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Eric Millegan is an American actor, primarily known for his work on the Fox series Bones in which he played Zack Addy.

Eric Millegan Biography

Eric Millegan is an American actor, primarily known for his work on the Fox series Bones in which he played Zack Addy. Other TV credits include guest spots on Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001) and Sidney Lumet’s 100 Centre Street (2001). On film, he starred as Ed Simone in On_Line (2002).

Eric Millegan Age

He was born on 25 August 1974 in Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States. He is 44 years old as at 2018. He was  raised in Springfield, Oregon.

Eric Millegan Height

The American actor stands at a height of 1.8 m.

Eric Millegan Photo

Eric Millegan Photo

Eric Millegan Family

He was born to Karen Millegan (mother) and Lloyd Millegan (father).

Eric Millegan Husband

Eric is gay. He married Charles Michel in New York City on June 28, 2012. Out magazine named him the “Hottest Up-and-Coming Openly Gay Actor of 2003”. Besides his husband, Chaeles Michel, Milligan was never linked up with any of his co-stars nor his affair rumors took place.

Eric Millegan Children

He has no children.

Eric Millegan Career

In 2000, Eric Millegan started his acting career with the theater play, Jesus Christ Superstar as an apostle. In 2001, he made his TV debut with 100 Center Street.

Millegan appeared in short film, Soda Pop, where he played Jamie’s role. He saw Law & Order in 2002: Criminal Intent and On Line.

His other credit screen includes The Phobic, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bones, and Lady Peacock. In the world premiere of Tom Jones and Joseph Thalken’s Harold & Maude: The Musical, Eric Millegan starred Harold opposite the Academy Award winner Estelle Parsons ‘ Maude.

Eric Millegan Movies And Tv Shows







Lady Peacock



The Phobic

Reed Jenkins


On Line

Ed Simone


Soda Pop








Dr. Zack Addy


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Delivery boy


Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Eddie Dutton


100 Centre Street

Michael Truskie

Eric Millegan Net Worth

The American actor has an estimated net worth of $750 thousand dollars.

Eric Millegan Bones

He played the role of Dr. Zack Addy in bones.

Eric Millegan 2018


Eric Millegan 2018

Eric Millegan Twitter

Eric Millegan Instagram

Eric Millegan Interview

Eric Millegan interview: Bones star on sharing his personal story


FanSided: You announced that you have bipolar disorder in 2010. Have you noticed any change in how people have regarded you since you made your condition public?

Eric Millegan (EM): I’m pretty much an open book about the way I am. I hear so many people say you’re so brave. It didn’t feel brave to do it. I just wanted to share my experience and help other people who were going through it.

I was diagnosed 12 years ago and it was very hard and very painful, but after a couple years we found the right combination of medicine and the right kind of therapy with the medicine and I’ve been pretty much okay since then.

FanSided: What was the experience of speaking at the United Nations like?

EM: I had written a screenplay about my experience with bipolar disorder, and I had a reading the week before the UN speech, so I kind of went off that screenplay for my speech.

I was nervous the few days leading up to it, [but] when I got up there I wasn’t nervous at all and felt great, and the audience seemed to respond really well to it. I got some laughs when I wanted laughs. I think I connected with the audience. It was a really good experience.

FanSided: We haven’t seen you on television since Bones ended earlier this year. Do you have any idea yet of what’s coming next, or what you’d like to do next?

EM: I’d love to do another series. It’s about finding the right series and the right role. I would love to do theater again. My goal when I came out of college was to be on Broadway, and I got that opportunity in the 2000 revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, and I’d love to do work like that again.

Another fun thing I’ve been doing is, I’m friends with a lot of magicians and I’ve always liked magic, so they started teaching me some tricks. My sister asked me to do some magic for my nephew’s sixth birthday party back in June and it went so well … so I’ve been doing some magic shows for birthday parties and that’s been really fun. I’m not giving up acting or anything, but the magic stuff is fun too.

FanSided: You mentioned your screenwriting, but you’ve also done some sportswriting about your beloved Portland Trail Blazers. How did Eric Millegan get into sportswriting?

EM: I was asked to write a column for I wrote a column for them for five years, which was a blast. When I got to Bones, I was asked to write for; that was fun as well. I haven’t written any sports stuff since like 2007. That’s always been my second dream. If I wasn’t acting, it’d be great to [be a sportswriter].

FanSided: With all these different sides to Eric Millegan beyond acting that we’re now seeing, is there any message that you’re particularly hoping to convey?

EM: What I’ve been able to do being a speaker about bipolar disorder is very important to me. It’s definitely a struggle that I’ve had, but I tell people who are bipolar that it’s okay to come out about it.

I’ve come out about three things in my life. One which is the bipolar disorder, but also coming out as gay, and also coming out about my age. I’m almost 43. When I was 27 I looked like I was 15 or 16, and my agents would tell me don’t tell people how old you are. Eventually I had to come out and go no, this is how old I am and judge me for roles based on how I look.

There’s still gay people in the world that are trying to make it in the [entertainment] business, and I would tell people to come out and live your true self. Know that there’s tons of straight actors who aren’t getting work, so it’s hard for everybody to get work, whether you’re gay or straight.

I’d say don’t be afraid, because I was able to move to Los Angeles and book a television show as an out gay actor [playing] a straight character. So I would tell people who are in college and getting ready to move to LA or New York that are gay and closeted, it’s okay. We can be out and we can get acting roles. Don’t be afraid.


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