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Andrew Napolitano born Andrew Peter Napolitano, is an American syndicated columnist whose work appears in numerous publications, such as Fox News.

Andrew Napolitano Wiki

Andrew Napolitano born Andrew Peter Napolitano, is an American syndicated columnist whose work appears in numerous publications, such as Fox News, The Washington Times, and Reason. He is a senior judicial analyst for Fox News, commenting on legal news and trials.

Andrew Napolitano

Andrew Napolitano Biography

He served as a New Jersey Superior Court judge from 1987 to 1995. He is a visiting professor at Brooklyn Law School and has written nine books on legal and political subjects.

Andrew Napolitano Age

He was born on 6 June 1950 in Newark, New Jersey, United States.

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Napolitano was born in Newark, New Jersey. He received his A.B. degree from Princeton University and his J.D. degree from Notre Dame Law School. He was admitted to the New Jersey bar in 1975. After law school, Napolitano entered private practice as a litigator. Napolitano first taught law for a brief period in 1980–1981 at Delaware Law School (then-Widener). Napolitano sat on the New Jersey bench from 1987 to 1995, becoming the state’s youngest then-sitting Superior Court judge.

As a judge, Napolitano issued several notable decisions. In-State v. Barcia, Napolitano found that random DWI roadblock checkpoints were unconstitutional under both the Federal and New Jersey state constitutions, and sustained a motion to suppress drug and drug paraphernalia evidence found at such a stop. In the case In re K.L.F., Napolitano found that New Jersey’s Frivolous Pleading Statute could be applied against the state as well as private litigants whose claims were frivolous. In Cusseaux v. Pickett, Napolitano decided that a woman who was abused and mistreated by her husband has a civil cause of action against her abuser for the resulting battered person syndrome.

He resigned his judgeship in 1995 to return to private practice. He later pursued writing, teaching, and television career. He also served as an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University School of Law for 11 years from 1989–2000. Napolitano taught at Brooklyn Law School before being let go by the law school in 2017.

According to a March 2017 report in Politico, Napolitano told friends that President Donald Trump told him he was considering Napolitano for a United States Supreme Court appointment should there be a second vacancy. Ultimately, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was chosen instead.

Andrew Napolitano Wife

He prefers to keep his personal life close to his chest. Though he is vocal in regard to his profession, he has not spilled any information on his love-life.

As he has maintained low keyness in his personal life, it has brought more curiosities regarding his love life. But no information about his romantic union has ever surfaced. He has neither been spotted with anyone nor found to be in any affair with someone who can be given his wife tag.

Judge Andrew Napolitano Fox News

Before joining Fox as a news analyst, Napolitano was the presiding judge for the first season of Twentieth Television’s syndicated court show Power of Attorney (2000–02), in which people brought small-claims disputes to a televised courtroom. Differing from similar formats, the plaintiffs and defendants were represented pro bono by famous attorneys. Napolitano departed the series after its first season.

From 2006 to 2010, Napolitano co-hosted a talk radio show on Fox News Radio with Brian Kilmeade titled Brian and the Judge. Napolitano hosted a libertarian talk show called Freedom Watch that aired daily, with new episodes on weekdays, on Fox Business Channel. Frequent guests on Freedom Watch were Congressman Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell. Napolitano has promoted the works of Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises on his program. The show originally aired once a week, every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. on Fox News’ Strategy Room.

On September 14, 2009, it began to air three to four times a week, and on June 12, 2010, it debuted as a weekly show on Fox Business. The show was one of several programs dropped in February 2012, when FBN revamped its primetime lineup.

Napolitano regularly substituted for television host Glenn Beck when Beck was absent from his program. After Beck announced that he would be leaving Fox News, he asked Napolitano to replace him. Napolitano regularly provided legal analysis on top rated shows on both Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, such as The Kelly File, The O’Reilly Factor, Varney & Co., The Fox Report with Shepard Smith, Fox & Friends, and Special Report with Bret Baier until an appearance on March 16, 2017 related to a conspiracy theory involving President Trump’s accusation that former President Obama had wiretapped him. On March 20, 2017, The Los Angeles Times reported that Napolitano was pulled off the air indefinitely because of the wiretapping claims. However, it was unclear whether Napolitano would return to the air, or whether it was just a temporary move to remove him from the news cycle. Napolitano returned to the air on March 29, and stood by his claims concerning British intelligence.

Andrew Napolitano Books

He is a re-known writer of books. His books include:


  • Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks its Own Laws (2004)
  • The Constitution in Exile: How the Federal Government Has Seized Power by Rewriting the Supreme Law of the Land (2006)
  • A Nation of Sheep (2007)
  • Dred Scott’s Revenge: A Legal History of Race and Freedom in America (2009)
  • Lies the Government Told You: Myth, Power, and Deception in American History (2010)
  • It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong: The Case for Personal Freedom (2011)
  • Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom (2012)
  • The Freedom Answer Book: How the Government Is Taking Away Your Constitutional Freedoms (2013)
  • Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty (2014)

Academic works

  • “The News Person’s Shield Law: A Welcome Acceptance by the Federal Courts of an Important State Privilege”, New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, Vol. 113, pp. 13–7 (November 1985).
  • “Whatever Happened to Freedom of Speech? A Defense of ‘State Interest of the Highest Order’ as a Unifying Standard for Erratic First Amendment Jurisprudence”, Seton Hall Law Review, Vol. 29, pp. 1197–276 (1999).
  • “Liberty v. Tyranny: A Constant Struggle”, Regent University Law Review, Vol. 22, pp. 291–99 (2010) (Keynote Address: Media and the Law Symposium: When Does Regulation Go Too Far?).
  • “A Legal History of National Security Law and Individual Rights in the United States”, New York University Law School Journal of Law & Liberty, Vol. 8, pp. 396–555 (2014).

Andrew Napolitano Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Andrew Napolitano Janet Napolitano

Despite Andrew jokingly referring to Janet as “Evil Cousin”, he came out openly to state that he is not related to the former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

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