Gabby Barrett Biography, Age, Family, Net worth, I Hope, American Idol, Lyrics And More

Gabby Barrett Biography

Gabby Barret is an American singer and songwriter from Munhall, Pennsylvania, USA. She finished third in season 16 of the 2018 American Idol singing competition television series broadcasted on ABC. Barret was born on March 5, 2000, in Munhall. She has been able to use her gifts and talents to support nonprofit organizations and events including Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Camp Star, and Saint Jude.

She has also traveled around the country to perform at numerous high schools, universities and community colleges. These travels are mainly focused to bring more awareness and talk in detail about the importance of anti-bullying campaigns. Gabby Barrett continues to visit cancer patients regularly, sharing her time by bringing joy and hope through her music.

At age 11, she stood in front of a stunned pastor and sang “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, starting her music career. Her father motivated her to join a gospel all-black choir after they happened to meet some of the choir members. Since then, her father has been her manager always there in every step of the way.

She is one of the eight children of Blase and Pam Barrett. Her younger sister named Gypsy Barrett is an aspiring rapper and often perform together at shows and events. Barrett has spoken openly on American Idol about the bullying she suffered in high school which made her leave school to enroll in online classes. She attended Serra Catholic High School in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Her achievements include winning the 2014 Kean Quest Talent Search title and the 2014 First Night Sing-Off competition. Barrett has opened the stage for famous singers like Toby Keith in Ohio, as well as Keith Urban, Cole Swindell, and Daya. In addition to that, she has performed at a Pittsburgh Pirates’ game and sang the national anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers and at the Daytona 500.

During her performances, she blends her soulful voice with a combination of R&B and country. She is passionate about country music. Gabby Barrett released a 6-song EP titled 16, in the year 2016, On October 31. A 2016 Journeys Shoes’ national ad campaign featured “Young Blood”, her co-written song. She organized a Dreams Really Do Come True tour, in 2017, with an anti-bullying message and musical performances. During the tour, Barret visited area Pittsburgh schools and remains passionate about the cause.

Gabby Barrett Age

Barrett is young considering her birthdate. She was born on March 5, 2000, in Munhall, Pennsylvania. 19 would be the actual number you get for her current age.

Gabby Barrett Family

Gabby Barrett is a daughter to loving and supporting parents who are Blaise and Pam Barrett. She has three sisters, Demi, Blasé and Emily and four brothers whose names are, Philip, Elijah, Gabriel, and Gypsy. At least Gypsy and Gabe attended the finale in Los Angeles.

Gabby Barrett Networth

Barrett started singing live from her early life in many stage programmes. Considering her industriousness, passion and her performances, we can easily say that she has an admirable net worth. Her professional career has just started, and she has earned millions of fans. Therefore, in upcoming days, her net worth will no doubt increase. As of now, Barrett’s net worth is under review.

Besides her singing career, Barrett is also active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has 144k fan followers on her Instagram account. She most definitely has a YouTube channel where she has more than 10k subscribers. Her popularity is increasing as time moves. We will continuously update her profile, so stay tuned with us.

Gabby Barrett, I Hope

“I Hope” is Gabby Barrett’s new revenge anthem released this year. The song pairs perfectly with her powerhouse vocals. This is the first song she has released since finishing her American Idol Live tour to an excited fan base. She co-wrote “I Hope” alongside hit songwriters Zachary Kale and Jon Nite. The emotional song reveals her hopes for her ex’s new relationship claiming that what goes around comes around.

One line in the hit goes “I hope she cheats like you did on me.” According to a press release, Barrett is excited to share “I Hope” with the world. After her Idol chapter ended, she knew that the song was the one she wanted to frame herself with. She added that the song was for anybody that has gone through the same breakup as hers.

In support of the song, Barrett has released a video containing a complex situation of disloyal lovers. It was filmed in Nashville and begins with Barrett and her boyfriend in a joyous time. This is until he catches the eye of another and quickly moves on, only to have his new partner eventually do the same to him. Gabby Barrett has and will continue taking the unforgiving song out on the road with several dates in 2019.

