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Alberto Felipe Fuguet de Goyeneche is a Chilean writer, journalist, film critic, and film director who rose to critical prominence in the 1990s as part of the movement known as the New Chilean Narrative…

Alberto Fuguet Wiki

Alberto Fuguet(full name: Alberto Felipe Fuguet de Goyeneche) is a Chilean writer, journalist, film critic, and film director who rose to critical prominence in the 1990s as part of the movement known as the New Chilean Narrative. Although he was born in Santiago, he spent his first 13 years of life in Encino, California. He was among the fifty Latin American leaders selected by Time Magazine and CNN in 1999, and he appeared on the front page of Newsweek Magazine in 2002.

Alberto Fuguet

Alberto Fuguet Biography

Fuguet was born in Santiago, Chile, but his family moved to Encino, California where he lived until age 13. He is a graduate of the University of Chile’s School of Journalism.

In 1999 Time called Fuguet one of the 50 most important Latin Americans for the next millennium. In 2003, he was featured on the cover of the international edition of Newsweek magazine to represent a new generation of writers.

Fuguet currently heads the program in Contemporary Audiovisual Culture at the Universidad Alberto Hurtado’s School of Journalism in Santiago. He also writes for the newspaper El Mercurio and is at work on two new projects: the film Perdidos and the book Missing.

Alberto Fuguet Writing

Fuguet’s work is characterized by a United States/Chilean hybridity, with constant cross-references to the popular cultures of the two nations. In 1996 he co-edited (with Sergio Gómez) the anthology McOndo, whose title combined McDonald’s with Macondo, the fictional town created by Gabriel García Márquez.

McOndo represented popular culture while largely rejecting the use of magical realism in contemporary Latin American fiction.

Fuguet’s other books are the short story collections Sobredosis and Cortos; the novels Mala Onda, Por favor, rebobinar, Tinta Roja and Las películas de mi Vida; and the non-fiction collection Primera Parte. Mala Onda, which narrates a week in the life of a Santiago teenager in 1980, has received wide acclaim.

Tinta Roja has been made into a film. Las películas de Mi Vida is a semi-autobiographical novel about a Chilean seismologist who grew up in California and later returned to Chile.

Its protagonist recounts his life with references to movies he has watched. Some of Fuguet’s work, including Mala Onda and Las películas de mi Vida, has been translated into English and published in the United States.

2007 saw the release of Road Story, a graphic novel illustrated by Gonzalo Martínez based on one of the stories in Cortos. Under the Alfaguara imprint, the book is claimed by Fuguet and by his sometime-collaborator Francisco Ortega to be the first Chilean graphic novel issued by a major publisher.

Alberto Fuguet Age

Alberto Felipe Fuguet de Goyeneche is a Chilean writer, journalist, film critic, and film director who rose to critical prominence in the 1990s as part of the movement known as the New Chilean Narrative. He was born on March 25, 1964, in Santiago, Chile.

Alberto Fuguet Family

Fuguet was born in Santiago, Chile, but his family moved to Encino, California where he lived until age 13.

Alberto Fuguet Wife

More information about his Wife will be updated soon.

Alberto Fuguet Children

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Alberto Fuguet Height

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Alberto Fuguet Salary

Alberto’s salaray is estimated to be between $10k to $50k.

Alberto Fuguet Net Worth

His Net worth is estimated to be around $250k.

Alberto Fuguet Filmography

  • Cola de mono (2018)
  • Invierno (2015)
  • Música Campesina (2011)
  • Velódromo (2010)
  • 2 horas (2009)
  • Se arrienda (2005) (co-written with Francisco Ortega)
  • Las hormigas asesinas (2004)
  • En un lugar de la noche (aka Dos hermanos) (writer) (directed by Martín Rodríguez, 2000).

Alberto Fuguet Books

Mala Onda 1991, Missing 2009, Sobredosis 1990, Las películas de mi Vida 2002, The Movies of My Life 2003, McOndo 1996, Shorts 1975, Por favor, rebobinar 1994, Tinta Roja 1996, Primera Parte 2000, and Hecho in the USA 1975

Alberto Fuguet McOndo

McOndo is a Latin American literary movement that breaks with the magical realism mode of narration and counters it with languages borrowed from mass media. The literature of McOndo presents urban Latin American life, in opposition to the rural Latin America of Macondo.

Initiated by Chilean writers Alberto Fuguet and Sergio Gómez in the 1990s, the movement serves as an antidote to the Macondo-ism that demanded of all aspiring Latin American writers that they set their tales in steamy tropical jungles in which the fantastic and the real happily coexisted.

The realistic narratives of McOndo literature refer and allude to popular culture as lived in the cities and suburbs of contemporary Latin American cities—thus the gritty, hard-boiled depictions of poverty and crime, of the local economic consequences of globalization, and of social class and identity differences.

Despite McOndo literature often depicting the social consequences of political economy, the narrative mode is usually less political than that of magical realism.

Alberto Fuguet Sudor

Vertiginoso, salvaje, Sudor es el colosal relato de un editor que describe, con desparpajo y humor corrosivo, el funcionamiento y las relaciones del mundo literario. Suerte de despiadada sátira a la feria de vanidades que pueden ser las giras de prensa de escritores y sus egos desatados, esta novela es también una indagación sin anestesia en un submundo gay donde los afectos quedan relegados a un segundo plano por el despliegue de una serie de relaciones carnales, efímeras y extremas, propiciadas por Grindr, la exitosa red social de contactos homosexuales que Alf, el editor narrador de esta novela, usa con la misma frecuencia con que sus autores lo utilizan a él como consejero, asesor o cómplice.

Entre tanto, la ciudad de Santiago, donde trascurren los pocos días que Sudor relata, cobra una presencia inusitada que raras veces la narrativa chilena ha sabido darle.
Una novela tragicómica, estructurada con maestría por la escritura ágil, festiva y electrizante del mejor Fuguet, aquella que lo ha convertido en una referencia de la literatura hispanoamericana.


Savage and dizzying, Sweat is the extraordinary tale of an editor who describes, with impudence and corrosive humor, the inner workings and relationships of the literary world.

A merciless satire of the vanity fair that press tours for writers and their out-of-control egos can be, this novel is also a sharp inquiry into the gay underworld where affection takes a backseat to the unfolding of a series of fleeting, extreme carnal relationships brought about by Grindr, the successful social network for homosexual contacts that Alf, the editor who narrates this story, uses as often as his authors use him as an advisor, consultant, or accomplice.

Meanwhile, the city of Santiago, where the few days depicted by Sweat take place, takes on an unusual presence that Chilean fiction has rarely been able to capture.

A tragicomic novel structured masterfully with Fuguet’s agile, festive, and electric writing, that has become a landmark piece in Latin American literature.

Las Peliculas De Mi Vida Alberto Fuguet

Las películas de mi Vida (translated as The Movies of My Life: A Novel) is a 2002 semi-autobiographical novel by Chilean writer Alberto Fuguet. The novel has received a significant amount of critical attention.
Plot summary
The novel’s protagonist tells the story of his life lived back and forth between Chile and California. He focuses first on his early youth spent in California, using the films that he saw as a way to characterize this time in his life.

He rather suddenly has to return to Chile in his early teens, coming home to live under Augusto Pinochet’s regime, a major culture shock for him.

Bad Vibes Alberto Fuguet Review

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