Amelia Santaniello

Amelia Santaniello Biography, Age, Height, Salary, Newtworth And Weight Loss

Amelia Santaniello Biography

Amelia Santaniello is An American News Anchor who Co-Anchors the 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. news Monday through Friday. She’s been with the station since 1996. Ten years later, her husband, Frank Vascellaro, joined her as co-anchor. They are the first married couple to co-anchor a news program in the Twin Cities.

Amelia Santaniello

Before coming to Minnesota, Amelia anchored the weekend news at WTIC-TV in Hartford, CT. She started her career in Washington, D.C., at WUSA, where she was a reporter trainee. From there, she went to WETM-TV in Elmira, N.Y., where she anchored the weekend newscasts. Then she moved on to WNEP-TV in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa. as a reporter and anchor.

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Amelia Santaniello Age

Santaniello was born in 1964 in Alexandria, Virginia, but her hometown is Madison Township, Pennsylvania. Because of her family’s military background, Amelia has lived in several cities during her childhood, some even overseas.

Amelia Santaniello Height

She Stands at a Fair Height and a Fair Body Weight to March Her Height.

Amelia Santaniello Salary

Amelia Santaniello has been prominent in her career since the time she started back in 1996. She along with her husband are committed to the “Twin Cities“. The duo is also seen hosting charity event several times. Although her salary is unknown to us, it is speculated that her salary is somewhere around $104,490 annually.

Amelia Santaniello Family

She is married to fellow news Anchor rank Vascellaro, she might be going home in between broadcasts to have dinner with her family – kids Sam, 12, and twins Francesca and Joseph, 9.

Amelia Santaniello Net Worth

Santaniello has accumulated a huge net worth as for her involvement in her News reporting career.  She also enjoys a decent lifestyle along with her husband and her three kids. It is speculated that her net worth is more than $400,000.

Amelia Santaniello Weight Loss

The hardest part of any diet isn’t starting it: It’s sticking to it. And even if you’re able to lose the weight, keeping it off can be difficult.That’s why I’m so excited about the diet I first discovered in November. I lost almost 20 pounds in the first month.And because the food is so satisfying, I was able to stick with it, and even picked up a partner.

This month, Amelia joined me in “the Cave”, as I like to call it. She tried out the Caveman Diet while I tried to push past my plateau.And we both tried to get along.Remember back in November? I’d put on about 25 pounds and I wanted to look and feel better. So trainer TJ McNiff weighed me, measured me and invited me into the cave.

It’s called the Caveman Diet, because you’re basically eating like a like caveman – it’s all meat, vegetables and seeds. It’s otherwise known as the Paleo diet. All the foods are things that a caveman could have hunted and gathered thousands of years ago.The diet is heavy on protein. You don’t need to count calories, but if you follow the diet correctly, about 55 percent of those calories come from lean protein, with the rest coming from vegetables, fruit and good fats.

After a month on the diet and in the gym, I had some impressive results. I lost 17 pounds and shrunk my waistline by 5 inches.And with all the fresh, healthy food around the house, I made a convert.

“Just watching what you eat, I actually think I want to try the diet,” Amelia told me.

So, we went back to the gym together. Amelia got weighed and measured while I updated my numbers. And although they were almost the same as two months earlier, McNiff wasn’t concerned.

“Basically your body is adapting to your new weight,” he said. “So just keep going and it will kick back in again.”He worked us hard, but he warned that dieting together could be difficult. He said that one person usually gets upset as the other takes food away.

And he was right.

Amelia Santaniello Bio

Santaniello was born in 1964 in Alexandria, Virginia, but her hometown is Madison Township, Pennsylvania. Because of her family’s military background, Amelia has lived in several cities during her childhood, some even overseas. She is a mother of three kids – Elder son Sam & twins Joe and Francesca.

Amelia Santaniello And Frank Vascellaro

Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello weren’t always Frank and Amelia, or Framelia, as their coworkers call them. Once, they were two, single anchors – Frank at KARE 11; Amelia at WCCO – both new to the Twin Cities and looking for dates.

In December of 1996, they each were attending a fundraiser at Uptown’s Calhoun Beach Club. The rest is history – well, almost. In their own words, how Frank and Amelia became local TV’s favorite couple.