Initially, the song was going to be about a guy and a girl that didn’t work out but the girl still wishes him kinda well even though he’s moved on. However, Barrett suggested that they write about what girls really think when broken hearted. She added that girls hope their exes are cheated on in the same way. The singer shared the story behind the song on her Instagram account. She gave ladies everywhere an anthem to dedicate to their exes.

Gabby Barrett returned to the American Idol stage on May 5, 2019, for a launch performance of the song. This she did during the Top 6 performances on American Idol 2019, in front of a live audience and the judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. The crowd adored her flawless performance that really highlighted her vocals perfectly.

Gabby Barrett American Idol Winner

Among other media outlets, Barrett also had an interview with TVLine’s Andy Swift. In the interview, she gives a lengthy story of her experience while in American Idol and her take on the final results of the competition. Gabby Barrett rushed off stage a full 45 minutes before we saw Maddie Poppe crowned the winner.

Gabby Barrett said, “When they said Caleb’s name first, and it was down to me and Maddie, something in my gut told me Maddie was getting through and I wasn’t.” She continued, “I don’t know if the Lord was telling me, or what, but I was OK with it. I really was. I love Maddie and Caleb like they’re my brother and my sister, so to see them advance made me happy as well.

Immediately after I got off stage, of course, you’re going to have a few tears because you realize, ‘OK, my job is done here. I’m not going to win American Idol. I have to accept that.’ But you have to pick yourself up and realize not to focus on negative things.”

What of Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson? “We had some love in the air this season,” she said. “They’re very cute together. The other finalists and I weren’t going to spill the beans on any of that — we just kept it on the down low.” One thing Barrett isn’t keeping on the down low, however, is her admiration for this season’s winner.

“I’m so extremely happy for her,” Barrett said of Poppe. “I absolutely love her voice … and I told her she was one of my favorite voices on American Idol this season. She deserved everything she’s getting. … And Caleb is a sweetheart. Everybody deserved to be where they were at. Everybody deserved to win, but there can only be one spot at the end of the day.”

Her favorite solo performance was Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb,” which was also the song she related to the most. “I did my first show when I was 11, and now I’m 18,” she said. “It’s been a climb.” As for her favorite duet, she said she loved partnering with Luke Bryan.

And this might not be the last time Bryan shares a stage with Barrett. “He is coming to my hometown of Pittsburgh on June 30,” Barrett told reporters. “You may or may not see me pop up in his set at Heinz Field.”

Barrett said she’s learned to accept that the public will always try to put an artist into a familiar box — even if it’s not entirely accurate. “You don’t want to be compared to someone in a way that you’re a replica of them, but if I were to be compared to someone, I would love it to be Carrie Underwood — more like, they can see some of her in me, not me trying to be like her,” Barrett explained.

“I actually got to talk to Carrie about it. She said, ‘You’re a blonde, and I’m a blonde. You have a big voice in country music, and so do I. You’re going to get compared to me. But you can’t listen to people who have those types of opinions. … I know for a fact that you sound much different from everyone else in country music right now, and you can bring so much to the country music industry after American Idol is over.”

Gabby Barrett American Idol Performances

Gabby Barrett auditioned for the sixteenth season of American Idol in Nashville, Tennessee. She emerged as a favorite due to her subsequent Hollywood week performances. They included “Good Girl” and “His Eye Is on the Sparrow”, which she performed in her audition. In the Top 24 Solo/Duet episode, she sang “My Church” as well as “Stay”, which she staged with its original singers, Sugarland.

She then performed “The Climb” and “Little Red Wagon” during the Top 14 episode. Barrett sang only one song “Colors of the Wind”, during the Top 10 episode. She performed 2 songs each In Top 7 and Top 5 episodes. They included “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?”, “I Hope You Dance”, “Last Name” and “I Have Nothing”, respectively. “Rivers Deep”, “Little Red Wagon” and “Don’t Stop Believin” are the songs that she staged in the Finale episode.

