Elijah Blake

Elijah Blake Biography, Age, Family, Audiology, Bijoux 23 Zip, Albums, Songs

Elijah Blake (Sean Fenton) is an American singer, contemporary R&B musician and songwriter. Blake has also gone by the alias Redd Stylez.

Elijah Blake Biography

Elijah Blake (Sean Fenton) is an American singer, contemporary R&B musician and songwriter. Blake has also gone by the alias Redd Stylez.

Elijah Blake

He has written songs for Keyshia Cole, Rick Ross, Rihanna, and also co-wrote Usher’s number-one R&B hit, “Climax”.

Elijah Blake Age

He was born Sean Fenton on 4 June, 1992 in Dominican Republic.

Elijah Blake Family

Sean was born to a Haitian father and Dominican mother and raised in Florida.

Elijah Blake Career

He signed in with Atlantic Records and worked with Trey Songz on his Ready album in 2009 when he was 16.

He released his debut mixtape, Bijoux 22, which included the song “X.O.X”, co-written and featuring Common. in December 2012. He released the EP, Drift in 2014 and then released new single “I Just Wanna” in 2015, that would be featured on his album “Shadows & Diamonds”.

Elijah Blake Audiology

Audiology is Blake’s first full independent effort since leaving Def Jam Recordings. It is a sophomore studio album, following up Shadows & Diamonds. The project focuses more on his gospel and soul abilities and contains 80s and 90s inspired songs, such as “Technicolor” and “Black & Blue.”

Elijah Blake Bijoux 23 Zip | Elijah Blake Bijoux 23

Blakes officially released the srudio work Bijoux 23 Zip in December 2018. The album serve as a bridge gap release in the interim between the wait for his debut album “.

Elijah Blake Albums

  • Bijoux 23 – 2018
  • Audiology – 2017
  • Blueberry Vapors – 2016
  • Shadows & Diamonds – 2015
  • Bijoux 22 -2013, EP

Elijah Blake Songs

  • I Just Wanna…
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Everyday
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Black & Blue
    Audiology · 2017
  • Fading
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • 6/Fallen
  • Drop Dead Beautiful
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Towers of Tokyo
  • Strange Fruit
    Drift · 2014
  • Uno
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Hanging Tree
    Sankofa.org presents 17 · 2017
  • Forget You
    Blueberry Vapors · 2016
  • Stingy
    Audiology · 2017
  • When It’s Magic
    Audiology · 2017
  • Technicolor
    Audiology · 2017
  • All Black Everything
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Pinot
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Don’t I Deserve
    Blueberry Vapors · 2016
  • Rockabye
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • The Otherside
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Beloved
    Bijoux 22 · 2013
  • Momma Knows
    Audiology · 2017
  • Can’t Sleep
    Bijoux 23 · 2018
  • Xana White
    Audiology · 2017
  • Live Till We Die
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Rendezvous
    Audiology · 2017
  • X.O.X.
  • Whatever Happened
  • Bout That Life
    Shadows & Diamonds · 2015
  • Come Away
    Drift · 2014
  • Must Be Crazy
    Audiology · 2017
  • To Be Loved
    Bijoux 23 · 2018
  • California Livin’
    Audiology · 2017

Elijah Blake Tour

Blake has no upcoming tour.

Elijah Blake Net Worth

Blake’s net worth is not yet revealed.

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Elijah Blake Everyday Lyrics

Elijah Blake Sky Blue


Elijah Blake Sky Blue Lyrics

Elijah Blake Black and Blue Lyrics

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