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Boze Hadleigh. Boze Hadleigh is the author of several books that cover LGBT culture, popular culture, and show business. His 22 books have been translated into 14 languages…

Boze Hadleigh Biography

Boze Hadleigh (born May 15, 1954) is the author of several books that cover LGBT culture, popular culture, and show business. His 22 books have been translated into 14 languages. He holds a master’s degree in journalism.

Boze Hadleigh

Boze Hadleigh Age

Boze Hadleigh is the author of several books that cover LGBT culture, popular culture, and show business. He was born on born May 15, 1954. He is 64 years old as of 2019

Boze Hadleigh Writings

Several of his books deal with pop culture and/or entertainment history and how the media and status quo shape and manipulate audiences’ perceptions and opinions. Some of his books are exclusively about the LGBT presence in and contributions to entertainment.

Some of Hadleigh’s books are quoted collections, some are histories and overviews, and some are interview books with movie personalities. Several of these interviews, as with Rock Hudson, were published in periodicals before the subjects died.

Personal life

Hadleigh is gay.

Boze Hadleigh Disputable claims

In Hadleigh’s book Broadway Babylon, Madeline Kahn is quoted as saying: “Nathan Lane has a wonderful sensibility for comedy…It does rather surprise me that as a gay man he participates in that degree of homophobic humor in The Producers.” Madeline Kahn died in 1999. Nathan Lane only was signed to appear in The Producers in October 2000.

In the book Leading Ladies, referring to the film Brief Encounter, Hadleigh writes: “Sir Nöel did not believe any of the remakes worked nearly as well, including the highly publicized 1975 British telefilm starring Sophia Loren and Richard Burton.” However, Noël Coward died in March 1973.

Among other claims Hadleigh has made is that Rock Hudson had an affair with Liberace. In a filmed interview, journalist Woody McBreairty confronted Hadleigh with the information that Tom Clark, publicist and former lover of Hudson, had said of the claim: “Nonsense.

It never happened. I knew Rock for thirty years…Rock did not know this writer and never spoke to him. The way Rock is quoted is just not the way he talked”. In response, Hadleigh stated that he had interviewed Hudson twice, in 1977 and 1982.

Boze Hadleigh Talks Hollywood Lesbians From Garbo To Foster & More (AUDIO)

This week I talked with author Boze Hadleigh about his new updated edition of Hollywood Lesbians: From Garbo To Foster published by Riverdale Avenue Books. This is a rare collection of exclusive interviews with Hollywood icons from the Golden Age of movies and TV including Dame Judith Anderson, Barbara Stanwyck, Capucine, Ann B. Davis, Nancy Kulp, Sandy Dennis, Agnes Moorehead, Edith Head, and Patsy Kelly among others.

There’s also fabulous stories and insight about Jodie Foster, Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch, Ellen Page and more. Renowned entertainment journalist and historian Hadleigh goes straight to the source and opens the film world and television’s closet door of yesteryear and brings it full circle to today with new fabulous material.

This is a fascinating exploration of our LGBTQ community’s depiction and survival in the entertainment industry over the past century to the present day. I talked to Boze about his inspiration for revising Hollywood Lesbians: From Garbo To Foster and his spin on our LGBTQ issues.

When asked how he sees our LGBTQ community moving forward in a Trump administration Hadleigh stated:

The most important thing for the LGBTQ community is simply to be out, to be open because the more people that admit that they are gay the less that can be done against us simply from numbers; number are so important. It use to be thought back when everyone was in the closet that hardly anyone was gay.

It was like one person out of a hundred or a thousand, you know one freak something like that as opposed to a legitimate minority like let’s say left-handed people where you don’t always know who they are.

So just coming out is the most important thing and of course in the case of having a leader like this who was elected by the Electoral College and not by the people and the Electoral College is an anachronism and it does go back to a time when the founding fathers, only fathers, no mothers, were in charge and calling injustices involved.

That should not exist anymore; that’s one of the things people need to push for the abolition of the Electoral College so as in a true democracy the people elect their leader.

That’s one thing and also about resisting you know in other words write to your congress person, resist anything that is unfair that is put out by this administration which almost everything they put out is unfair.

Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done with the Supreme Court situation but again just being active because this is one thing that I’ve always believed that when you’re gay and that always includes of course LGBTQ, you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.

There is no fence sitting. Either you’re helping moving forward simply by being out for instance and by writing a letter or making a phone call, sending an email or you’re in the closet or you never do anything about it or say ‘Well that’s a terrible antigay thing.’

But what are you going to do about it? Are you saying anything about it? So to be more active to first of all be out of course and be more active about it because it doesn’t take a lot of time especially in this electronic age. So just be out there.

Boze Hadleigh is the foremost writer on LGBTQ Hollywood. His 22 books have been translated into 14 languages and yielded 11 TV documentaries and three plays.

He holds a master’s degree in journalism, speaks five languages, has visited over 60 countries and even won on Jeopardy! His titles also include Hollywood Gays, The Lavender Screen, Sing Out!, Broadway Babylon, Celebrity Lies!, Marilyn Forever and An Actor Succeeds to name a few. Hollywood Gays and Hollywood Lesbians: From Garbo To Foster are available on Riverdale Avenue Books.

Boze Hadleigh Books

Boze HadleighBooks Hollywood Lesbians: From Garbo to Foster 1994, Conversations with my elders 1986, The lavender screen 1993, Bette Davis speaks 1996, Hollywood Gays: Conversations With, Cary Grant, Liberace, Tony Perkins, Paul Lynde, Cesar Romero, Brad Davis, Randolph Scott, James Coco, William Haines, David Lewis 1996,

Broadway Babylon: Glamour, Glitz, and Gossip on the Great White Way 2007, Celluloid gaze 2002, The vinyl closet 1991, Holy Cow! Doggerel, Catnaps, Scapegoats, Foxtrots, and Horse Feathers—Splendid Animal Words and Phrases 2015, Life’s a Pooch: Quotes About Dogs by People Who Love Them 2017, 492 Great Things About Being Italian 2015,

Mexico’s Most Wanted 2007, Celebrity Feuds! The Cattiest Rows, Spats, and Tiffs Ever Recorded 1999, Celebrity Diss and Tell: Stars Talk About Each Other 2005, Hollywood Babble-On: Stars Gossip about Other Stars 1994, Elizabeth Taylor: Tribute to a Legend 2017, An Actor Succeeds: Tips, Secrets & Advice on Auditioning, Connection, Coping & Thriving In & Out of Hollywood 2014, Sing Out! Gays and Lesbians in the Music World 1997,

Hispanic Hollywood 1990 Marilyn Forever: Musings on an American Icon by the Stars of Yesterday and Today 2016, In or Out 2000, Leading Ladies 1992, Holy Matrimony! Better Halves and Bitter Halves: Actors, Athletes, Comedians, Directors, Divas, Philosophers, Poets 2003, Celebrity Lies! Stars’ Fibs, Fabrications, Myths, and Little White Lies 2003, Hollywood and Whine: The Snippy, Snotty, and Scandalous Things Stars Say about Each Other 1998,

An Actor Succeeds: Tips, Secrets, and Advice on Auditioning, Connection, Coping and Thriving in and Out of Hollywood, from Stars, Agents, Coaches, Casting Directors, Producers, and Others 2014, In Or Out: Stars on Sexuality: a Collection of Celebrity Quotes 2000

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