During her performances, she got 2 Advanced as her results, 4 Safes and 1 third place which she secured during American Idol Finale.

Gabby Barrett returned to the American Idol stage on May 5, 2019, for a launch performance of her latest smash hit single “I Hope”. This she did during the Top 6 performances on American Idol 2019, in front of a live audience and the judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. The crowd adored her flawless performance that really highlighted her vocals perfectly.

Besides all that, she announced that she recently signed with Warner Brothers Nashville and is now one of their artists. Katy Perry greeted her on stage screaming about her engagement ring and cheering on her performance.

Gabby Barrett, I Hope Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I hope she makes you smile
The way you made me smile on the other end of a phone in the middle of a highway driving alone
Oh baby, I
I hope you hear a song
That makes you sing along
And get you thinking about her
Then the last several miles turn into a blur, Yeah

I hope you’re both feeling sparks by the end of the drive
I hope you know she’s the one by the end of the night
I hope you never ever felt more free
Tell your friends that you’re so happy
I hope she comes along and wrecks every one of your plans
I hope you spend your last dime to put a rock on her hand
I hope she’s wilder than your wildest dreams
She’s everything you’re ever gonna need
And Then I hope she cheats
Like you did on me
And Then I hope she cheats
Like you did on me

(Verse 2)
Yeah, babe, I hope she shows up in a 2 AM pick from a friend
Hanging onto a guy
You just ain’t him
I hope you stay up all night all alone waiting by the phone
And then she calls
And baby, I
I hope you work it out
Forgive ain’t just about forget
And take her on a first date again
And when you lean in for a kiss

I hope what goes
Comes all the way around
I hope she makes you feel the same way about her that I feel about you right now

Gabby Barrett And Cade Foehner

Both Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner announced on Instagram that they were engaged. The two got engaged recently on March 2019, during a trip back to L.A. Cade got down on one knee and popped the question. During season 16 of American Idol, Barrett got third place, while Cade was sent home just one week earlier. According to People Cade proposed in the same hotel that they met and were hanging out at while on Idol.

Lauren Zima, from ET, caught up with the couple on July 2018 and despite calling her former competitor her best friend, Barrett seemed to think engagement was years away. “Give it a couple of years and then come back,” Barrett said. What she feels about Cade now contradicts what she told ET’s, Zima. Barrett had no problem exuberating her now-fiance.

“I honestly feel like I’ve known him for a long time. I feel like when you like somebody so much and you get along really well, you feel like you’ve known them for so much longer,” she said. “And the more and more we get to be with each other, the more you figure out how somebody truly is and their real character and things like that. I think we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well throughout the whole thing.”

“… You like somebody at first normally because you’re attracted to the person, but then what makes you stay really, really like them is their personality. And I like his personality a lot,” she added. “He just meshes with me really well.”

During the same interview, Cade lengthily told People how their shared faith brought them closer together. “The main thing we both were looking in just in someone, in general, is just are they going to keep us grounded and keep us where we want to go, because the ultimate goal here is to share a passion for the love of the Lord and that’s really what we’re trying to both do,” he said.

“…I mean, with our lives. I don’t really see a point of doing music if it’s not about that. And we both share that dream of Him, you know?” My relationship with the Lord, that is the central thing in my life. I don’t want to live if I can’t have that. And, to me, I feel that she pushes me toward that, to be holy and to be Christ-like, and that is everything that I ever looked [for in] someone,” he added. “I found it in her.”

Gabby Barrett Songs

Barrett’s first single is titled “River Deep”. It was released in 2018. She released her second song “I Hope” recently this year. It is number 37 in the peak chart positions and has had returns of over $28,000 since it was released. She performed the latter song in 2019 American Idol. Her other songs are “16”, released in 2016 and “Young Blood”, her co-written song.

Gabby Barrett Tour

To buy tickets for an upcoming Gabby Barrett concert near you and to get a list of all of her tour dates for 2019, simply click here.

Gabby Barrett Record Label

Barrett has turned down a number of label offers since she releases her music independently. We will update soon as she bends her gear into making deals and record labels.


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