Ester Dean Bio, Age, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Movies, Drop It Low

Esther Renay Dean known professionally as Ester Dean is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. She has also written songs for many artists, with numerous Top 10 hits

Ester Dean Biography

Esther Renay Dean known professionally as Ester Dean is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. She has also written songs for many artists, with numerous Top 10 hits, including No. 1 hits for Katy Perry and Rihanna earning the name “The Song Factory”.

Dean contributed to the soundtrack for the animated film, Rio by Blue Sky Studios in 2011. At the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, she was nominated for Album of the Year as a producer on Rihanna’s album Loud. In 2012, Dean voiced two of the characters in the fourth film in the Ice Age franchise, Ice Age: Continental Drift and also wrote a song for the movie, called “We Are (Family)”. Dean made her acting debut in 2012 in the film Pitch Perfect as Cynthia-Rose Adams, a role she reprised for the sequels, Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015 and Pitch Perfect 3 in 2017.

Ester Dean Age

Ester Dean was born on April 15, 1982 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, U.S. She is 36 years old as of 2018.

Ester Dean Net Worth

Ester Dean has an estimated net worth of $24 million.

Ester Dean Life and Career

Dean is the youngest of five children raised by her single mother Hester, in a low-income household. At a young age she learned how to channel her pain into her music, writing and channeling her emotions into songs. Creative writing served as her self-therapy, helping her cope with a hard life of poverty and bullying (inside and outside her home). She took to singing and writing as an escape from her small Oklahoma town with no glimpses of a positive future.

Ester Dean Photo

When she was 15 years old, Dean and her sister Deandria moved to Omaha, Nebraska; leaving her older siblings in Tulsa. The separation made her dig deeper for a connection, finding solace in music and the local music scene. Singing in every studio, writing for local rappers and producers, she unknowingly grass-rooted herself. Learning the ins and outs of her talent and creativity, At the age of 20 years old Dean made a bold move and left Omaha with only $500 in her pocket. She drove 18 hours, alone, to Atlanta, Georgia with dreams of breaking into the music industry. Dean sang for anyone who would listen. While at a Gap Band concert, music producer Tricky Stewart overheard Dean singing in the crowd along with the band and immediately asked her to set up a meeting. Tricky was impressed while going through her catalog of songs, by not only her voice but also her songwriting ability. Tricky signed her to a small publishing deal that allowed Dean to grow and connect with other known writers and producers. This opportunity provided Dean with the tricks, tools and skills to writing potential Top 40 songs.

Dean eventually parted ways and relocated to Los Angeles, California but her time with Tricky was a significant point in her career. After relocating to Los Angeles, she began to build a name in the songwriting world. Dean was eventually introduced to Polow da Don and later signed to Zone 4 Records/Interscope Records.Dean released her first single, “Drop It Low”, in 2009 which peaked at number 38 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming her first US Top 40 single. Her big break came when she collaborated with super producers Stargate, creating her first number one single, Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”. Dean went on to write “What’s My Name”, “Where Have You Been” and several other Rihanna hits, as well as Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” and Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Katy Perry’s “Firework” co-writing “Pills n Potions” with Nicki Minaj.

Dean was named ‘The Song Machine’ in 2012, in an article by John Seabrook. Dean has written and sometimes produced, Top 40 hits for scores of artists, including: Christina Aguilera, Florence + The Machine, Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, Mary J. Blige, Drake, Kelly Clarkson, Ciara, The Pussycat Dolls, Kelly Rowland, Usher, R. Kelly, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne and Eurovision Song Contest 2012 winner Loreen. Outside of music, Dean has been able to establish herself as a voice-over talent. Dean landed roles in Ice Age: Continental Drift in 2012 and Rio in 2011.

After making a great impression in the voice-over world, she was asked to audition for a small part in an upcoming movie about a female A cappella group. Dean jumped at the chance to audition and landed the role of Cynthia Rose in the hit movie Pitch Perfect in 2012, which led to her co-starring in the sequels Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015 and Pitch Perfect 3 in 2017.

Ester Dean Artistry

She possesses a mezzo-soprano range. Dean’s vocals were described by Billboard as “raw, energetic vocals cover a wide range: from club banger to melodic doo-wop/hip-hop.” Her vocals have also been described as similar to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. “The songwriter’s voice is pitched dead center between two artists. The first is frequent collaborator Rihanna…the other is Nicki Minaj when she sings.”

Songwriting style
Dean described her preferred method of songwriting in a 2012 article in The New Yorker, “I go into the booth and I scream and I sing and I yell and sometimes it’s words but most time [sic] it’s not…and I just see when I get this little chill [on her upper arm, below the shoulder] and then I’m, like, ‘Yeah, that’s the hook.

