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Adam Kokesh (Full name – Adam Charles Kokesh; /ˈkoʊkɛʃ/) is an American libertarian political activist, radio host, author and a U.S. 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate running on the single-issue platform of an “orderly dissolution of the federal government.” He was born on February 1, 1982, in San Francisco, California, U.S.

Adam Kokesh Biography

Adam Kokesh (Full name – Adam Charles Kokesh; /ˈkoʊkɛʃ/) is an American libertarian political activist, radio host, author and a U.S. 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate running on the single-issue platform of an “orderly dissolution of the federal government.” He was born on February 1, 1982, in San Francisco, California, U.S.

Adam Kokesh

Kokesh is a former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant who served in the Iraq War in 2004. He became an anti-war activist and an advocate for the Iraq Veterans Against the War group upon his return from Iraq. Kokesh emerged as a radio talk show host in 2011 when his TV, radio and web access show Adam vs. The Man was licensed by Russia Today’s US affiliate until it was canceled months later due to an FEC complaint.

Kokesh gained his first huge publicity which gave him national attention when his photograph appeared in various newspapers, including the front page of the Los Angeles Times at a protest during Alberto Gonzales’s testimony to Congress regarding the dismissal of U.S. attorneys. He is an advocate of voluntaryism and has organized and participated in many anti-government political demonstrations, some of which have resulted in him being detained or arrested.

Adam Kokesh Girlfriend

In 2013, Adam Kokesh was in a dating relationship with a girl, Carey Wedler. However, the pair separated after an incident that took Adam to jail. The pair was together when the police broke in and sealed off Adam’s house. According to Adam’s manager, there were at least 30 police units at ground and a couple of helicopters above his house during that time.

Everyone present in the house was pinned down by the officers including Carey. This incident took a toll on their relationship and some while later, the pair broke up. Later, in 2014, Adam was in a dating affair with his new girlfriend, Macey Tomlin. The couple first met on Twitter and later, they started dating.

Finally, the pair proposed simultaneously and engaged on Macey’s birthday on July 8, 2015, at the Imagine Memorial in New York City. The pair even announced the plan for their marriage in Spring 2017.

Even though the pair had planned all about their wedding, their relationship didn’t work out. According to Macey, Adam was emotionally abusive, controlling, gaslighting, and a sociopath. Apart from that, she also recommended not to support him in the 2020 LP nomination.

Adam Kokesh Age

Kokesh was born on February 1, 1982, in San Francisco, California. He attended Stevenson School, a boarding school in Pebble Beach, for his first year of high school, until he was kicked out for possession of alcohol.

Kokesh’s Photo

Adam Kokesh Ron Paul

Kokesh spoke at the Revolution March On July 12, 2008, which took place on the west lawn of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. He spoke at Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic in St. Paul, Minnesota, on September 2, 2008.

Kokesh interrupted Senator John McCain’s acceptance speech of the GOP nomination for president at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, On September 4, 2008. He held a sign reading “McCain Votes Against Vets” on one side and “You can’t win an occupation” on the other, Kokesh yelled: “Ask him why he votes against vets!” Following this incident, he was detained by local police and released soon after.

Kokesh was a spokesperson for a grassroots group, “Veterans for Ron Paul”, in support of the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign.

Kokesh participated in “Veterans for Ron Paul” rally on February 20, 2012, organized by himself, 500 marchers, including veterans, active-duty service, and their families, marched towards the White House. There they engaged in ceremonial flag-folding in memory of deceased soldiers and periods of silence for soldiers who died in battle and for those who committed suicide after returning.

Adam Kokesh Abortion

Personally, Kokesh is anti-abortion but is pro-choice and believes that the government should have nothing to do with it. He also believes that life begins at conception. On the right to terminate a pregnancy, Kokesh says “if you own your own body, you have no obligation to use it to support another life against your will” and “it’s morally repugnant to deny a woman an abortion when she’s been raped”.

Adam Kokesh Podcast

Adam vs. The Man was a talk show which was available in a variety of formats, such as web-access, AM radio, podcast, and Facebook-linked YouTube channel. Initially airing in 2011 as an evening two-hour broadcast on KIVA AM 1550 talk radio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Adam vs. The Man then shifted to a half-hour video news format on RT before fully moving to the internet as an hour-long video podcast. On April 7, 2014, AVTM 4.0 was launched from Los Angeles, CA, and could be viewed live daily from noon to 2 PM, Pacific Time.

Adam Kokesh 2020

Kokesh announced his candidacy for U.S. President in 2020 on July 23, 2013, from a jailhouse interview with Fox 5, after he was arrested for the Open Carry incident earlier that month. He stated he is running on the single-issue idea of an “orderly dissolution of the U.S. Federal Government”. He was the first Libertarian Party candidate to announce their presidential bid for the 2020 election.

On January 16, 2018, Kokesh reaffirmed his candidacy for President. He was pulled over by Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers twice that day and arrested the second time on marijuana and controlled substance charges. He was bailed out on January 25.

Adam Kokesh Twitter

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