Amelia Santaniello Cbs

Jana Shortal isn’t the only Twin Cities broadcaster making a national appearance this week, with WCCO’s Amelia Santaniello landing a spot as a guest host on CBS this week.Santaniello, who co-anchors the WCCO Evening News alongside husband Frank Vascellaro, will be the guest co-host of CBS’ Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show, “The Talk” at 1 p.m. Central this Thursday.

She’s one of six news anchors from regional CBS stations to serve as guest hosts on “The Talk” this week.

She’ll join hosts Eve, Sara Gilbert, Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne and Sherly Underwood.

And continuing the Minnesota link, actor Emilio Estevez (he of “Mighty Ducks” fame), is the scheduled guest for Amelia’s episode.

If you’ve never seen “The Talk,” it sees the panel of regular hosts and guests discuss various issues and trending topics of the day, and also features musical performances, cooking demos and celebrity interviews.

A native of Virginia, Santaniello has been with WCCO since 1996 and was joined 10 years later by husband Frank, becoming the first wife-husband co-anchors in the Twin Cities media market.

Amelia Santaniello House

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As the weather gets colder, it will soon be the season for frozen pipes — and when pipes freeze and start to leak, you can be dealing with a big mess.

It happened to WCCO’s Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello.

A pipe burst at their cabin, slowly leaking into the floors and walls for months before they discovered it. By then, mold and water damage totaled the cabin.

They learned the hard way, how to prevent something like this from happening.

The worst of it happens when you’re away. Minnesotans who have a weekend cabin, or leave the state during winter, or just go away for a few days on vacation know that the destructive force of water is nothing to mess with.

Water Damage contractor Mark Mason sees problems caused by water just about every day. He was recently at the home of Heather Davis after she heard a wave of water gush into her basement during a heavy rainstorm.

“We immediately started moving stuff, and my husband went outside to see where it was coming from,” she said.

Mason said that despite the scare, her basement is salvageable.

“The typical rule is within three days — if you can get it dry within three days,” he said. “A lot of times you’ll have a slow leak in a pipe and you won’t notice it, or a pipe can actually break while you’re gone. Time is not your friend, so if you can get on it and try and get it dry within 72 hours before any bacteria starts growing, you’re good.”

And as the weather gets colder, Mason says business will start to really pick up.

“Once freezing starts the phone rings off the hook,” he said.

Some people turn off their water for winter. Frank and Amelia said they sometimes visit the cabin when it’s cold, so they left it on.

After their cabin was destroyed, they learned about a way to avoid water damage — a home water-monitoring system. It can easily shut off all the water in the house, and if it senses the water is running for too long, a valve shuts it off and sends an alert to your smartphone.

A wide range of water detection devices are now available, ranging in price from under $100 up to a couple of thousand dollars.

Troy Olsen works for Dean’s Plumbing based in Maple Grove.

“Really, water is the most damaging thing in your house you can have,” he said. “We all have insurance, but that’s the last line of defense. That’s something that we don’t want to have to rely on, and a simple $100 fix can sure save you some headaches.”

The alert is the key to stopping damage and getting it cleaned up quickly. Frank and Amelia even got a discount from our insurance company for installing that device.

Water damage caused by rain or flooding isn’t typically covered by homeowner insurance unless you have extra coverage. On the other hand, properly maintained pipes that freeze and break are usually covered.

Frank Vascellaro And Amelia Santaniello Wedding

Amelia And Husband Tell a Tale of How they Met.

Amelia: It was the first time I’d laid eyes on him in person, and let me tell you: When you walked in, I was like, “Wow!”

Frank: That is so hot.

Amelia: But the big thing was when I started talking to you, you turned out to be a really nice guy.

Frank: Being the brave soul that I am, I was with a buddy of mine, J.R. Mahon — red-haired, short, Irish New Yorker who acted every bit of a red-haired, short, Irish New Yorker. He talked to Amelia and came back with a little reconnaissance report and said, “I think she seems like a good person.”

Amelia: I love J.R. I can’t remember what he was saying, but I was like, “Who is this guy?”

Frank: My first reaction was, “Wow! She’s really pretty.” And the great thing about our conversation, I remember, it was 5 percent about TV and 95 percent about our families and life. I was so excited after that night. I didn’t know about the long-distance boyfriend. That actually didn’t come up in the initial conversation.

Amelia: I broke it off with him, because I knew it wasn’t going to work out. In all my years of dating, I didn’t want to get married or anything, but after that night I was like, “I think [Frank] is the one.”

Frank: It was a brilliant decision. —Jesse Marx

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