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Colleen Coyle is an American meteorologist and weather reporter based in Dallas Texas. She is currently working at WFAA/Channel 8 with her mandates entailing the production and presentation of the weather forecast in North Texas.

Colleen Coyle Wiki

Colleen Coyle is an American meteorologist and weather reporter based in Dallas Texas. She is currently working at WFAA/Channel 8 with her mandates entailing the production and presentation of the weather forecast in North Texas.

Colleen Coyle

Colleen Coyle Biography

Collen enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology from the period of 2004 to 2008. The reporter graduated first in meteorology and a minor in business. She had previously earned a Bachelors degree in earth and atmospheric sciences. Colleen interned at Georgia Tech’s Severe Storms Research Center before setting foot into broadcasting.

Along with fellow researchers, she focused on new ways of tornado detection after an F-2 tornado swept through downtown Atlanta in March 2008.

She submitted a thesis titled “A Combined NEXRAD and CG Lightning Examination of the Atlanta Tornado” in 2008 at the American Meteorological Society’s Severe Local Storms Conference with her fellow authors.

During her younger years, Coyle was interested in meteorology and was s a weather geek. Additionally, she also plays guitar and violin which she learned from her dad. She took up photography as her hobby. She adds that if she wasn’t a reporter she would probably be a photographer. Her passion for weather leads her to thrilling events like launching weather balloons at the National Weather Service and storm chasing in HD Chopper 8.

Colleen Coyle WFAA

Before joining WFAA; Colleen was the morning meteorologist at KPSP Local 2 in Palm Springs, California . She also worked in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia as a weather producer for WSB-TV before relocating to the West Coast.Colleen  joined the WFAA-TV in July 2010 where she provides complete weather information and writes feature stories and packages for newscasts..


Colleen Coyle Age

The reporter has not yet disclosed her age, and thus the information is still under review.From her twitter data, the reporter is in her late 20s. She celebrates her birthday on January 7th.

Colleen Coyle Family

Colleen Coyle is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and her father  Mr. Coyle; is an architect.

Colleen Coyle Husband

Colleen met her love of life Mike Rogers during her college days at Georgia Tech in a “Pancake Dinner” Social in their dorm Freshman Year in 2004. Mike proposed her in a very romantic way just like in fairy tales. After a hike in Fredericksburg, he presented a Shutterfly book to her, each page of the book told their story from college days, and a beautiful ring was hidden in it. She said yes, and the couple got married on January 17, 2015, in Dallas, Texas.

Colleen Coyle Children

Colleen has a daughter by adoption.

Colleen Coyle Height

The meteorologist has a standard height of 5’8” which makes her perfect for live television.

Colleen Coyle Salary 

The average salary of a meteorologist is $53,650 and looking at her resume and experience; Colleen certainly earns more than that. The information regarding her precise salary is under review.

Colleen Coyle Net Worth

Her net worth is around $250k.

Colleen Coyle Leaving| Adoption

In yet another big change for a WFAA/Channel 8 personality, afternoon meteorologist Colleen Coyle announced on the air as well as on her socials —via a Facebook Live — that she will be off the air for six weeks, commencing on Jan. 22. She also added that she and her husband adopt a foster child. Coyle originally made the announcement on her own Facebook Page on Jan. 17, which also happened to be her and her husband’s fourth wedding anniversary.

Colleen Coyle Adoption

The reporter and her husband reported their first child which led to her six month leave off television. She is scheduled to be back on-air in early March. “We are adopting a wonderful, wonderful, amazing foster child,” Coyle says in a Facebook Live from her home. “Words can’t even describe this journey. It has been a wild ride the past several months.”

“My faith is very, very important to me, and God has had his hand in all of this,” she says in the Facebook Live. “We had talked about adopting, but we didn’t think it was going to be in the cards so soon, but God had a different plan.”

Coyle’s announcement comes about three weeks after news anchor Cynthia Izaguirre returned from her own adoption leave — which turned out to take much longer than she expected it to.

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