Ester Dean Drop it Low

Songs written By Ester Dean

  • All Things Go
  • Already Taken
  • Always Be Together (Little Mix song)
  • Another Life (Afrojack and David Guetta song)
  • Back to the Crib
  • Bad Girl (Rihanna song)
  • Come & Get It (Selena Gomez song)
  • Complicated (Rihanna song)
  • Countdown (Beyoncé song)
  • Dancing in the Dark (Rihanna song)
  • (Drop Dead) Beautiful
  • Drop It Low (Ester Dean song)
  • Drunk on Love (Rihanna song)
  • Fading (song)
  • Fakin’ It (K. Michelle song)
  • Farewell (Rihanna song)
  • Firework (song)
  • Fool in Love
  • Google Me (song)
  • Grand Piano (song)
  • He Like That
  • Here I Am (Monica song)
  • Hey Mama (David Guetta song)
  • Hot Tottie
  • How Deep Is Your Love (Sean Paul song)
  • I Am (Mary J. Blige song)
  • I Hate Boys
  • I Lied (Nicki Minaj song)
  • I Love You This Big
  • I Want It All (Karmin song)
  • In My City
  • Invincible (Machine Gun Kelly song)
  • Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)
  • Jump (Flo Rida song)
  • Lay It Down (Lloyd song)
  • Lay It on Me (Kelly Rowland song)
  • Let’s Get It In
  • Letting Go (Dutty Love)
  • Light My Body Up
  • Lil Freak
  • Long & Lost
  • Lose Control (Let Me Down)
  • Lost in Paradise (Rihanna song)
  • Love & War (song)
  • Love Suicide
  • Make Love
  • Mr. Know It All
  • Never Ever (Ciara song)
  • The Night Is Still Young (Nicki Minaj song)
  • No Money No Love
  • Not Myself Tonight
  • The One (Mary J. Blige song)
  • Outta Here (song)
  • Patron Tequila (song)
  • Peacock (song)
  • Pills n Potions
  • Remember Me (T.I. song)
  • Ridin’ (Mýa song)
  • Right by My Side
  • Right There (Nicole Scherzinger song)
  • Roc Me Out
  • Rose Colored Glasses (Kelly Rowland song)
  • Rude Boy (Rihanna song)
  • S&M (song)
  • Sex Therapy (song)
  • Shakin’ It 4 Daddy
  • Sober (G-Eazy song)
  • Start Over (song)
  • Stronger (Mary J. Blige song)
  • Super Bass
  • Talk That Talk (Rihanna song)
  • That’s How I’m Feelin’
  • This One’s for You (David Guetta song)
  • This Time (Pia Toscano song)
  • Turn Me On (David Guetta song)
  • Vanity (Christina Aguilera song)
  • We All Want Love
  • We Got the Power (Loreen song)
  • Wet (Nicole Scherzinger song)
  • What’s My Name? (Rihanna song)
  • Whatcha Think About That
  • Where Have You Been
  • Woohoo (Christina Aguilera song)
  • You da One







Bayje (aka Kat Doray)

“The Greatest Gift”



A Girl Called Jane

“He’s Alive”


Dear Jayne

“Talkin’ Bout Himself”

Voice Message





Karina Pasian

“Go Back”

First Love

Keyshia Cole

“Make Me Over”

A Different Me


“Like Me”


“My Boo”

“It’s Mine”

Gucci Mane

“White Girl (I Think I Love Her)” (feat. Ester Dean)



“Remember Me” (feat. Mary J. Blige)

Paper Trail

Teyana Taylor

“Google Me”

From a Planet Called Harlem


Mary J. Blige

“The One” (feat. Drake)

Stronger with Each Tear

“I Am”

“I Love U (Yes I Du)”



Stronger with Each Tear / Music Inspired by More Than a Game

Chris Brown

“So Cold”


“Wait” (feat. Trey Songz and Game)

“Gotta Be Ur Man”

“I Love U” (feat. Ester Dean)


“20 Miles To Graceland”


“Missin’ You Gone”




“Still In Love”



“Never Ever” (feat. Young Jeezy)

Fantasy Ride

Esmée Denters

“Outta Here”

Outta Here

Flo Rida

“Jump” (feat. Nelly Furtado)


Keri Hilson

“Change Me” (feat. Akon)

In a Perfect World…

“Make Love”

Paradiso Girls

“Patron Tequila” (feat. Lil Jon and Eve)

Crazy Horse


“Rude Boy”

Rated R

Juelz Santana

“Back to the Crib” (feat. Chris Brown)

Born to Lose, Built to Win

Pussycat Dolls

“Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)” (with A. R. Rahman feat. Nicole Scherzinger)

Doll Domination

“Whatcha Think About That” (feat. Missy Elliott)

“Bad Girl”

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Trey Songz

“Takes Time to Love”

K. Michelle

“Fakin’ It” (feat. Missy Elliott)

Pain Medicine

Robin Thicke

“Sex Therapy”

Sex Therapy

“Shakin’ It 4 Daddy” (feat. Nicki Minaj)


Christina Aguilera

“Not Myself Tonight”


“Woohoo” (feat. Nicki Minaj)

“I Hate Boys”



“The Beautiful People”

Burlesque: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Chris Brown

“Invented Head”

In My Zone (Rhythm & Streets)



“Turn It Up” (feat. Usher)

Basic Instinct

Dr. Dre

“Under Pressure” (feat. Jay-Z)


