been a curious person and this keeps him driven. Therefore, he began his research and teaching career on the faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1989. Jim Collins taught a course on entrepreneurship where he identified himself as being a remarkable teacher. He was remarkable for his innovative classes, and he was able to carefully listen to people and made sure not to waste the students’ or his own time.

Due to his engagement and contributions, he was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award, an award intended to recognize individual faculty for a sustained performance of excellence in teaching, in 1992.

Jim Collins soon continued his passion by founding a management laboratory in Colorado in 1995. He started conducting research and engages in Socratic dialogue, an open discussion that is used to identify the value and truth of individuals’ opinion by question driven instructions, with CEO’s and senior leadership teams. In this period, he had a team of 21 assistants to deliver the work that eventually led to the introduction of ‘Built to Last’, and ‘Good to Great.’

In this time, he refused to get a Ph.D because he taught it would change his thinking. Jim Collins followed Professor Porras’ advice to start a consulting career. He worked next to his research with multiple corporations such as CNN International, and other organizations like Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Girl Scouts of the USA, the Leadership Network of Churches, and the United States Marine Corps. On the other hand, he knew that working in the consulting industry would substantially limit the ability to keep the open mind necessary to ask and answer genuine questions.

As a result, he continued his research initiatives and he currently provides lectures in social sectors such as education, healthcare, governments, and non-profit organizations.

In his spare time, he still enjoys rock climbing which he does at this moment for more than forty years. He already climbed the north face of the Half Dome and the south face of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

Jim Collins’ work has been featured in Fortune, The Economist, Business Week, USA Today, Industry Week, Inc., Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company. He still conducts research projects, consults, and teaches with executives from private, public, and social industries to identify insights to add these to his lectures, books, and articles.


James C. Collins

James C. Collins Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of James C. Jr. Collins is at least $14.1 Million dollars as of 9 August 2018. Mr. Collins owns over 2,900 units of DowDuPont stock worth over $7,108,942 and over the last 2 years he sold DWDP stock worth over $1,066,650. In addition, he makes $5,888,450 as Chief Operating Officer – Agriculture Division at DowDuPont.

His Publications


  • 2017. Beyond entrepreneurship. Random House.
  • 2013. Uncommon Cultures: Popular culture and post-modernism. Routledge.
  • 2013. The use values of narrativity in digital cultures.
  • 2013. Reading, in a digital archive of one’s own.
  • 2012. S. Patent No. 8,165,945. Washington, DC: U.S.
  • 2012. Film theory goes to the movies:
  • 2011. Great by Choice:
  • 2010. Leadership lessons from west point(Vol.
  • 2010. Bring on the Books for Everybody.
  • 2009. How the mighty fall:
  • 2009. Core values:
  • 2007. Level 5 leadership.
  • 2006. Level 5 leadership:
  • 2006. Aligning with Visions and Values:
  • 2005. Why business thinking is not the answer:
  • 2005. Jim Collins on tough calls.
  • 2005. Good to great and the social sector: Why business thinking is not the answer [Monograph to accompany Good to Great]. Boulder, CO: Jim Collins.
  • 2005. Built to last: Successful habits of visionary companies. Random House.
  • 2004. Spotlight: The characteristics of level 5 leadership.
  • 2003. The 10 greatest CEOs of all time.
  • 2002. High-pop: an introduction. High-Pop:
  • 2001. Good to great:
  • 2001. The misguided mix-up of celebrity and leadership.
  • 2000. Television and postmodernism.
  • 2000. Built to flip.
  • 2000. Aligning action and values.
  • 1999. Turning goals into results:
  • 1998. No (Popular) Place Like Home? High-Pop:
  • 1996. Laboratory diagnosis of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus infection.
  • 1996. Aligning action and values.
  • 1995. Architectures of excess:
  • 1993. Genericity in the nineties:
  • 1989. Watching ourselves watch television, or who’s your agent?.
  • 1981. Toward defining a matrix of the musical comedy:

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