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Boyd Matson, Bio, Nationality, Age, Education, Career

Boyd Matson
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Boyd Matson Biography

Boyd Matson is the former co-anchor of NBC‘s Sunday Today program and former anchor of National Geographic Explorer and a former. He was also an NBC News correspondent in the 1980s, working mostly on news features and earlier as a sports reporter on KNBC in Los Angeles. He hosts Wild Chronicles a show on PBS as well as the nationwide radio program NG Weekend.

Boyd Age

He was born on 26 April 1947 and is now 72 years old.

Boyd Matson Nationality

He is an American national born and raised in the United States of America.

Boyd Matson Education

He attended Southern Nazarene University in 1969.

Boyd Matson National Geographic

As a leading on-air journalist for National Geographic, he traveled to exotic locations and went on thrilling expeditions. He has traveled to all seven continents, participated in high-adrenaline adventures, and witnessed amazing natural history and anthropology events. His job included dangerous endeavors where he would rappel into sinkholes and even be bitten by more countless snakes.

Boyd Matson Wild Chronicles

Going further into the call of journalistic duty to satisfy his own powerful curiosity about the world at large and bring a unique personal perspective to his stories, Matson’s Wild Chronicles connects viewers to the peculiarities of the planet.

Boyd Matson Career

He has built his career as an expedition journalist working for National Geographic. He traveled all seven continents on his expeditions exploring the most uninhabited parts of the world and making massive discoveries.

Apart from his dangerous job as an expedition journalist, Matson also hosts the radio program National Geographic Weekend as well as writes a monthly travel column for National Geographic Traveler magazine, and serves as a spokesperson for the National Geographic Society.

He has had several prominent positions in the field of television as co-anchor of World News Now on ABC, host of The Real Story on CNBC, a correspondent for Real Life With Jane Pauley, co-anchor and correspondent for USA Today, as well as being the original co-anchor of NBC’s Sunday Today.

Boyd Matson’s Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $893,201 Dollars in 2019. He owes this wealth to his career as a journalist and television personality.

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