Flo Rida

“21” (feat. Laza Morgan)

Only One Flo (Part 1)


Keri Hilson

“Toy Soldier”

No Boys Allowed

“Lose Control / Let Me Down” (feat. Nelly)

Sean Kingston

“Letting Go (Dutty Love)” (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Back 2 Life


“I Know You Got a Man” (feat. Flo Rida and Ester Dean)

Battle of the Sexes

Nicki Minaj

“Super Bass”

Pink Friday


“Here I Am”

Still Standing

“Nothing Like” (feat. Ester Dean)



“Long Gone” (feat. Chris Brown and Plies)


Katy Perry


Teenage Dream



“What’s My Name?” (feat. Drake)






Kelly Rowland

“Rose Colored Glasses”

Here I Am

“Lay It on Me” (feat. Big Sean)

“I’m Dat Chick”

Jesse McCartney

“Up” (feat. Dapo)

Step Up 3D

Trey Songz

“Already Taken”

Soulja Boy

“Grammy” (feat. Ester Dean)

The DeAndre Way

Sophia Fresh

“Change My Number”

So Phreakin’ Fresh

Tinie Tempah

“Love Suicide” (feat. Ester Dean)



“Love ‘Em All”

Raymond v. Raymond

“Guilty” (feat. T.I.)

“Get In My Car” (feat. Bun B)

“Lil Freak” (feat. Nicki Minaj)

“Hot Tottie” (feat. Jay-Z)




“Start Over”



Bridget Kelly

“My Heart”


Kelly Clarkson

“Mr. Know It All”



David Guetta

“Turn Me On” (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Nothing but the Beat / Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Mary J. Blige

“This Love Is for You”

My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1)

“One Life”



“Break Up To Make Up”




Janelle Brown

“Never Leave”




“First Time” (Piano Mix)




“Set It Off”


Neon Hitch

“Bad Dog”


Jennifer Hudson


I Remember Me

“Everybody Needs Love”


“Lay It Down”

King of Hearts


Scotty McCreery

“I Love You This Big”

Clear as Day

Clyde McKnight

“Taking His Girl”


“Batt Man”


“You da One”

Talk That Talk

“Where Have You Been”

“Talk That Talk” (feat. Jay-Z)

“We All Want Love”

“Drunk on Love”

“Roc Me Out”


“Fool in Love”


Nicole Scherzinger

“Right There”

Killer Love


Britney Spears

“(Drop Dead) Beautiful” (feat. Sabi)

Femme Fatale


“I Need A Change”



“Wild Heart”

All I Want

Pia Toscano

“This Time”



Young Jeezy

“Momma Told Me”

Mixtape Monster 103 Edition



50 Cent

“Hard Rock” (feat. Ester Dean)

The 50th Law of Power

Keke Palmer

“We Are” (feat. Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Heather Morris and Ester Dean)

Ice Age: Continental Drift



“Invincible” (feat. Ester Dean)

Lace Up

Destinee & Paris

“Sweet Sara”




Rita Ora

“Love and War” (feat. J. Cole)




Sean Paul

“How Deep Is Your Love” (feat. Kelly Rowland)

Tomahawk Technique

Keyshia Cole

“Forever” (feat. T.I.)

Woman to Woman

Nicki Minaj

“Right by My Side” (feat. Chris Brown)

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

“Beautiful Sinner”

Priyanka Chopra

“In My City” (feat.



“Lost in Paradise”


“Right Now”

Sophia Fresh

“Love (What Did I Do)”



“Can’t Shake”


Little Mix

“Always Be Together”




“Wide Open” (feat. Ester Dean)

Underground Luxury


“Bad Bitches” (feat. Ester Dean)


Selena Gomez

“Come & Get It”

Stars Dance

Jessica Sanchez

“Right To Fall”

Me, You & the Music


“We Got the Power”

Heal (2013 version)

Mindless Behavior

“I’m Falling”

All Around the World


“That High” (feat. Kelly Rowland)




“Ugly Heart”



“I Want It All”


David Guetta

“Hey Mama” (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack)


“No Money No Love” (with Showtek feat. Elliphant and Ms. Dynamite)

Nicki Minaj

“Pills N Potions”

The Pinkprint

“All Things Go”

“The Night Is Still Young”

“Grand Piano”

“I Lied”


Kevin McHale



Florence + the Machine

“Long & Lost”

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful


“Dancing in the Dark”

Home: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Becky G

“Lovin’ So Hard”



“That’s How I’m Feelin'” (feat. Pitbull & Missy Elliott)

 Ester Dean Albums

  • Main article: Ester Dean discography
  • Main article: List of songs written by Ester Dean

Ester Dean Movies






Boy in Gondola (voice)


Ice Age: Continental Drift

Sloth Siren and Gutt’s Siren (voice)

Pitch Perfect

Cynthia-Rose Adams


Pitch Perfect 2


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Connie’s client

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Guest Judge (season 8)


Pitch Perfect 3

Cynthia-Rose Adams

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Ester Dean Instagram

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