Daniel Jones Biography, Age, Wife, Stats, Highights, and Eli Manning’s Giants

Daniel Jones is an American football quarterback for the New York Giants of the National Football League. He had been selected as the sixth overall pick

Daniel Jones Biography

Daniel Jones is an American football quarterback for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). He had been selected as the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft. Jones began his football career in college where he played college football at Duke University. He broke the record with 6,997 passing yards and 98 touchdowns.
However, he was initially committed to Princeton University where he was transferred to Duke University to play college football after receiving an offer from them. Duke was recognized for his skills as a quarterback in 2016 after Thomas Sirk suffered a season-ending injury. he played 12 games and completed 230 of 413 passes in 2017. He has also been an MVP of the 2017 Quick Lane Bowl and the 2018 Independence Bowl. Just recently, Jones played in the 2019 senior Bowl and also the MVP of that 2019 game.

Daniel Jones Age

Jones was born on May 27, 1997, in Charlotte, North Carolina in the USA. As of 2018, he is 21 years old.

Daniel Jones Height

Jones stands at a height of 1.96 m tall. In feet, his height is 6 feet and 5 inches tall. His approximate weight is 220 Ib. In Kilograms, his weight is approximately 100 kilograms. There is information about the measurements of his other body parts.

Daniel Jones Marriage | Wife

There is still no information about the girlfriend or Wife of Jones. He likes keeping details about his personal life all to himself. Details of his past relationship are yet to be revealed. However, since he has been doing well in his career as an NFL player, his relationship status will be updated soon.
Daniel Jones Photography

Daniel Jones Duke

Duke is the nickname that Jones was giving after he played football at Duke University. His football skills, effort and hard work led to the triumphant victory of their Team. From there Duke was drafted in 2019 and he is currently playing for the National Football league 2019.

Daniel Jones Stats


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 Daniel Jones Highlights

Daniel Jones Giants

He was selected with the 6th pick by the New York Giants in the 2019 NFL Draft. He is now playing for NFL 2019 under The Giants Team. He has been a popular quarter back in the history of American Football. Critics have stated that Jones drafting into the New York Giants team makes the Team’s future even brighter.

Daniel Jones Mock Draft

Daniel Jones Vs Dwayne Haskins


Daniel Jones Net Worth

His estimated net worth is still under review. His career began to shine after he was drafted in to the NFL 2019. Since then his worth is still under review.

Daniel Jones News

By Drafting Daniel Jones, the Giants Are Building for the Future With a Foot Stuck in the Past
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If you’re a Giants fan who enjoys the team’s standard operating procedure—similar to a small-town hardware business or nebulous sector of town government where employees are often culled from their connection with, relation to or familiarity of certain individuals—then you likely think the pick of Daniel Jones at No. 6 in the 2019 NFL draft is probably fine.
He will be as promised. Advantageously swag-less. A sturdy flag pole in cement. He is the exact same height and weight as Eli Manning was coming out of Ole Miss in 2004. He was coached by the same person who coached both Manning brothers in college. He went to the Manning passing academy when he was younger. Some people mistake them for distant cousins. If you listen to the Giants talk about what they like about Jones, it feels similar to the same things they liked about Eli 15 years ago. He is a legacy applicant, and maybe you think that’s a good thing. It’s more than having the grades. It just feels right.
This is not to suggest the Giants operated solely on comfort by making one of the most surprising picks on night one of the NFL draft. When their top decision makers, general manager Dave Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur, came out to explain the pick, there was plenty of uncomfortable discussion. Will Jones compete for a starting job right away (it doesn’t sound like it). Will Eli Manning remain a lame-duck quarterback while other, similarly accomplished QBs of his age and draft class are signing long-term extensions? (probably). Will the Giants, who talked about adopting the “Kansas City model” of having a rookie sit behind an established veteran, actually consider the “Green Bay model” and let their first-round pick marinate for three seasons on the sidelines?
Three seasons on the bench, for the No. 6 overall pick.
“Who knows?” Gettleman said. “I may go out in my car now and get hit.”
Despite their obvious attempts to conjure the past, the remade Giants, so far, lack the same sheen. Maybe Jones turns out to be the bridge quarterback to the era beyond Manning. If that’s the case, these last two seasons spent pinballing around, trading good players, signing almost-as-expensive replacements, stuffing square pegs into round holes, will be forgiven. But after a wild night one, where the team traded back into the first round for a third time, logging the only opening round in team history with three picks, the vision isn’t exactly crystal clear. Is this starting over, or is it just a nostalgic, inward glance at what made them successful almost a decade ago, back when the NFL was a completely different place?
Adopted from Sports Illustrated

Eli Manning’s Giants career comes full circle with presence of Daniel Jones

In 2004, Manning, the first overall selection in that year’s draft, began his rookie season sitting behind veteran and future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Warner led the Giants to a 5-4 record after nine games when head coach Tom Coughlin decided to flip the switch and insert Manning into the starting role.
The Giants went 1-6 the rest of the way behind Manning, finishing 6-10 on the season. Manning was anything but impressive as a rookie, completing just 48.2 percent of his passes for 1,043 yards with six touchdowns and nine interceptions for a paltry QB rating of 55.4.
But the Giants had ripped off the band-aid and began the Manning era, one that would bring them two Super Bowl championships and many more thrills and highlights.
That era is nearing its end now that the team made Daniel Jones the sixth overall pick in this year’s draft. Manning is entering the final year of his contract and, barring something unforeseen, it is all but certain that this will be his last year in blue.
Manning will play the season under a constant watch. He needs to play near-perfect football to stave off the inevitable. No one knows that better than Warner.
“The biggest challenge is that your leash is always short,” Warner said last month. “The biggest challenge is performing every single week, and anytime you slip up, no matter how good you’ve been, it’s an opportunity for everybody to sit back and go ‘Is it time? Is he hitting the wall?’ Two (bad) games in a row and it’s ‘Oh my gosh!’”
The Giants are not as bad their 5-11 record indicates (sorry, Bill Parcells), losing close games due to an ineffective offense early on followed by a stretch of leaky defensive performances.
Those issues appear to have been addressed this past offseason. The Giants are building a better offensive line and have added a bevy of talent on the defensive side of the ball.
When the switch at quarterback will occur this season is still unknown. Manning is still the picture of health and has a full grasp of the offense going into his second year running it. Jones has a lot of catching up to do, but head coach Pat Shurmur likes the versatility Jones brings to the table. He can move and rarely makes an errant throw.
If the Giants are .500 or better at the halfway point of the season, will they be as bold as Coughlin was back in 2004 and make the move, or will they let Manning play out the string and try to make the postseason?
The Giants have become a desperate organization of late and becoming less and less of what they were in the past. It doesn’t appear the plan is as clear as they are letting on. Then again, they have been so unpredictable, no one will be surprised when this move does — or doesn’t — happen.

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